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Aniihya » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Aniihya as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Cole “Keeper” Renhedge

Cole “Keeper” Renhedge, located in Akasia

as part of Witch Cocoon

"You need potions for your son, I understand...what do you mean by it being a lie?!"

Character Portrait: test test

test test, located in Akasia

as part of Witch Cocoon


Character Portrait: Charlotte Steiner

Charlotte Steiner, located in Westville

as part of The Desert is a Wild Place

Tough lady with a dangerous past.

Character Portrait: Eris Leviathan

Eris Leviathan, located in Shishino continent

as part of The Guardians Will Doom Us All

Although her name reads chaos, she isn't that bad of a person.

Character Portrait: Asina Ionuscu

Asina Ionuscu, located in Atania

as part of Atania Survivalist Academy

Daughter of Moldovan survivors

Character Portrait: Cole “Keeper”  Renhedge

Cole “Keeper” Renhedge, located in Akasia

as part of Witch Cocoon

"You need potions for your son, I understand...what do you mean by it being a lie?!"

Character Portrait: Mari Levesque

Mari Levesque, located in Drummondville Mental Hospital

as part of Locked in a Maze

She makes you go crazy.

Character Portrait: Farrin Kynlyth

Farrin Kynlyth, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

He a samurai from the high mountains who is on an adventure to help his friend Seifer. He can do a little earth magic.

Character Portrait: Elys Varkand

Elys Varkand, located in The Veins

as part of Veins of the End

Looks can be deceiving

Character Portrait: Queen Ea of Akasia

Queen Ea of Akasia, located in Akasia

as part of Witch Cocoon

She is way older than she looks.

Character Portrait: Anako Shihara

Anako Shihara, located in Aker, former province of Nalua

as part of Heirs of a Lost People

Female samurai of a yakuza like status.

Character Portrait: Mayu Avalie

Mayu Avalie, located in Akasia

as part of Witch Cocoon

Kind of bratty but bearable

Character Portrait: Cole Renhedge

Cole Renhedge, located in Akasia

as part of Witch Cocoon

"You need potions for your son, I understand...what do you mean by it being a lie?!"

Character Portrait: Ava Ringgir

Ava Ringgir, located in The Veins

as part of Veins of the End


Character Portrait: Aoi Shigohama

Aoi Shigohama, located in Tokyo

as part of Wrong Body

"I don't care if I am a new person. I didnt have a family anyways."

Character Portrait: Ashara Ashok

Ashara Ashok, located in Star Wars galaxy

as part of Star Wars: Force Heretic Alternate

Leader, benevolent dictator, ruthless when it gets personal

Character Portrait: Ashara Ashok

Ashara Ashok, located in Ceru V, Unknown Regions

as part of Star Wars: Force Heretic

Former sith lord, co-founder of the grey knights.

Character Portrait: Kokoro Kizuri

Kokoro Kizuri, located in Tokyo

as part of Wrong Body

A cyborg woman who lives on the sixth floor and proprietor of club Chrome.

Character Portrait: Aiya Hensern

Aiya Hensern, located in Ark

as part of The Tower: After the Dying

Summoner knight

Character Portrait: Siobhan Feinsinger

Siobhan Feinsinger, located in Rhineland

as part of Don't Go To Them

Brand new hunter put on border patrol duty.

Character Portrait: Lela Kinsarion

Lela Kinsarion, located in Cuesep Kingdom

as part of Anara Dungeon

Cursed and locked up for nearly two centuries.

Character Portrait: Ilana Mazywyn

Ilana Mazywyn, located in Arivea

as part of Be a Hero

"Don't judge me. I only destroy the corrupt."

Character Portrait: Konosaki, Ai

Konosaki, Ai, located in Tokyo

as part of Kawaii Psycho: College Times

"They all left me because I didn't show them enough love."

Character Portrait: Kesa Evrumio

Kesa Evrumio, located in Anman Avrulia City

as part of Don't Trust Your Neighbor

"Alone you can achieve many things."

Character Portrait: Arisa Tentonei

Arisa Tentonei, located in Elanya city

as part of The Demon Bureau

"Years ago I would have never thought to work with a demon."

Character Portrait: Rozafa Shani

Rozafa Shani, located in Valade

as part of King's Candidates

In my land, ladies have to know how to fight too.

Character Portrait: Makano, Ai

Makano, Ai, located in Edo (Tokyo)

as part of Sakura Five

Owner of a number of bars and former pop-punk idol

Character Portrait: Daikyogama, Kokoro

Daikyogama, Kokoro, located in Anzo High School

as part of Don't Be Embarassed

"T'is I! Your beloved counselor!"

Character Portrait: Lucifa "Lucy"

Lucifa "Lucy", located in Hell

as part of Soul Contract

The devil

Character Portrait: Prince Gladiu of Lekascia

Prince Gladiu of Lekascia, located in Lekascia

as part of Bird In A Cage

A man who fools people to think he has a twin sister.

Character Portrait: Hiyoko Onimoto

Hiyoko Onimoto, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Tokyo Nightcrawlers

Not as harmless as she looks.

Character Portrait: Haendreda Hyvynder

Haendreda Hyvynder, located in Aistein Royal Arcane Academy

as part of Aistein Royal Arcane Academy

Daughter of dark scholar Essina Hyvynder

Character Portrait: Kakumura, Shio

Kakumura, Shio, located in Anzo High School

as part of Don't Be Embarassed scared to go out like this!

Character Portrait: Delia Indrige

Delia Indrige, located in Arun city

as part of Cyborg Factory

I have given you something special.

Character Portrait: Karen Praolho

Karen Praolho, located in Arrado Beach

as part of Arrado Beach Crime

Surfing mentor/weed dealer without any value for human life

Character Portrait: Aria Kotakamoto

Aria Kotakamoto, located in Katagara

as part of Freak Doll

I want in!

Character Portrait: Janosz Hubner

Janosz Hubner, located in Marin, Akadia

as part of Kings Candidate

"Oh so Aurore will be there. This will be fun. Huehuehuehue."

Character Portrait: Aurore Lindner (Kamaran)

Aurore Lindner (Kamaran), located in Marin, Akadia

as part of Kings Candidate

Is he sure about taking a person he doesn't know?

Character Portrait: Karin "Ookami-san" Amasato

Karin "Ookami-san" Amasato, located in Shimura

as part of Hybrid Foster: A New Beginning

"Isn't it lovely to see them get along, Sam?"

Character Portrait: Ai Nanikawa

Ai Nanikawa, located in Kirisan-ku

as part of House of Dolls

I hope he will get better.

Character Portrait: Ryu Hayase

Ryu Hayase, located in Norikata

as part of Hero Apprentices

"I will make you strong girlie. Both in drinking and in fighting."

Character Portrait: Kana Asagawa

Kana Asagawa, located in Norikata

as part of Hero Apprentices

"Life is not always fun and games."

Character Portrait: Alina Vreaca

Alina Vreaca, located in Lisanna city

as part of Robot Cafe

Our Arabica blend is fantastic.

Character Portrait: Jyana Lightbringer

Jyana Lightbringer, located in Arcane Kingdom of Mercia

as part of The Arcane Kingdom

"A wandering storyteller and herb gatherer of mysterious origin."

Character Portrait: Rina Inuveto

Rina Inuveto, located in Iu Island

as part of Gore Academy

Subject 4

Character Portrait: Fukuyama, Misaki

Fukuyama, Misaki, located in Katsudo

as part of Katsudo Animal Fan Club

Passionate about wolves

Character Portrait: Meris Bloodtanner

Meris Bloodtanner, located in Erensea

as part of Land of Dragoons

"We live in a tough realm. So we must be tough ourselves."

