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Character Portrait: Rhoan Tainted vampire, somewhat jerky, and a teenage boy. Arrogance, stubbornness, and ladies is what he's all about. Trouble easily finds him. He usually keeps to himself, but likes to be a little nosey sometimes. He's into drugs.
Character Portrait: Shourina-Lynn Part human, part wolf. -- She is possessed; has a dark mystical power that she cannot control, and can shift into a large white wolf. She is mostly seen with her newly met companion, Shourou Kobayashi.
Character Portrait: The Noob. A classic one-liner. "lol wut."
Character Portrait: Tetri Plume An insane widow.
Character Portrait: Alia Berit A human archer; known as the exalted princess.
Character Portrait: Kita Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got.
Character Portrait: Felken De'Crayne The Nightmare of darkness; the Crow of power
Character Portrait: Jinny Colonel Brellin A member of the Vertigan Race, and the leader of the Brellin clan.