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リンーちゃん » Universes

Astrological Academy Open

A certain special academy where only a specific choice of 12 people may enter! Quite a large place for such a small amount of people? Of course! But that's because these people aren't quite normal as you'd think~

Durarara: The War Between Yellow and Blue Open

Yellow Scarves and Blue Squares, two famous gangs on the streets of Ikebukuro who are mostly made up of high school students who have just gotten caught up in a war. Not only that, but there are also other rumors spreading around the mysterious city.

Contract Open

Witches; Monsters, demons, things that hurt people in general. Born from curses, spreads misfortune. Some just play pranks, others kill.

Classroom A-2 Open

The clubroom to the 12 childhood friends who are supposed to be researching about the fake 'supernatural.' Though many things go on in this clubroom than just research, things such as drama, angst, depression, friendship, and even romance.

Attack On Titan ; Risen From The Ashes Open

They came years ago, many years ago, and everything was fine. The war ended. Things never changed, no. The walls still existed, and the soldiers keep us safe. Until again, the wall is broken, and all defenses were breached.

Heat Haze Days Open

Its useless to escape the circling loop of summer. All you have is the laughing summer heat and the insanity that will soon fall on every single last one of you.

"Usotsuki" Open

10 Childhood friends are the closest as ever. Yet even being so close, they hide all their lies behind a simple smile when their true secrets are kept hidden from each other until that one summer where everything came out.

Uta Academy Open

Welcome to Uta Academy! I'm sure you know what Uta means, don't you? No? It means "Song," and when you hear that, it's obvious that this is a singing academy!

The Paradox Open

There is the future, the past, and the present. None which are able to join, but when they do, things go quite wrong. It is the start of the Paradox.

Accel World: Restart Open

In modern times, yet with a advanced technology system, there is a game known as VRMMO for short, where people duel to get BP, and Kings who lead their legion. Question is, who will dominate the game?

Soul Eater: To Be Reborn Open

Imagine this, everything restarted. Time went back, and people were erased. Instead, others replaced them, but it was as if nothing happened. To restart a deadly war, is that really logical? Is it even possible though?

The Crossed and Cursed Open

1x1 with Chiaki Hamano

Zepher's Crown Open

In this far future, there are six different lands, each with two suitors who have both have a single slave, but overall, there's just one crown, which can be won by a treaty, thievery, and even death.

Crimson Vanguard Open

Crimsom flowers are known for growing in the back of the richest family in Japan. This family is also known for inheriting Spirits, some which are friendly, but others which have killed. That is exactly why they ordered for protection, from the Vanguard.

True Cross Academy Open

In a world where demons hunt humans, there is a certain type of human that prevails; exorcists. But to become someone so great, you have to start out young which is why there is True Cross Academy.

Kohari War Open

In the war circling around the Kohari Village, there are Youkai ; Spirits who's hands help, or kill. Demons ; Killing machines without any mind of their own. And STED ; The trained human exorcists that will murder all that deem dangerous.

Tonari High School Open

1x1 with ShadowedxLove!

The Story of Us All Open

Alchemy, Homunculi, Transmutations, Bringing the dead back to life; It all seems like a dream, doesn't it? Maybe to you, but to the people of Amestris, it's called "Daily Life"

Group of Idiots Open

Friends are idiots. But we already know that. Friends are people who help you and cheer you on. But we also already know that. What we hardly ever realize is that friends are also able to fall in love.

Insight Open

The city of Shibuya is normal, like always. But that's the outer shell people tend to only see. Deeper, there are people who have died and are unseen by the naked eye, except for a few rare humans who have to deal with seeing the dead all their life.

Magai Academy Open

Aaaand another 1x1 with Keen!

Field Trip Open

1x1 with xLevesquex!

Of the Forest Open

There's rumored to be a village, hidden deep in the forest that no one has any information on. What they don't know is that there's more to this tiny little village in the forest, more than what they would ever think.

Kokoro Open

Being away from friends is tough when you only remember their face in Jr. High. But now you see them this summer, and something feels strange. Your heart beat is fast, you're anxious; What do they call this feeling? What happened to being 'just friends?'

House of Youkai Open

Humans live in their own world, the world outside, and believe that Youkai, or spirits, are just a myth, a legend, until they walk into a whole entire world of them. They think it's a joke, or something cool, but without doubt it much more dangerous.

Secret Police Open

In a society where crimes take place every day, there's a single group of a mere few people who take care of these crimes compared to the regular police who are unable to do such. These people are called the Secret Police.

From Me To You Open

A small, yet odd group of friends are going to Yamui High School in Japan. The school is normal, the students are normal, except for these strange 16 teens who have seemed to bond together. Some are friends, others.. Well... They are teenagers after all..