Character Portrait: Amaya

Amaya, located in Lomea

as part of Lady Darkness

Priestess of Aia and refuge giver

Character Portrait: Ea Levesque

Ea Levesque, located in North America

as part of The Creeping Dead

In the field of research, I have the power to change the world.

Character Portrait: Misa Kakauso

Misa Kakauso, located in Amaste city

as part of Demon Bureau

Kakauso PI at service, or do you prefer a hit?

Character Portrait: Kisa Asono

Kisa Asono, located in Askardia Academy

as part of Telekinetic Academy

Lets see whats wrong.

Character Portrait: Nea Junii

Nea Junii, located in Kikun Metropolis Electronic Scrapyard

as part of Robot Scrapyard

Disassembler and tinkerer

Character Portrait: Aina Komora

Aina Komora, located in Hughopolis

as part of Tomorrowland: Retropunk Arises

Time to clean this city until it bleeds.

Character Portrait: Yoko

Yoko, located in Amagatsu

as part of My Past Friends

I am back! :3

Character Portrait: Queen Amalea of Sintaura

Queen Amalea of Sintaura, located in Central Springs Royal Resort

as part of The Royal Resort

Queen but still single... hmmm

Character Portrait: Myra Elonare

Myra Elonare, located in Ebernia

as part of Out of Steam

Inventor and current investigator

Character Portrait: Aede, Kokoro "Gyoji"

Aede, Kokoro "Gyoji", located in Desouketto

as part of Land of the Samurai

War hero, oni and teacher

Character Portrait: Lessandra Amzoen

Lessandra Amzoen, located in Etrea

as part of Witch Throne

My golems can rip you apart.

Character Portrait: Aseria Mykonesic

Aseria Mykonesic, located in Kaspera

as part of Cybercity

"I find money to be less important."

Character Portrait: Avaria Svartara

Avaria Svartara, located in Rasparea

as part of Steam Apprentice

"I am able to help"

Character Portrait: Nadia Arannon

Nadia Arannon, located in Lincester

as part of Lincester Maids: Hunt

"I weigh a ton, can tear people apart but I am friendly."

Character Portrait: Asako Yamamoto

Asako Yamamoto, located in Okayama

as part of Kawaii Psycho: Love is Crazy

I am out of pills :'(

Character Portrait: Dara Kantesyne

Dara Kantesyne, located in Lincester

as part of Lincester Maids: Hunt

"I am willing to learn."

Character Portrait: Talia Lévesque

Talia Lévesque, located in Beauville

as part of Fangs in the Dark

The younglings and their new age crap. *sigh*

Character Portrait: Ishtar Vellesia

Ishtar Vellesia, located in Daedalus

as part of Cold Metal

"Why cant I just live a normal life"

Character Portrait: Eskea Bloodleecher

Eskea Bloodleecher, located in Astagon

as part of Heart of Astagon

Just a wanderer. Don't feel any suspicion.

Character Portrait: Saki Kurudo

Saki Kurudo, located in Tokyo

as part of Mystical world

Never seen such a city before

Character Portrait: Lenassia Eredon

Lenassia Eredon, located in Kurinta

as part of Remnants of a War

Queen of Keldos

Character Portrait: Rina Askaria

Rina Askaria, located in Scrapped Badlands

as part of Scrapland

There is always stuff to do.

Character Portrait: Shie Kamiguya

Shie Kamiguya, located in Kuzohama

as part of They Want to Eat You

I do not have a choice...

Character Portrait: Kazaima, Ichigo

Kazaima, Ichigo, located in Kawashima

as part of Kawashima High

Pleased to meet you.

Character Portrait: Kaede Sumigara

Kaede Sumigara, located in Kakuya

as part of Becoming a Lady

"Do not tread on my honor!"

Character Portrait: Aiko Takahashi

Aiko Takahashi, located in Takawa city, Japan

as part of Demonkeeper

Demons are interesting

Character Portrait: Baroness Alessia of Silvania

Baroness Alessia of Silvania, located in Rumani

as part of The Royal Ball

I may be a witch but you shouldn't judge me by that.

Character Portrait: Amelia Love

Amelia Love, located in Miss Love's House for Disorderly Teens

as part of Miss Love's House for Disorderly Teens

Miss Love will form you into a good citizen, if you dont commit suicide first.

Character Portrait: Dalia Waran

Dalia Waran, located in Barren Lands

as part of Desert Blues

Dead or Alive? I prefer to bring people in dead.

Character Portrait: Amelia von Muran

Amelia von Muran, located in Almania

as part of The Esper

Amelia is a powerful sorceress with a secret.

Character Portrait: Karin Takamoto

Karin Takamoto, located in Shinoda

as part of Royal Pain

Dont mess with me :3

Character Portrait: Karea Vilnessen

Karea Vilnessen, located in Lakeview

as part of Bloody Satisfaction

A worthy but dangerous ally.

Character Portrait: Mara the Demonblood

Mara the Demonblood, located in Airan

as part of Shadow Rain

"I am the last beautiful thing youll see before you die."

Character Portrait: Ai Yoshihama

Ai Yoshihama, located in Aizawa

as part of Choker and Garter Club

A new club? I'd love to help out.

Character Portrait: Kiriko

Kiriko, located in Tokyo

as part of Dementia

The Mother of Dementia

Character Portrait: Sakura Hamazawa

Sakura Hamazawa, located in Yosuka

as part of Love is Hard

If you want me you have to prove me your love.

Character Portrait: Ichigo Sayaka

Ichigo Sayaka, located in Aizawa

as part of Choker and Garter Club

"No one will laugh me out of my interests."

Character Portrait: Yuka Nekokami

Yuka Nekokami, located in Gatokura city

as part of Cat Society

An inu and a neko? Interesting.

Character Portrait: Ea Matan

Ea Matan, located in Silvera

as part of Dungeon Crawlers

You know the cuter the guy the better he tastes.

Character Portrait: Ayumi Dandara

Ayumi Dandara, located in Neko World

as part of Neko Neko World

"I love my poco :3"

Character Portrait: Miss Karina

Miss Karina, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

Miss Karina is an evil something who always smiles

Character Portrait: Aela Kirshiik

Aela Kirshiik, located in Cyrodiil, a province of Tamriel

as part of The Elder Scrolls: Fall of the Divine

Aela is a half-dremora battlemage hoping for a better life in Cyrodiil

Character Portrait: DJ Dipshit

DJ Dipshit, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

Semi successful gay german gabber and speedcore producer.

Character Portrait: Niisa Kamigata

Niisa Kamigata, located in Kama

as part of Kama High Club for Odd Singles

Hey ho, you wanna join?! :3

Character Portrait: Karen Otsuka

Karen Otsuka, located in Kitawa Cybernetic Rehabilitation Center

as part of Am I Human

Researcher and insane

Character Portrait: Kokoro Shinagawa

Kokoro Shinagawa, located in Shimada

as part of The Life of a Cyborg

So peaceful here.

Character Portrait: Aea Mindana

Aea Mindana, located in Marensburg

as part of Attack of the Underworlders

Silly people, you dont stand a chance.

Character Portrait: Ara Xiana

Ara Xiana, located in Valeria

as part of The Fall of the Angels


Character Portrait: Amata Hinagurashi

Amata Hinagurashi, located in Aesopian Forestlands

as part of Barbarian: Crimson Nights

"Sorry, I didnt intentionally kill your friend."

Character Portrait: Misaki Kamigara

Misaki Kamigara, located in Ijushima

as part of Shaman Blues

Ah? Shaman? Easy? You know nothing!

