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AmiOfTheRain » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by AmiOfTheRain as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Kyo "Daichi" Takizawa

Kyo "Daichi" Takizawa, located in Chihana Host Club, Tokyo, Japan

as part of One Thousand Flowers

"I never thought hosting could be this fun!"

Character Portrait: Kyuzuki Sohma

Kyuzuki Sohma, located in Japan

as part of Fruits Basket: A New Generation

"Leave me be..."

Character Portrait: Coraline Starling

Coraline Starling, located in Floor 6

as part of Masks of the Soul

"U-uh, sorry... I think I'm lost..."

Character Portrait: Iris Thaut

Iris Thaut, located in San Valentine

as part of I Need You To Love Me 2

'Love huh? Sounds fake after he hurt me..'

Character Portrait: Angelique Silver

Angelique Silver, located in Gaea Minor

as part of Drifting to the Edge of Nowhere

"I'm the best at what I do! Don't forget it!" (WIP)

Character Portrait: Hungary

Hungary, located in Hetalia Academy

as part of Hetalia! Academy for the Countries

"I expect the most respect possible!"

Character Portrait: Amy Archer

Amy Archer, located in California

as part of Califorina Love

"Hey, leave my friends alone!"

Character Portrait: vbn

vbn, located in Earth

as part of Guardian Chase


Character Portrait: Iris Thaut

Iris Thaut, located in New York

as part of Love Hurts

"My heart can't stop bleeding anymore."

Character Portrait: Test

Test, located in The Slums

as part of Gang Life

Character Portrait: Iris Silver

Iris Silver, located in St. Xaviers or "Pandora"

as part of Welcome To Pandora

"There two mes, Ash and Iris. Ying and Yang."

Character Portrait: Iris Thaut

Iris Thaut, located in Los Angeles

as part of The Rocket Of Stardom

"Were the best, and we know it!"

Character Portrait: Iris Ash Thaut

Iris Ash Thaut, located in The Island of ?? ??????????

as part of The Island of The Wolf

"Everybody! I'm Irish, kiss me?"

Character Portrait: Alice Thorn

Alice Thorn, located in Earth & Wonderland

as part of Cheshire's Regret

"Fairytales? Wonderland? You surely are joking my friend."

Character Portrait: Miami Miwa

Miami Miwa, located in Earth

as part of Ai Wa Sens??desu

"DON'T cross me or harm my family, got it?"

Character Portrait: Kate Dalla

Kate Dalla, located in Moonlit Academy for the Gifted

as part of Winter Wolf

"The best proof of love, is trust." ~ Unknown

Character Portrait: Chi Kichi

Chi Kichi, located in Aijo High

as part of Criss-Cross Love Triangle

"I just have to follow my heart, and then maybe I'll find true love..."

Character Portrait: Len Minozuki

Len Minozuki, located in Midgard

as part of We are Beyond the Sky

"I'll protect you Rin. I swear it."

Character Portrait: Rin Minozuki

Rin Minozuki, located in New Ithaca City

as part of We are Beyond the Sky

"I'm no monster. I'm me."

Character Portrait: Craig Kichi

Craig Kichi, located in Aijo High

as part of Criss-Cross Love Triangle

"No comment..."

Character Portrait: Blossom Suda

Blossom Suda, located in Bloodworth Prep

as part of Coming Undone

"Oh! Hello, I didn't see you there!"

Character Portrait: Koyuki "Kyu" Mayzuki

Koyuki "Kyu" Mayzuki, located in Lasird Academy

as part of Augustin of the Midnight

" Okay, so if a apple is red, then it isn't a apple if it's green? "

Character Portrait: Alice

Alice, located in Weathersby

as part of Mad Mad World

The new Alice

Character Portrait: Mizu & Kizuki

Mizu & Kizuki, located in The PetShop

as part of The "PetShop"

"Ki-chan, can we get a puppy?" "No."

Character Portrait: Han Ji Sun

Han Ji Sun, located in Seoul, South Korea

as part of Clash of the Idols

"Call me Sunny, if you please!"