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Yes, Hi, Hello! This account is now no longer in use~
But, fear not friends, I have simply just moved accounts over as this one has become totally cluttered for me, and since now I have all the free time in the world, I am off my unofficial break.

You can find me using the new username AmeliaIsGhostly!
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Completed Stories

Love of Music Completed

Music has a lot to do with love, if you think you know the person in the music itself, show them.

Universes Created

Going Back To Wonderland

Aladdin, Alice, Snow White, And Peter pan have come back to face the evil four after being away from wonderland for twelve years. This is their adventure. (More inside.)

Silhouette Institution: Revival

An institution on the middle of France, unknown to the rest of the world theses students are being trained to understand and use in their defense their "Special" Powers.

The Summers End

This summer is the last one this group of friends will spend together. It's filled with love, dram, sadness, and friendship. What could possibly happen? (More inside.) (1 spot left!)

Destroy Your Demons

Three opposing forces get thrown into a single mission together and have to live together in a house, vampires, werewolves, and shadowhunters. Their main goal? To kill the demon threatening all supernatural beings.

The Midnight House

Four individuals with special abilities are forced to live in a house under threat by the government. Can they escape?

The Veiled Conservatoire

An academy for the Dissimilis, being who hold certain abilities. Some believe in the system, while others rebel. (More inside.)

Safe Haven: Regeneration

All left alone, you hold these supernatural abilities, one day you are found, and now are training with others of your kind. (More explained inside.)(Remake~ all old members welcome)

The Fauna Runaways

In this world the people are all animal human hybrids, kept apart from each other in there own separate clans. But some rebel, some want to explore, and these people separate and go off on there own in the vast woods, afraid of being caught.

In The Ravens Nest

Raven Institute for Speciality Teens, or the Ravens Nest as some call it, is a governmental run operation of cruel testing on teens with supernatural abilities. Can they find a way to escape? (More Inside.)

Project: Winters Raven

A governmental run operation: Four subject given unique abilities held under a compound undergoing painful testing. Until they escape.

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