Character Portrait: Nadia Barens

Nadia Barens, located in New Habor

as part of Chasing Shadows

Damn murders! Its going to scare away the customers.

Character Portrait: Karas "The Monster" Lukodin

Karas "The Monster" Lukodin, located in Danin

as part of When the Moon Turns Red

I didnt want to kill anybody. I only protected myself.

Character Portrait: Asamura Yukie

Asamura Yukie, located in Takawa city

as part of Demonkeeper: Demons can be good

All such cuties!^^

Character Portrait: Akyra Vendozym

Akyra Vendozym, located in Amai Empire

as part of The Throne Wars

Former old empire commander and weapon.

Character Portrait: Anadia Wolfspeaker

Anadia Wolfspeaker, located in Shamania, Land of Shamans

as part of Shaman City

I shall cleanse the corrupted souls!

Character Portrait: Ryako Katsunawa

Ryako Katsunawa, located in Fukui

as part of Coming Back

He's back? Oh. T-T ... NOOO!!!!

Character Portrait: Viera Alcontière

Viera Alcontière, located in Twinsdale

as part of Afraid of Clowns?: You should be

These clowns are beyond my control.

Character Portrait: Sira Alconques

Sira Alconques, located in Batonville

as part of Trapped in the Snow

"Dont stand in my way. It is for your own good."

Character Portrait: Karen Avlona

Karen Avlona, located in Berents City

as part of Killing Spree

Everyone will get their chance at being killed

Character Portrait: Aya Sheinea

Aya Sheinea, located in Sheinea Cottage

as part of Sheinea Cottage Foster Home

Okay my lovelies, dont listen to the ghosts.

Character Portrait: Tasea Napato

Tasea Napato, located in Maiesta

as part of Souls of Maiesta

Hej hej. Sup wityal? I dunt hoppa bod wityal.

Character Portrait: Nuria Mikrasnon

Nuria Mikrasnon, located in The Dead Lands

as part of Amemnons Children

"I miss Master Amemnon."

Character Portrait: Quetzalxochitl "Xochitl" Xaxalpa

Quetzalxochitl "Xochitl" Xaxalpa, located in Tetzapotitlan

as part of The Aztecs

A kind and active young woman.

Character Portrait: Ari Nadenes

Ari Nadenes, located in Telos Urban Sector

as part of A Dark Future

An underground hacker

Character Portrait: Maia Karissan

Maia Karissan, located in Realm of Glanodel

as part of A Dark Fantasy

"Don't judge me just because I am proficient in the dark arts."

Character Portrait: Ariya Miranaiken

Ariya Miranaiken, located in New Russia

as part of Zombie Killing Cyber Adventure

I joined the task force only to kill zombies.

Character Portrait: Anzia

Anzia, located in Callia

as part of Demonhunters

I know what I have done and could do it again.

Character Portrait: Mikari Araventara

Mikari Araventara, located in Yaku city

as part of Yaku College for Cyborgs

It is a great opportunity.

Character Portrait: Kurosaki Kana

Kurosaki Kana, located in Tokyo

as part of Kana's Machine Shop

Have a look at my wares.

Character Portrait: Florina "Fleur" Cosac

Florina "Fleur" Cosac, located in La Fleur

as part of Neighborly Dictator

Er... My name isnt Fleur

Character Portrait: Aria Mikoto

Aria Mikoto, located in No mans land

as part of Building Anew

I am not just some tool.

Character Portrait: Asalea Kanadara

Asalea Kanadara, located in Andaria

as part of Curse

"Liars are tasty but I feel so lonely."

Character Portrait: Lina "Mel" Arkonnen

Lina "Mel" Arkonnen, located in Bettania City Hospital

as part of Kawaii Psycho: Hospital of Terror

Who is this Melinda you talk of? *evil grin*

Character Portrait: Ai Mayano

Ai Mayano, located in Shirakue

as part of Demons of the Past

The new girl.

Character Portrait: Etienne Buvois

Etienne Buvois, located in Crosis Correctional House

as part of Crosis Correctional House for Youth

I bet we will have a fun time together.

Character Portrait: Ricarda Nowak

Ricarda Nowak, located in The city of Charon

as part of Life Philosophy

“Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little." -Epicurus

Character Portrait: Sayako Machusaki

Sayako Machusaki, located in Kyoto

as part of Demon Grace

Please accept me for who I am.

Character Portrait: Mara Inria

Mara Inria, located in Eos

as part of End World

I will destroy the evil that threatens my friends.

Character Portrait: Friederich Helminus

Friederich Helminus, located in Republic of Prussia

as part of Project Republic Prussia

I will lead this nation to glory!

Character Portrait: Linn Arandas

Linn Arandas, located in Mars Colony 5

as part of Cut Off

"Isolated eh?"

Character Portrait: Minari

Minari, located in Heran

as part of Inquisition

Wow I have never been outside of the monastery.

Character Portrait: Misaki Katsumoto

Misaki Katsumoto, located in Tokyo

as part of Angels Five

I should keep an eye out for problems.

Character Portrait: Kisa Faronn

Kisa Faronn, located in Nizeroth

as part of Building Power

Seems I have to play the mother of a whole populace.

Character Portrait: The Observer/ Amai

The Observer/ Amai, located in Lusen

as part of The Observer

I only want to preserve life.

Character Portrait: Runhild

Runhild, located in Fabelland

as part of Deep in the Woods

Witches? Not again.

Character Portrait: Ichuzu Unseiko

Ichuzu Unseiko, located in Kakatsucho

as part of Village Life

Man the shrine needs some renovation.

Character Portrait: Mina Vandaran

Mina Vandaran, located in The Silver Gull

as part of The Dreamship

Former navy and pirate captain turned cruise ship captain.

Character Portrait: Hana Velarius

Hana Velarius, located in Arelus

as part of The Archaic Index

Archeologist and fanatically interested in inventions.

Character Portrait: Suru

Suru, located in Brooke

as part of Scrapyard Maiden

Character Portrait: Chris/Eni

Chris/Eni, located in Karelton

as part of Friends together

A coin is one, but has two sides like me.

Character Portrait: Eara Berustai

Eara Berustai, located in Crescia

as part of Modern Magic

Lovely students!

Character Portrait: Katsura Miyamoto

Katsura Miyamoto, located in Kise Valley

as part of Magic is Real

Do I scare you?

Character Portrait: Lina Soulhealer

Lina Soulhealer, located in Eteria

as part of Rotten World

People shouldnt use power to disadvantage the peasants.

Character Portrait: Krenis

Krenis, located in Eria

as part of A New Home

Interesting beings.

Character Portrait: Imatis

Imatis, located in Community Pinboard

as part of Furry Tuneup

"I am the one who made this all possible"

Character Portrait: Amalia Veva

Amalia Veva, located in Alburtan

as part of Work Sucks

The Boss

Character Portrait: Aizawa Kokoro

Aizawa Kokoro, located in Akihei

as part of Ghosts of the Past

Strangled by her best friend, hoping for his true regret.

Character Portrait: Veladia of Malakat

Veladia of Malakat, located in Evarian forest

as part of Highwaymen

"I am sorry if my teeth scare you, they are for eating you."

Character Portrait: Lia Miea

Lia Miea, located in Esa

as part of The Beginnings of Magic

"Maybe this new craft may be used for incantations."

Character Portrait: Herlina the Blue

Herlina the Blue, located in Grey Woods

as part of The Woods

"A bottle of wine and I will heal your child."

