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I am quiet and like to keep myself, but I do like making new friends and enjoy keeping good company.People sing to me on Juluy 15, 1992, and I usually try to run from them :D I like the cold, and I like the hot, I hate the warm or the chilly because I wish the weather would just make up it's minf. I am quirky and I have recently found out that I can lick my foot while standing up...that's a kind of long story...anyone who hasn't met me will belive the first sentence of this paragraph, anyone who has wishes it was true.
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In the eye of the Devil

Children, children gather round, for you are about to participate in the most extravagant happening since the apocalypse of 2114!

His Amulet

"If he loses it he will never forgive himself," my grandmother told me.Well, I guess my sorcerer has a guilty conscience.

X-Men: No Regrets

The cannon characters are back for a new adventure, along with some new faces.

Life as We Knew it

We were stranded on the island Santo Valerta four years ago by President Maryse Cicernos. How will we retaliate?

In Darkness There is Light

In a world of darkness someone must bring the light back. Unfortunatly,a group of teenagers is the only thing that Earth has got going for her.

Valley of Lost Souls: The Conqueror

Oh no, not another vampire roleplay! Fear not, this is a medieval tale of vampires, werewolves,queens, kings, elves,peasants, and thieves. And one vampire, who has fallen madly in love with Princess Aerwyn, who has been promised to Prince Henrik.

Danger in Paradise

Gratidia, it's unlike any place you've ever seen. With cascading waterfalls, and towering mountains as far as the eye can see, it looks like the picture perfect world. Unfortunately, not everything is how it seems in this paradise.

Batman: Crazy is What Crazy does

Jonathan Crane and The Joker are safely behind plexi-glass, what will Bruce Wayne do now?

How do You Love a Leech?

Two sisters go to Transylvania and get the surprise of their life when the guys they are crushing on turn out to be blood suckers. (Co-Created by drampire.)

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Sometimes life hands you lemons. Sometimes you make lemonade, but it must be pretty gross lemonade unless life also handed you water and sugar.