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A list of fictonal characters written by AngelBell as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones, located in New earth

as part of Remorseless Evolution

"Forget it, just forget it all. Memories are the only enemy."

Character Portrait: Amarette Veronik

Amarette Veronik, located in Vistara

as part of To Grant Liberty

"And who'd ever suspect little old me?"

Character Portrait: Jennifer Heathers

Jennifer Heathers, located in New Earth

as part of Bitter Evolution

"I just want her back."

Character Portrait: Anna-Beth and Andrew Anderson

Anna-Beth and Andrew Anderson, located in London, England

as part of Young Master/Mistress and Butler/Maid.

Closer than close, the Anderson twins always have each other.

Character Portrait: Jennifer Heathers

Jennifer Heathers, located in New Earth

as part of Savage Evolution

"Look at you. All grown up now. And look at me. Half of what I once was."

Character Portrait: Ellie Ravierie

Ellie Ravierie, located in Azlana

as part of Ahhh The Medieval Life.

"Sorry, it seems I don't care!"

Character Portrait: Aethyra

Aethyra, located in Korratoth

as part of Thorns Within the Rose

"How I despise these walls."

Character Portrait: Aethyra

Aethyra, located in Nasvexia a steampunk universe

as part of The Fleet Foot Pirates

"Don't bother me while I'm working."

Character Portrait: Takira

Takira, located in House of Mora

as part of Atherea, Age of Peace.

"Rest a while, and I shall sing a song for you."

Character Portrait: Alyce

Alyce, located in Circus Tents

as part of Freaks of the Circus

"Yes, Mama, of course, Mama."

Character Portrait: Karin Fairson

Karin Fairson, located in Enfere

as part of Indestructible

I'm not sure who I honestly am.

Character Portrait: Angel

Angel, located in Verdentia

as part of The Rough Riders

"Let me send you to the afterlife with a kiss and a song."

Character Portrait: Ellie Ravie

Ellie Ravie, located in The Ravie's House

as part of Something Different, Something Wrong

Welcome, welcome to my home.

Character Portrait: Leli Anibura

Leli Anibura, located in Elkhunt Ridge

as part of The Vampire King Comes to Town

"Let's see what I can be, shall we?"

Character Portrait: Lily "Talon" DiNusco

Lily "Talon" DiNusco, located in The Academy

as part of Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule

"Gimme just one shot, just one!"