Character Portrait: Zeva Aniyah

Zeva Aniyah, located in Silverville Life Complex

as part of Strugglers

"I don't like emotional people. They are confusing and annoying."

Character Portrait: Yeothyka Slagsmystr

Yeothyka Slagsmystr, located in Gutiska

as part of Legacy of the Dark Wizards

"The things people say about me are partially true. I had my reasons."

Character Portrait: Kanawa, Shio

Kanawa, Shio, located in Murazawa

as part of LAME: Life at minimal emotion

Emotional people annoy me.

Character Portrait: Surana Deneval

Surana Deneval, located in Illania

as part of Fuse Tech

Can unfuse pretty much everything from weapons to machina.

Character Portrait: Haru Imazucho

Haru Imazucho, located in Shineta

as part of Bloody Valentine

"Don't leave me. I... I... I will make you stay!"

Character Portrait: Aurelia Blanche

Aurelia Blanche, located in Danassia

as part of Virus: Ghost Damage

"A fatal virus is definitely something to be concerned about"

Character Portrait: Aurora Lancet

Aurora Lancet, located in Lancet Creek

as part of The Big Move

Proprietor of the Lancet Creek Supply

Character Portrait: Kyoko Hanatarashi

Kyoko Hanatarashi, located in Ginotsu

as part of Silence: A Forgotten Place

The run-down guesthouse girl.

Character Portrait: Xandris na Belotri

Xandris na Belotri, located in Eldraea

as part of He, Princess

Xandris is a childhood friend and sort of promiscuous individual.

Character Portrait: Memeida

Memeida, located in Svizra

as part of Trust the Shadows

Mayor by day, Dark One by night

Character Portrait: Alysha Minstelssen

Alysha Minstelssen, located in Aronsville

as part of Breaking Out of Aronsville

I only put on the cute and innocent act because people are so easy to fool.

Character Portrait: Papandas "Papi" Alansisi

Papandas "Papi" Alansisi, located in Harris Bay, Maonde

as part of Good Times in Maonde

I warded off the evil spirits in your home a long time ago.

Character Portrait: Karin Juncker

Karin Juncker, located in Mars

as part of Made to Kill

German special unit, functional turret

Character Portrait: Shinatha Fireshaper

Shinatha Fireshaper, located in Haydriarc territory

as part of The Old Tower

A wise sorceress, can be considered an old woman but doesnt look it.

Character Portrait: Nakamura, Ichigo

Nakamura, Ichigo, located in Takasaki

as part of Happy Idol Group

A shady producer who looks like a girl.

Character Portrait: Eirn Dhyssaid

Eirn Dhyssaid, located in Yfsfynned Town

as part of Devilishly Handsome

IT-entrepreneur, handsome demon and gamer

Character Portrait: Eris Fynraod

Eris Fynraod, located in Yfsfynned Town

as part of Devilishly Handsome

Beautiful demon, shop inspector, yet still very geeky, crashes at Eirns place.

Character Portrait: Kawano, Suzuka

Kawano, Suzuka, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Hikkikomori Online

Chainsmoking admin of HO.

Character Portrait: Sayoko Emishi

Sayoko Emishi, located in Dilana

as part of Lonely Paradise

An end to the plague you want, I doubt it will happen.

Character Portrait: Ashitaru, Sakura

Ashitaru, Sakura, located in Tokyo

as part of Undercover

"My best friends are Oseki and Yamazaki." [Sake and Whiskey]

Character Portrait: Veana Kinada

Veana Kinada, located in Kino

as part of Lance Guardian

A scary person despite the kind mask.

Character Portrait: Lotte Gastrianiciu

Lotte Gastrianiciu, located in Broadmarrow Mental Health Facility

as part of Escape from the Hospital

Doctor in neurology and psychiatry

Character Portrait: Amasaki, Ryoko

Amasaki, Ryoko, located in Matsusaka, Mie, Japan

as part of You Don't Know The Yakuza

Takes care of the Meiwa bar and does a bit outbound singing

Character Portrait: Rau San

Rau San, located in Xin

as part of Unity: A Tale of Warriors

Self-proclaimed queen of Xiau on her way seeking allies

Character Portrait: Ashari Muezan

Ashari Muezan, located in The Land of Avanon

as part of Heroes of a Dark World

Purging the world from dark magic users

Character Portrait: Ito, Kanako

Ito, Kanako, located in Enoshima

as part of Amazon Student

Ito-sensei is the master at the dojo

Character Portrait: Echantine Belokosia

Echantine Belokosia, located in Deensvale Bog

as part of The Bog People

Acolyte of Ul

Character Portrait: Asaleia Ygnissa os Myzysyllfana

Asaleia Ygnissa os Myzysyllfana, located in Sylfania

as part of Monster Slayer: A Sylfanian Saga

Trainer and Captain of the 2nd Synulfod Slayer Legion

Character Portrait: "Dr." Lily Lacmonteau

"Dr." Lily Lacmonteau, located in Beaumont Center for the Criminally Insane

as part of Fear Forever

"Nicknamed: The Doctor. by other inmates."

Character Portrait: Kobayashi, Ryo

Kobayashi, Ryo, located in Minamicho, Japan

as part of I Am Indebted, Now A Host

Head of the Kobayashi Clan and a rather easy going man.

Character Portrait: Rasbea Windchaser

Rasbea Windchaser, located in Silver Lands

as part of Dead Cold

Powerful greatsword wielder and wind sorceress.

Character Portrait: Sasami, Michiko

Sasami, Michiko, located in Fukuoka, Japan

as part of The Comfortable Room

The house is always there for you.

Character Portrait: Amendea Kukris

Amendea Kukris, located in Ybsteria

as part of Blood Crystal Mage

Benevolent doctor turned anti-villain.

Character Portrait: Ena Dupont

Ena Dupont, located in Ebondale

as part of Ebondale Forest

The product of some crazy, twisted experiment.

Character Portrait: "Dr." Marine Karazon

"Dr." Marine Karazon, located in Dinglam Asylum

as part of Bedlam

Educated, unpredictable and dangerous.

Character Portrait: Arkatxhr Devan

Arkatxhr Devan, located in Proteus Galaxy

as part of Solar Flare: Return of the Shadows

People believe her heroism was only a cover not to become suspicious.

Character Portrait: Essina Hyvynder

Essina Hyvynder, located in Aistein Royal Arcane Academy

as part of Aistein Royal Arcane Academy

Professor of Dark Scholarship

Character Portrait: Kali Edmuns

Kali Edmuns, located in Titanopolis

as part of Smoggy Morning

Detective from Scrap City

Character Portrait: Toyoko Oda

Toyoko Oda, located in Tokyo

as part of Bloody Avenue

They always fight and then they want to run a world?

Character Portrait: Hamatose Shinji/Ebina Ai

Hamatose Shinji/Ebina Ai, located in Tokyo

as part of Gender Bender

Former Yakuza who became wanted by his own for protecting an innocent.

Character Portrait: Joséfina Mengele-Hermanez

Joséfina Mengele-Hermanez, located in Villa de Alsacia

as part of Doll

The doctors name just might be a coincidence.

Character Portrait: Sina Excalon

Sina Excalon, located in Earth

as part of Exiled from a Machine World

Mostly a shut-in who does HR work from home.

Character Portrait: Eri Weir

Eri Weir, located in Thanos City

as part of Night Activity

Got a desk job at the ministry

Character Portrait: Sakura Shinagawa

Sakura Shinagawa, located in Shizu city

as part of Best School Club EVER!!!

I got an eye on you kids.

Character Portrait: Ichigo Miyazaki

Ichigo Miyazaki, located in Kishihama

as part of Traps All Around!

