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Hello! My names Amelia, but feel free to call me Amy. I've been roleplaying for around five or six years. I'm have a love for many things such as American Horror Story, Anime, K-Dramas, Dane Dehaan, and crappy (or good) YA books. I draw in my spare time and act. My favourite role plays include Supernatural or dark themes, romance, action/adventure. I especially love fandom role plays based off of books or movies! If you ever want to talk, feel free to message me! :3

{Actively looking for 1x1's} {Previous account was AmyGotScared}
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Universes Created

The Haven

Kids, who all hold mysterious supernatural abilities, flock to the one place they feel safe. The Haven. But what happens when it starts to get threatened? (More Inside...) (4 Spots Open!)

The Silver Eyes

A strange phenomenon of the silver eyes has sent the world in distress. People with strange abilities roam the earth, but it's them who run away in fear. This story follows a group of silver eye and their adventure.

The Hush of Night

An elite Witches academy is burned down, sending a group of students to flee away from the hunters awaiting them. Now they must find The Camp. There's just one problem. They don't know where that is. ((More Inside))

The Silver Eyed

People with odd abilities and silver ringed eyes have to fight for their life. They're constantly being hunted down, or tested on, publicly shunned from society. When a group of them come together, will it help them survive, or will it break them down?

Awakening of The Light

A prophecy among demon kind about the twins of the sun and moon has been disrupted when two sets are born. Will history be repeated, and what will happen to the twins caught in the middle?

The Last On Earth

After oxygen on the Station the M.O.O.N is running out, the child prisoners are sent back to a radiation filled earth to see if they can survive, what is to come is unexpected.

In The Safe Haven

The Safe Haven is a gathering place of those who hold supernatural abilities. Here they can train and learn to control their powers, all the while trying to stay hidden from society.

Bond of Fate

A 1x1 by AmeliaIsGhostly and Phoenix_lynx

Dancing With My Demons

The Dimoni are people born with supernatural abilities and those who posses the powers of the elements. After their kind was killed, only eight remain, and those special eight have all found each other again. (More Inside....)

The Ravens Nest

Raven Institute for Speciality Teens, or the Ravens Nest as some call it, is a governmental run operation of cruel testing on teens with supernatural abilities. Can they find a way to escape? (More Inside.)

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