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AdmireAtStuff » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by AdmireAtStuff as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Freda Newman

Freda Newman, located in Moss Zoo

as part of Monster Zoo

A nice woman in her mid-thirties who tries to be positive, even when her eye twitches. She seeks a job as a keeper.

Character Portrait: Audrey Connor

Audrey Connor, located in The Sea

as part of Pirate Island

The master gunner

Character Portrait: Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter, located in The USA

as part of An Unusual Roadtrip

"Give me a snuggle!"

Character Portrait: Satoshi Sonoda

Satoshi Sonoda, located in Japan

as part of The Friends House

"Okay, who caused that mess in the kitchen?"

Character Portrait: Charlie Hanwood

Charlie Hanwood, located in Tasfogattog

as part of 360 Fun Dungeon Quests Adventure Quest Times

'Are you even listening to me?' is something I get asked very oft... Oh, look! A dancing cat!

Character Portrait: Hana Okai

Hana Okai, located in Atien

as part of The battle of Atien: Pirates vs. Mermaids

"Uuuugh, do I have to?"

Character Portrait: Jerry Harper

Jerry Harper, located in Forest

as part of Alchemist 2

"All of that gives me a headache..."

Character Portrait: Haruka Sato

Haruka Sato, located in Chokito Valley

as part of Enma No Basket

"Hey! You know it's wrong! Then why do you do that?"

Character Portrait: Alyson

Alyson, located in Ball's Pyramid Research Facility

as part of Labrats

"H-hello... Um... How are you?"

Character Portrait: Ronan Okai

Ronan Okai, located in Atien

as part of The battle of Atien: Pirates vs. Mermaids

"In the name of the Kingdom you shall die!"

Character Portrait: Ren Kanda

Ren Kanda, located in Homra Lane

as part of Homra'z Bar

I failed my college exams, but hey! At least I passed my driving test!

Character Portrait: Wendy Gilligan

Wendy Gilligan, located in Otanis

as part of The Skylands of Novahlis: The Heart of Otanis

"What's worse than nine babies in a bucket? One baby in nine buckets."

Character Portrait: Hallie Weiss

Hallie Weiss, located in Planet 13: Kyosaka

as part of The Adventure of A Lifetime

"I can do things with rum."

Character Portrait: Lilly Ravenhart

Lilly Ravenhart, located in The World, Espio

as part of Timelapse

Age 13 | Female | Rank: Royalty

Character Portrait: Sparky

Sparky, located in Tempest Echonos

as part of Unusual Ascension

From the streets to the surreal

Character Portrait: Norma

Norma, located in Tempest Echonos

as part of Unusual Ascension

A lab experiment.

Character Portrait: Abigail Levitz

Abigail Levitz, located in Mejestic Cove Academy

as part of Majestic Cove Academy

"Hi... I... erm... well... hi!"

Character Portrait: Mai Kanegata

Mai Kanegata, located in Mikado City

as part of Blood Is Thicker Than Water

"I've heard stories."

Character Portrait: Euin Khan

Euin Khan, located in Bunnet

as part of Different Galaxies

"No! No, no! Don't take the... or take it... do what you want..."

Character Portrait: Robin Smith

Robin Smith, located in Mikado City

as part of Blood Is Thicker Than Water

"This picture! The horror!"

Character Portrait: Satoshi Sonoda

Satoshi Sonoda, located in Japan

as part of Friends House

"You need to calm down."

Character Portrait: Sora Nakahara

Sora Nakahara, located in Eden's Wall

as part of What Goes Unnoticed

"Hey! Let's activate the fire alarm!"

Character Portrait: Joanne Harrison

Joanne Harrison, located in The Afterverse

as part of Skies and Nightmares

"Come back here this instant!"

Character Portrait: Robin Frost

Robin Frost, located in Brighton

as part of Room Mates

Hello there!

Character Portrait: Yuzuki Nakahara

Yuzuki Nakahara, located in Eden's Wall

as part of What Goes Unnoticed

"Creativity is your friend. So am I."

Character Portrait: Amelie Chevalier

Amelie Chevalier, located in Cirque du Monstre

as part of Welcome to the Circus

"Alright. Where are they?"

Character Portrait: Joung Nae

Joung Nae, located in The Eye of the Storm

as part of Storm Warning: Season One

"Come on! We don't have enough time! Move, move, move!"

Character Portrait: Ezikel Wolf

Ezikel Wolf, located in Megumi Island

as part of Project Paws And Tails

"L-look out!"

Character Portrait: Francine Davis

Francine Davis, located in Quies

as part of Far From Home: REBOOT

"I bet you want a hug."

Character Portrait: Eunace Gilligan

Eunace Gilligan, located in Cursed Road World

as part of Cursed Road

"A great material for my article!"