New faces like every year

Character Portrait: Ria Raindrop

Ria Raindrop, located in Fox Island

as part of Fox Island

Happy-go-lucky engineer and one of the islands few mechanics

Character Portrait: Shana Kalesmane

Shana Kalesmane, located in The Dark Lands

as part of Out to the Frontier

I wanted to make the order stronger, but they kicked me out instead.

Character Portrait: Ashigateru, Yoko

Ashigateru, Yoko, located in Akai

as part of Legendary Blades

"The Demon of Ashiga"

Character Portrait: Amal Leblanc

Amal Leblanc, located in Ademus

as part of Ademus Love

Resident of the shipyard and programmer

Character Portrait: L'Rine "Rin" Kartara

L'Rine "Rin" Kartara, located in Araku city

as part of Raptor Society

"I would like to know how these humans think."

Character Portrait: Hilmina Borunsdottir

Hilmina Borunsdottir, located in Springsvale

as part of The Doll Shop

Origin unknown. Doll shop owner.

Character Portrait: Midori Hanayama

Midori Hanayama, located in Yamada

as part of Yandere

You will be mine forever Akuo.

Character Portrait: Aura Lelelea

Aura Lelelea, located in Confederacy of Escalia

as part of Gunblade

Artilleryblade user, not bad at hand to hand

Character Portrait: Azea Inaria "The Witch"

Azea Inaria "The Witch", located in Imbaal

as part of The Witch's Apprentices

I merely maintain this outpost.

Character Portrait: Arnus/Ame Dusier

Arnus/Ame Dusier, located in Montecalisto

as part of Trip to Montecalisto

A cute boy from outta town.

Character Portrait: Mea Stoenslofer

Mea Stoenslofer, located in Aquata

as part of Crystal Sword

I am not exactly sure if you want a magical weapon.

Character Portrait: "The Mayor"/Elie Moonshadow

"The Mayor"/Elie Moonshadow, located in Ark

as part of The Tower: After the Dying

"The mayor of Arktu'ur tower."

Character Portrait: Katarina Leblanc

Katarina Leblanc, located in Sanville

as part of Trapped like a Bird

"We will stay together forever and ever and ever!"

Character Portrait: Alea i-Denna

Alea i-Denna, located in Tarandrea

as part of Dark Sanctum

"Just smile, no matter how much it hurts"

Character Portrait: Marro Earl of Akorran

Marro Earl of Akorran, located in Deensvale Bog

as part of The Bog People

Earl of the Bog village Akorran

Character Portrait: Fuyuu

Fuyuu, located in Setou-cho

as part of Goddess of Misfortune

Cant you just let me sleep?

Character Portrait: Mira Kazundia

Mira Kazundia, located in Ia

as part of The Hangout

Club owner. Dont mess with her.

Character Portrait: Rin Lamesa

Rin Lamesa, located in Ishtar Alpha

as part of Free Slave Planet

Formerly known as Smiley

Character Portrait: Maea Nadaus

Maea Nadaus, located in Andrases

as part of Village Life: Hidden Instincts

"People maybe its not so bad" *grin*

Character Portrait: Kaeru Shikimoto

Kaeru Shikimoto, located in Tokyo

as part of Death Is Watching

Who are you guys talking to?

Character Portrait: Ako Miyashima

Ako Miyashima, located in Furry Town

as part of Furry Tuneup: Furry Society

Current chief of Furry Town Developments

Character Portrait: Cherry Leblanc

Cherry Leblanc, located in Unknown Lands

as part of The Great Frontier

Prospector, inventor, engineer

Character Portrait: Aeris Tredant

Aeris Tredant, located in Ensei city

as part of Runners

"Destroy and salvage. that's what I do."

Character Portrait: Sakurasawa, Jun

Sakurasawa, Jun, located in Nihongokokka

as part of Magical Senpai-san

"You losers don't make me miserable, you are only doing it to yourselves."

Character Portrait: Adayzine Tlapo

Adayzine Tlapo, located in As-Shadad

as part of Black Exorcist

"So you call me a savage, you should look at your reflection in the water."

Character Portrait: Dr. Alicia "Alice" Liddell

Dr. Alicia "Alice" Liddell, located in Wonderland

as part of Steam Alice

"So Alice, what is this Wonderland you speak of?"

Character Portrait: Asaia Hikarion

Asaia Hikarion, located in Arca

as part of Dark World

Rehabilitated convict who formerly engaged in unethical research

Character Portrait: Mara Leinhalt

Mara Leinhalt, located in Vienna

as part of Keep Quiet or You Will Disappear

Low profile vampire

Character Portrait: Svara Melinaut

Svara Melinaut, located in Hijserthal

as part of Snowed In: Red Snow

People seem to be going crazy in these conditions.

Character Portrait: Ephesia Seraphi

Ephesia Seraphi, located in Rys

as part of The Path of Darkness

"Why should I give mercy to mannerless lightling?"

Character Portrait: Aniye Arsa

Aniye Arsa, located in Dead Lands

as part of Dead Lands: Runes of Darkness

"People who come here don't return because they are delicious."

Character Portrait: Enalia Swordsmid

Enalia Swordsmid, located in Limburgia

as part of Intrigue: Seeking a Queen

"I don't trust these people."

Character Portrait: Ayna Beauregard

Ayna Beauregard, located in Miraskaya city

as part of Everyone Has Secrets

Everyone remain calm... especially me.

Character Portrait: Sakura Azushi

Sakura Azushi, located in Azusa

as part of Techna Samurai

More fights? I am so tired of battle.

Character Portrait: Yunohara Ichigo

Yunohara Ichigo, located in Kurokachi

as part of Ladyboy

"You are so cute."

Character Portrait: Karin Belocha

Karin Belocha, located in Kenshin Town

as part of Muscle World

"Aww he is so cute. He is a bit thin though."

Character Portrait: Airu Astaloma

Airu Astaloma, located in Escarion

as part of Escarion Arcane University

"Don't be silly, I don't want to hurt anyone."

Character Portrait: Miranda Kokola

Miranda Kokola, located in Jiroshi city

as part of The Agents

Cyborgs. They seem to be a good meal.

Character Portrait: Baroness Alesia of Deidre

Baroness Alesia of Deidre, located in Mansion Aela

as part of The Mansion Aela

Quite the mysterious personality.

Character Portrait: Arel Malohke

Arel Malohke, located in Ishonia

as part of Armored Mage

Executioner of the Corrupt

Character Portrait: Ichigo Kanahama

Ichigo Kanahama, located in Tokyo

as part of Kawaii Psycho: Epic of the Absent Love Fairy

Can barely qualify as a yandere

Character Portrait: Ava Melosca

Ava Melosca, located in Arvanos city

as part of Beppos

Nearly died of organ failure, but saved.

Character Portrait: Lilie Houvenere

Lilie Houvenere, located in Earth

as part of Shaman World

I am dying to meet someone.

Character Portrait: Lilana

Lilana, located in Necroworld

as part of Necroworld

"Also known as Lilana the Maneater"

Character Portrait: Kokoro Asakura

Kokoro Asakura, located in Darakan city

as part of He-She Me

The strange woman

Character Portrait: Chiharu Yamamoto

Chiharu Yamamoto, located in Shiba

as part of My Cyborg Love

"Are you sure you want my daughter? :3"

Character Portrait: Kaleos Thamano

Kaleos Thamano, located in Dale-creek hill Asylume

as part of Dale-creek hill Asylume

Kaleos is seems unlikely to be someone bad but she is.

