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hey, whats the tea

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Roan Ambers

By the time the group got to the Rebellion camp, Ambers' skin was dotted and lined with sweat. He made sure not to complain, and he kept his sight on an angle to the ground. Somehow, he managed to keep up with the group. For once, he thanked his genetic mutation.

The moment that Zio's weight was liberated from himself, it took him a couple seconds to straighten himself out as Simon ordered people around. He was surprised, though, to find Zio being waved to go to a cell- thinking that Simon would have wanted to know how to free his mother as soon as possible.

Perhaps it was a Faerie thing... or just a Simon thing. He was still pretty emotionally charged by the way he carried himself, Ambers could tell.

He took a moment while Simon and the others were occupied to bring out the rag he had nearly pulled out earlier, and he used it to clean his face and neck free of the sweat. Now that he took a bit of a break standing off to the side, he could already feel his body recovering from the strenuous activity.

Almost absent-mindedly, Ambers' hand drifted up the opposite arm in expectation to find his most meaningful belonging- only to feel no band wrapped around his bicep. His eyes immediately jumped to the red fabric that wrapped around Zio's head, who was now being hauled off to a cell, and he stepped forward towards the soldiers, only to catch the movement of Simon leading away from the group.

Where are you going?

Ambers looked back to the red fabric on Zio's head, then back to the departing Simon.

Gritting his teeth a little, he took a bit of a restless breath, before starting after the King- careful to keep a bit of a distance. Roan had no idea if Simon was still mad at him, and to what extent his fury still remained. All he knew was that he had to make it right with him before the meeting... otherwise the tension would continue, and that would be awkward for everyone involved.

Tailing Simon, Roan kept his gaze fairly sharp and noticed the man stopping up ahead. It was pretty sudden and prompted his own stop as well, but he couldn't exactly make out who Simon had seen. Within the next moment, the King continued his brisk pace to what was now seeming to be his personal quarters.

Ambers followed, waiting for Simon to enter the quarters before he too climbed the stairs. He paused, however, at the corner of the entrance, debating on if the King needed time alone. Ambers, of course, had a bit of an easy solution to that- which was to step inside. If Simon wanted him to go away, Roan knew he could at the mere gesture of the hand.

"You can get yourself set up at the table. The others will be here soon enough, but there's snacks and water... Help yourself to whatever you need."

Ambers looked at Simon, trying to read his tone for any sign of anger or annoyance, but it was hard to. At least the offering of food or water was a bit of progress, he knew Simon wouldn't offer that much if he was as troubled as before.

"... Thanks." Ambers said after a moment, and he decided that taking up that offer would show that he wasn't upset at Simon. The soldier moved to stand beside the table, glancing at the basket of fruit that was upon it- and grabbed the first one his hand had touched. Unbeknown to Roan, he just chose one of the sourest fruits this earth grew. The Furyan was too caught up in his own thoughts to realize that the yellowness of the object in his hand was perhaps the only given warning of his future misfortune.

Ambers looked to Simon again, turning the yellow fruit with subtly pointed ends in his hand for what felt like a very long moment.

"Simon... I want to apologize for earlier. What I asked was insensitive, and it was unfair to you. I'm sorry." Roan said, and he looked down a little in thought of how upset he had made Simon. Ambers felt it as a bit of a symptom of still learning about Fae history, and, well... the whole royalty complex this New World was built upon. Ambers knew he really did breach his position and place in this society more often than not. "I promise I will do better."

0.75 INK received for post #2763015, located in Rebel Camp:


"There's a lot of things I'd dare you to put in your mouth right now; that lemon isn't one of them,"
Ambers was surprised to find Simon so bold, and he raised a brow to the tossed apple. Catching it, he looked up to the next words.

"Knowing your luck, that'd be when everyone decides they want to turn up."

"Is my luck that bad?" Ambers said with a smile, and he put the lemon back in the basket. Perhaps his luck really was that bad... and seeing how things had gone earlier, perhaps Simon was getting to something.

I should invest in a rabbit's foot.

"Give it five minutes before I'm out there dragging those assholes in here by their ears," Looking at Simon, he watched him take a bite of the apple and place it on the table.

"I can send someone to see where everyone is if you would like the meeting to come more swiftly." He offered, and he took a bite of the apple Simon have gave him. The taste lit up his tastebuds, and for a sheer moment, he honestly thought that this had been witched to tasting that magnificent.

Alas, though, it was really because the last time he tasted an apple, he hadn't carried someone heavy for half an hour in humid weather. So really, the apple was just a mere hit to the senses.

For some reason, the taste of the apple brought upon a memory of it raining, and in the next moment, his gaze moved to look at the entrance.


"Likely of very little importance to you. But you may call me Zio, if need be."

Hannah took note of that, appreciative that he gave her a name to remember him by. Holding her gaze on him, she studied his physical characteristics.

"You seek my Master, but so do a lot of people, and thus far I've not felt the need to speak his location nor his plans aloud... You would do well to understand that I have a duty to protect him."

"I like to remember the people I meet... And I don't expect you to tell me anything unless you chose to yourself, I am not so brutal as to enforce torture like the beings you seem to be trapped by." Hannah said, and she drew her hand up to start to braid her hair, choosing a small piece to start. "My name is Hannah. And, just as you want to protect Alec Iris, I do too."

Her fingers worked on her braid, but when she had finished, she ran her hands through her work to undo the pattern. There wasn't enough energy for her to continue to braid and focus on this illusion at the same time. So, she brought her knee up to rest her elbow onto it, and she thought about what to say next.

"This realm is unstable. Without a guardian, it will remain so. I only wish to aid the creator of this realm into stabilizing it."

She looked off to the side and into the forest, and for a moment, she took a breath.
"I am not sure how much time we have left. I am in your cell with you, but I do not sense any resistance from you. Are you being treated like this willingly?" Hannah asked, and she looked at Zio with a small hint of admiration; for having the patience.

0.25 INK received for post #2744319, located in The New World:

R O A N x'' A M B E R S

ImageAmbers stayed in his position on the bed after Simon had rolled off of him, soaking in the afterglow of the moment.
His light-brown gaze looked over at Simon when the curse left his lips, and his gaze fell back onto the sheets. He was aware of the weight on Simon's shoulders- or, at least, could see the effects of the man's mind on his body and actions. In this sense, it was the way Simon's voice sounded that gave Ambers the impression that some sort of thoughts started weighing him down again.

The soldier looked over to Simon again, studying those eyes, and realized that he wasn't in the position to argue. It hurt a little to see Simon turn to wine to cope, but it was situations like this that he became conflicted over who had authority. As soon as the fun ended, Simon became the royal prince again, and Ambers, a soldier.

One day, Ambers felt like he would be cast aside once Simon was tired of sex, but those kinds of thoughts were the ones Ambers tried not to think about too much.

"Alright." Ambers said, and he sat up to start making his way off the bed, rolling his shoulders. He pulled his pants on and made sure not to make Simon too impatient with the wine.

He retrieved the wine that best suited Simon's description and made his way back to the tent, ducking a little through the entrance.
"I got it, I hope it's to your taste." Ambers said, and he moved to get two glasses, pouring an appropriate amount for Simon, and only a little for himself just for taste. He had to cover a patrol shift later, so he wasn't going to have more than what he poured for himself.

He held out Simon's cup for him to take.