Character Portrait: Wallace Harrison

Wallace Harrison, located in The Afterverse

as part of Skies and Nightmares

"Go away from me! You're not my mother!"

Character Portrait: Chantal Elian

Chantal Elian, located in Mizark

as part of Mizark, Legend of the Athru

"Don't misbehave like that, young man!"

Character Portrait: Norma Rivers

Norma Rivers, located in Cirque Des Réve

as part of Cirque Des Réve

"Do you want to fly with me?"

Character Portrait: Ling Tao

Ling Tao, located in Sorugami High School

as part of Oh, What a Wonderful Life it Is!

"What's this? What you've got there? Lemme see! Lemme see!"

Character Portrait: Leight Valon

Leight Valon, located in Helvetia

as part of Helvetia

Character Portrait: Faith Ellen Bauer

Faith Ellen Bauer, located in Waltham, Massachusetts

as part of Welcome Home Sanitarium

"Why won't you be more caring of our children?"

Character Portrait: Gretel Kay

Gretel Kay, located in William Takeshi Academy

as part of Aim for the stars, powerful Soul!

Bad guys are in pain? She finds it funny.

Character Portrait: Nigel Thomas Bauer

Nigel Thomas Bauer, located in Waltham, Massachusetts

as part of Welcome Home Sanitarium

Aliens' existance is scientiffically possible, but seeing them coming here is unlikely...

Character Portrait: Audry Hastings

Audry Hastings, located in Tolerance Camp

as part of Tolerance Camp

"If you meet a dragon, would you kill it, run away from it or tame it?"

Character Portrait: Felicity Granger

Felicity Granger, located in Krynia

as part of Tale Of The Guardians

Do you want a bed time story?

Character Portrait: Lauren Goodman

Lauren Goodman, located in West Avenue

as part of Knight Cafe

"I'm here for the new position."

Character Portrait: Scarlett Nightforest

Scarlett Nightforest, located in Illia

as part of Magika: Tale of Eternity

"Is it possible that the stars are something more than distant massive luminous spheres in space?"

Character Portrait: Ognen Plam

Ognen Plam, located in Kerthia

as part of The Land of Kerthia: Fate Entwined

"Nevy... My innocent flower..."

Character Portrait: Saphire Terran

Saphire Terran, located in Illia

as part of Magika: Tale of Eternity

I'm afraid of myself...

Character Portrait: Zeyphrine Mornns

Zeyphrine Mornns, located in Castellion

as part of Castellion

"People call me hyper!"

Character Portrait: Seth Cruorem

Seth Cruorem, located in Univium

as part of Light and Dark

Your arm is ripped off? That's cute.

Character Portrait: Nigel Quest

Nigel Quest, located in Daughtris

as part of Daughtris: Hearts a Couple

"People should make all technologies progress, not only the ones for entertainment."

Character Portrait: Clementine Silverwood

Clementine Silverwood, located in Castellion

as part of Castellion

"I love the rain smell..."

Character Portrait: Karren Neil

Karren Neil, located in Dulnar, the 6th continent of Askan

as part of Searching for Refuge

Ugh, I have to bring you a cup? What's next? Building a three story house?

Character Portrait: Xan

Xan, located in Somewhere in England

as part of Surprises From Outer Space

What's that word "nor-mal"...?

Character Portrait: Madeline Tanner

Madeline Tanner, located in A Small Town

as part of Memories Of The Summer

"This looks like a mix between a cockroach and a beetle!"

Character Portrait: Ebony Autumn

Ebony Autumn, located in The Hometown

as part of Perseus Academy

A student with dreams

Character Portrait: Ariadne Lenlay

Ariadne Lenlay, located in Ordin

as part of The Orc Graveyard

Let's have an adventure!

Character Portrait: Fiona Cerebrus

Fiona Cerebrus, located in Alira Realm

as part of The Void: The Realm Sphere

"The trees tell stories..."

Character Portrait: Sanae Noda

Sanae Noda, located in Shironai Academy

as part of Shironai Academy

"Are you serious?"

Character Portrait: Lilith Garth

Lilith Garth, located in The Nation of Lunalia

as part of The Three Great Villages

Guardian of ShadowHills

Character Portrait: Robin Newman

Robin Newman, located in The Place

as part of Different times, one place

"Do you want to play something?"

Character Portrait: Eva Allen

Eva Allen, located in Kalan

as part of Predators from the Ground

"Who are you calling spoiled?"

Character Portrait: Erin

Erin, located in Wolf's Trail

as part of True Alpha Wolf


Character Portrait: Irina Hadieva

Irina Hadieva, located in The Library of Secrets

as part of The Magical Girls and the Library of Secrets

"Hello! Do you want some ice cream?"