Character Portrait: Avera "Darth Praedulcis" Kuanyis

Avera "Darth Praedulcis" Kuanyis, located in Star wars universe

as part of Star Wars: No Title

Praedulcis is latin for very sweet. Just like Vader is dutch for father.

Character Portrait: Sayori Hijikata

Sayori Hijikata, located in Ryukaya High School

as part of School of the Undead

Sayori, formerly known as Aoki, is a student at the school.

Character Portrait: Kiyoko Maeda

Kiyoko Maeda, located in Ryukaya High School

as part of School of the Undead

Kiyoko was formerly known as Suki Maeda and is the nurse now.

Character Portrait: Mel Arsinian

Mel Arsinian, located in Matrix

as part of Animatrix: Liberation

Admin Mel, also Agent Arsinian is a neutral entity who protects the Matrix

Character Portrait: Kokoro Tsunabashi

Kokoro Tsunabashi, located in The world of Nihon

as part of Demongun

Kokoro is the lord of the elemental demon state.

Character Portrait: Saya Toshi

Saya Toshi, located in Sasaki High, Tokyo

as part of Sasaki High Fight Club

Saya who is known as the Princess of Destruction shouldnt be underestimated.

Character Portrait: Mari Dansik

Mari Dansik, located in United States

as part of Smells like...Rotten Flesh

Mari is also known as test subject no. 1 "Mother".

Character Portrait: Katerina Vereon

Katerina Vereon, located in Miss Karinas Mansion

as part of Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

Kate is Miss Karinas biological daughter and a mentally instable psycho.

Character Portrait: Tsuki Hatoshi

Tsuki Hatoshi, located in Buka Gakuen

as part of Scary Girls (Harem)

Tsuki is a yandere to be taken seriously.

Character Portrait: Lina Rosett

Lina Rosett, located in Miss Karinas Mansion

as part of Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

Lina is a neighbor and also grew up in the house.

Character Portrait: William Darpel

William Darpel, located in Miss Karinas Mansion

as part of Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

William is one of Miss Karinas loyal "children".

Character Portrait: Kali Mirandas

Kali Mirandas, located in Otherworld

as part of The Otherworld

Kali is a machine living in the Otherworld.

Character Portrait: Miss Karina

Miss Karina, located in Miss Karinas Mansion

as part of Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

Miss Karina: The evil owner of the mansion.

Character Portrait: Shinshar Anu-Ishuru

Shinshar Anu-Ishuru, located in Ancient world

as part of Heredus Romanum

Shinshar is the "evil" and outcast princess of the fallen Babylonian empire.

Character Portrait: Kalieos Bristinian

Kalieos Bristinian, located in Space Station Alpha Centauri 2

as part of Battle Borg Legends

Kalieos is a battle borg and bounty hunter.

Character Portrait: Mazahid Al-Nasriyya bin Manaf bin Azd

Mazahid Al-Nasriyya bin Manaf bin Azd, located in Arabia

as part of Land of the Crescent

Mazahid is a clansman of the Sabatean Azd tribe and strongly encourages peace between the townspeople.

Character Portrait: Athtar-Isiyya Al-Nasriyya ibn Manaf ibn Azd

Athtar-Isiyya Al-Nasriyya ibn Manaf ibn Azd, located in Arabia

as part of Land of the Crescent

Athtar-Isiyya is the wife of Mazahid.

Character Portrait: Ayano Matsueda

Ayano Matsueda, located in Demon Valley

as part of Green Demon Valley

Ayano is a dog demon with a special trait.

Character Portrait: Serenia Calas

Serenia Calas, located in Blackcreek city

as part of Crimson nights

Serenia is the school nurse. Although she seems to be a nice person, she is a blood angel.

Character Portrait: Seru Maodo

Seru Maodo, located in Arinia

as part of Arinian Magic Academy

Seru is a student specializing in MMU.

Character Portrait: Celesia Dupont

Celesia Dupont, located in Xeledron

as part of Syntax Error

Celesia is a commissioner at the police. A very sadistic one too.

Character Portrait: Mihiko Yoyorori

Mihiko Yoyorori, located in Kakusho town, Rural Japan

as part of Project Aurora

Mihiko is one of the older cyborgs and is cold when it comes to dealing with yakuza.

Character Portrait: Ressia Murdon

Ressia Murdon, located in London, Alternate 1870s

as part of Steampunk Revolution

Ressia is a beauty who has a dark past and wears perfum to cover the smell of rot.

Character Portrait: Andariel Kahunas

Andariel Kahunas, located in Blackcreek city

as part of Crimson nights

Andariel is the commander of the clockwork angel legion.

Character Portrait: Minalol "Mimi" Kahunas

Minalol "Mimi" Kahunas, located in Blackcreek Central Highschool

as part of Crimson nights

Mimi is the child like daughter of Andariel.

Character Portrait: Ka'arin the Bloodarcher

Ka'arin the Bloodarcher, located in Kabira

as part of Dark Souls

Ka'arin or Karin is just looking for friends and a place to live.

Character Portrait: Sakura Kenkotsu

Sakura Kenkotsu, located in Kyokuyo Island

as part of Maid Academy

Sakura is going to the maid academy because she wants to be her own maid.

Character Portrait: Alyssa Murdon

Alyssa Murdon, located in London, Alternate 1870s

as part of Steampunk Revolution

Alyssa is the adopted sister of Ressia and still a student.

Character Portrait: Aya Karanagi

Aya Karanagi, located in Kakuya town

as part of Ayas Mysterious Cafe

Aya is the owner of the cafe and in secret a psychotic cannibal

Character Portrait: Kami Darun

Kami Darun, located in Burnhale, Infected Lands

as part of The Floating City

Kami is a dieselborg miner with special "qualities".

Character Portrait: Ai Himedo

Ai Himedo, located in Edo (Tokyo)

as part of Chaos in Edo

Ai is a fight lusty policewoman.

Character Portrait: Aurora Kensin

Aurora Kensin, located in Heartsdale

as part of The Witches House

Aurora is a sweet making demon and an evil person.

Character Portrait: Suyiko Kateshiko

Suyiko Kateshiko, located in Aeteria

as part of Afterworld

Suyiko was a lonely young woman who died during the Edo era of Japan.

Character Portrait: Kokoro

Kokoro, located in Aikoba

as part of Handle with Care

Kokoro is Aikos "sister".

Character Portrait: Celes Taran

Celes Taran, located in Lumea

as part of Blind Love

Celes is a lonely girl who isnt liked by the villagers.

Character Portrait: Aiko Himekide

Aiko Himekide, located in Aikoba

as part of Handle with Care

Aiko is a young woman who bought a sister for personal reasons.

Character Portrait: Aesea Kharlan

Aesea Kharlan, located in Gerand Magic school

as part of Gerand Magic School

Aesea is known as the Dark Arts teacher and the real founder/principal of the school.

Character Portrait: Kari Amdoshu

Kari Amdoshu, located in Heros

as part of The Shadows of Heros

Kari is a rogue shadow who is ruthless towards those who are against her.

Character Portrait: Yuki Takata

Yuki Takata, located in Kaketsu High

as part of Dad is my Homeroom Teacher

Yuki is the known daughter of Junichiro who lives with him.

Character Portrait: Ichigo Himekide

Ichigo Himekide, located in Japan

as part of Samurai of Justice

Ichigo is a female samurai of lower nobility and loyal to the emperor.

Character Portrait: Junichiro Takata

Junichiro Takata, located in Kaketsu High

as part of Dad is my Homeroom Teacher

Takata-sensei is the homeroom teacher of class 2A

Character Portrait: Kokoro Anuyashi

Kokoro Anuyashi, located in Keiko

as part of Body Horror Club

Kokoro is an evil axe crazy monster who experiments on humans.

Character Portrait: Lia Gundred

Lia Gundred, located in The Dark Forest

as part of Evil Red Riding Hood

Lia is a witch who lives in the woods and eats kids.

Character Portrait: Alis Konvedian

Alis Konvedian, located in Crystalland

as part of The Ruins

Alis is a citizen originally from Crystalland.

Character Portrait: Osea Levesque

Osea Levesque, located in Black Creek

as part of Black Creek

Osea is not human but she doesnt know it either.

Character Portrait: Luminous Star of Red

Luminous Star of Red, located in White Forest Town

as part of The Tribe: Divine Punishment

Lumi is an unawakened demon of the Moon clan.

Character Portrait: Mikhaila van der Doodmannjes

Mikhaila van der Doodmannjes, located in Green Gardens Asylum

as part of Crazy Alice

Mikhaila "Mika" is a junior mentor at the Asylum and secretly Kikis cousin.

Character Portrait: Ealia Arbonette

Ealia Arbonette, located in Lumia

as part of Rise of Legends!!

Ealia is a teacher in a small town and a powerful necromancer

Character Portrait: Kate "Kiki" McMurdoc

Kate "Kiki" McMurdoc, located in Green Gardens Asylum

as part of Crazy Alice

Kiki is someone patients expect to trust but turns out to be the most evil mentor of all.

Character Portrait: Mikari Shirojima aka "Otakucore"

Mikari Shirojima aka "Otakucore", located in Technofest Area

as part of Technofest

Mikari is known as DJ Otakucore who makes Hardcore and Speedcore music.

Character Portrait: Tae Omura

Tae Omura, located in Edo

as part of Bunkyoku School for Combat

Tae is the master of the school and a demon.

Character Portrait: Aoi Takayama

Aoi Takayama, located in Tokyo

as part of Witchblade: It Aint Over Yet

Aoi became the new CEO of the Neocon company after her father had been murdered.

Character Portrait: Suna Geribado

Suna Geribado, located in Deodos City

as part of MMO Madness

Suna is known as Asuna Odabire in the game. RL: A bartender.

Character Portrait: Sera Axonis

Sera Axonis, located in Gambeville

as part of The Burning Gates

Sera is a demon with her own goals in the human world.

Character Portrait: Vira Aashi'ik

Vira Aashi'ik, located in Cyrodiil

as part of Elder Scrolls: Daedra Rising

Vira: A battlemage who doesnt like to talk about her heritage.

Character Portrait: Lilia Duraud

Lilia Duraud, located in Rhoadon Military Academy

as part of Rhoadon Military Academy

Lilia is a student and a future medic.

Character Portrait: Amalea of Yanderset

Amalea of Yanderset, located in Rhoadon Military Academy

as part of Rhoadon Military Academy

Amalea is a veteran steamborg who hides her scary unpleasant self for the most time.

Character Portrait: Inazami Kaketsuo

Inazami Kaketsuo, located in Aintaku

as part of Dying of the Ninja

Inazami is a ninja cyborg who "came back from the dead".

Character Portrait: Ostara Weisshaupt

Ostara Weisshaupt, located in Medieval Germany

as part of Snow White: Happily Never After

Ostara is a forest demon who used to be friends with Snow White but now she just make Snow White suffer.

Character Portrait: Linedia Taronen

Linedia Taronen, located in Arinia

as part of Arinian Magic Academy

Linedia is a shadow who teaches at the academy.

Character Portrait: Kokoro Shironata

Kokoro Shironata, located in Taiko Academy

as part of Taiko Academy for the Prestigious!

Kokoro is the headmaster of the academy. She is a young and friendly person.

Character Portrait: Ayuki Shinogawa

Ayuki Shinogawa, located in Tokyo

as part of Yakuza 2136

Ayuki is the young lord of the Shinogawa clan. She is a mechoid who isnt well known.

Character Portrait: Sesia the Fallen

Sesia the Fallen, located in Seras

as part of High Magic

Sesia is a poor sorceress who can just get by, by selling magical trinkets.

Character Portrait: Lilia Murian

Lilia Murian, located in Highpeak

as part of The Land in the Sky

Lilian is a girl with skills but no job. She just wanders around trying to make a living.

Character Portrait: Yumi Utagawari

Yumi Utagawari, located in Feudal Japan

as part of Samurai of the Heavens

Yumi is the young patron of a small village in the south of the Kuji state.

Character Portrait: Nila Khorrshiik

Nila Khorrshiik, located in Isarias

as part of Deathfleet

Nila is a pilot of a battlecruiser. She is a cyborg sunloather.

Character Portrait: Miria Kasaniu

Miria Kasaniu, located in Iasi Romania

as part of Eartheaters

Miria is an eartheater. She is friendly and likes to chew on stuff.

Character Portrait: Yukari Kobo

Yukari Kobo, located in Shiroma High

as part of Super Random Highschool Anime Nonsense RP

Yukari is a very wierd student with yandere tendencies.

Character Portrait: Lavila Matumin

Lavila Matumin, located in Crios

as part of Luminous Chaos

Lavila is a girl who is part of the chaos race, seeking to protect the giant crystal.

Character Portrait: Yuki Marusa

Yuki Marusa, located in Kono

as part of Kono Defense Force

Yuki is a cyborg who is a member of the defense force.

Character Portrait: Friya vun Schtytwalde

Friya vun Schtytwalde, located in Medieval Europe

as part of Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

Friya is known as a witch who raised Hansel and Gretel in this story.

Character Portrait: Makamoto Sayuki

Makamoto Sayuki, located in Tokyo

as part of Edo Ninja School: New Age

Sayuki is a teacher at the ninja school. She is a pureblood demon.

Character Portrait: Aurea Malanir

Aurea Malanir, located in Prusiu

as part of Dreams of Paradise

Aurea is a lonely immortal who wanders the colds of the barrens on the search for friends and peace.

Character Portrait: Vanilla Gaumest

Vanilla Gaumest, located in Curiano

as part of The Smell of Gunpowder

Vanilla is known to be the daughter of the legendary hitman "Bullet" Gaumest.

Character Portrait: Yumi Hiranguri

Yumi Hiranguri, located in Modern Tokyo

as part of Death Inc.

Yumi is the deceased heir of the Hiranguri company out for revenge.

Character Portrait: Yuka Fuutsureiku

Yuka Fuutsureiku, located in Japan

as part of Ninjas of Steam

Yuka is a poor samurai girl who wanders the islands. She is known to be a steambot.

Character Portrait: Fuura Sobakeikyu

Fuura Sobakeikyu, located in EAA Special Academy, New Bunkyoku, Tokyo

as part of Genocyber Agent Academy

Fuura is a young teacher at the academy. She is only nineteen years old.

Character Portrait: Ilis Tundan

Ilis Tundan, located in Darksea

as part of The Dark Forest

Ilis merged with her mech during a space time continuum problem and now is stranded in a medieval world.

Character Portrait: Vira Bazirach

Vira Bazirach, located in Vana'diel

as part of Final Fantasy

Vira is a young woman from a town called Bazir. Her intentions arent good.

Character Portrait: Anea Kaloun

Anea Kaloun, located in City of Heros

as part of Streets of Heros

A nice town girl who is in secret a shadow.

Character Portrait: Kinura Mila

Kinura Mila, located in Azazin

as part of The Cult

Kinura is a friendly mercenary girl who feels something is not normal about herself.

Character Portrait: Askaleia the Flesheater

Askaleia the Flesheater, located in Nargir

as part of Land of Dragons

Askaleia is a resident of Fenthir. She patrols the border to kill and eat enemies.

Character Portrait: Fi??nn Harralinn

Fi??nn Harralinn, located in Terann

as part of Enjoy the Silence

Fi??nn is an immortal guardian who owns an android production company.

Character Portrait: Asura Ruki

Asura Ruki, located in Akashi Town

as part of The Inner Demon

Two forms, one personality, a demon trying to get by

Character Portrait: Eana Korsu

Eana Korsu, located in Aeris

as part of Drillmasters Revolution

Eana is a drillmaster and technician with a partially childish personality.

Character Portrait: Kana Tsumasaki

Kana Tsumasaki, located in Kirosama

as part of Darker than Black

Kana is a kind and gentle girl who is a demon inside.

Character Portrait: Ia the Siren

Ia the Siren, located in Eastern Byrassian Empire

as part of Divine

Ia is a powerful female warrior who has a balanced expertise in magic and melee combat.

Character Portrait: Aikiye Koroykh

Aikiye Koroykh, located in June

as part of Torn Lands

Aikiye is a wandering mage but people often refer to her as a dangerous barbaric witch.

Character Portrait: Inana "Machinehead" Surirne

Inana "Machinehead" Surirne, located in Kirjinan

as part of Deadly Desert

Inana is a rebel who fights in the southern army as an officer.

Character Portrait: Lily Abrohu

Lily Abrohu, located in earth 2022

as part of The War

Lily is known as a field demon aka agricultural demigod. She has watch the humans destroy her fields.

Character Portrait: Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku

Tachibane "Himebane" Gatsuku, located in Junyo High School

as part of Trapilicious

Himebane is a senior trap at the school

Character Portrait: Yela Thanath

Yela Thanath, located in Dilias City

as part of Unit 12

Yela is part of Unit 12 and normally uses an exoskeleton.

Character Portrait: Espera Koson

Espera Koson, located in Desert of Bluesky

as part of Desperado!

Espera is a high ranking Desperado Sheriff who is normally know as Clockwork Samurai.

Character Portrait: Ashura Darkfire

Ashura Darkfire, located in Eo

as part of Final Fantasy: Awakening

Ashura is strange young woman out to fight the Dark Guardians.

Character Portrait: Ichigo Kusagi

Ichigo Kusagi, located in Town of Hideyoshi

as part of Rainfall (Harem)

Ichigo is the known killer school girl and has a crush on Yayoi.

Character Portrait: Iselia Shonauwa

Iselia Shonauwa, located in Azuria

as part of Villain Space Agency

Isenia is a researcher who is mostly specialized with engines but also helps out with cyborg research.

Character Portrait: Michelle Paragon

Michelle Paragon, located in Neometropolis

as part of Cybernetic Utopia

Michelle is one of the so called tank/artillery soldiers in the fight against the aliens.

Character Portrait: Sayuka "Death priestess" Ichitake

Sayuka "Death priestess" Ichitake, located in Tokyo

as part of True Samurai

Sayuka is a member of the samurai club and an expert with curses and japanese greatswords.

Character Portrait: Hikata Sayoki

Hikata Sayoki, located in Edo

as part of Gintama!

Sayoki is a police commissioner and seems to be Gintokis female counterpart.

Character Portrait: Junichiro Takata

Junichiro Takata, located in Kaketsu High

as part of Father-sensei

Takata-sensei is the homeroom teacher of class 2A

Character Portrait: Rakhim Bethakha

Rakhim Bethakha, located in J. Edgar Hoover Building - FBI Headquarters

as part of When the Lion Wakes

Rakhim is a Syrian agent, sent to aid the Americans in the fight against the Hatif.

Character Portrait: Kiyana Inato

Kiyana Inato, located in Telas

as part of Immortals of the Nation

Kiyana is an immortal girl who has been chosen to lead the humans with others like her.

Character Portrait: Ai Shinoda

Ai Shinoda, located in Osaka

as part of Zombie Extermination Squad

Ai is a senior at the Osaka high school who is at first frightened but turns into a zombie killing machine.

Character Portrait: Mitsunada Ayaka

Mitsunada Ayaka, located in Tokyo

as part of Build a Bot

Ayaka is one of the leading makers in AI and weapon technologies. Often mistaken for a maid.

Character Portrait: Eriai Shaitan Akhainaea

Eriai Shaitan Akhainaea, located in Ares

as part of Battlemage

Eriai is a female demon blacksmith/battlemage who lives in the Aresian capital.

Character Portrait: Aurore Audante

Aurore Audante, located in Vault 39

as part of Fallout 3 - The Untold Stories

Aurore is an ex-raider seeking to help others.

Character Portrait: Sayu Anoshida

Sayu Anoshida, located in Suishou Dorm

as part of Gakuen Rinji: Special Academy

May I eat your soul or should I just gnaw on your flesh?

Character Portrait: Kokoro Ashinota

Kokoro Ashinota, located in East Asia

as part of Finding Peace

Kokoro was a dieselborg bouncer at a yakuza owned club before the war.

Character Portrait: Aiko Uzuhiya

Aiko Uzuhiya, located in Shiba High

as part of Shiba Samurai School

Aiko is an assistant teacher and in her final college year.

Character Portrait: Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki, located in The Uni Dynasty

as part of The Harsh Life of a Samurai

Ichigo is a female samurai who wanders in search of a worthy lover and home.

Character Portrait: Aurore Levantine

Aurore Levantine, located in Countryside

as part of Manhunt

Aurore is known to be one of the more dangerous supervisors.

Character Portrait: Misaki Asaki

Misaki Asaki, located in Tokyo

as part of Cyborg Championship

Misaki is a girl willing to become the best damage dealer in the Cycup.

Character Portrait: Kokoro Doshita

Kokoro Doshita, located in Red World

as part of The Other World

Kokoro is a conductor for the railway. She is a demon.

Character Portrait: Ariye M'andono

Ariye M'andono, located in Kyra

as part of Dark Skies

Ariye is an innocent girl with a terrible secret.

Character Portrait: Yayoi Shokano

Yayoi Shokano, located in Town of Hideyoshi

as part of Rainfall (Harem)

Yayoi has a crush on the protagonist but the protagonist is afraid of her.

Character Portrait: Ceres Linasi

Ceres Linasi, located in Suburbia, Maine

as part of Conspiracy Paranoia

Ceres is unknowningly a nephilim.

Character Portrait:

, located in Forests of Southern Europe

as part of False Demons

Eres is a girl who didnt want to be misunderstood but turned evil anyways.

Character Portrait: Kanako Mitsuhide

Kanako Mitsuhide, located in Purgatory Boarding School

as part of Angel Beats: A New Year

Kanako is a teacher in purgatory. It is unknown if she is a NPC or human.

Character Portrait: Sayuka Kekkota

Sayuka Kekkota, located in Koichi city

as part of Battlesuit Angels

Sayuka is a person who seems to be following her own goals.

Character Portrait: Erin "Nana" Dorann

Erin "Nana" Dorann, located in Eastbridge

as part of House of Horrors

Erin was a demented killer when she was still alive.

Character Portrait: Firyal Rudaynah

Firyal Rudaynah, located in Jordan

as part of Assassins Creed: The Crown of the World

Firyaö will only let one person have the crown.

Character Portrait: Ai Mayanako

Ai Mayanako, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Gamer Girl

Ai is a young teacher who lives not very clean lifestyle.

Character Portrait: Kisari Menoshi

Kisari Menoshi, located in Academy for Advanced Combat

as part of Ghost of the Machine

I will work for my freedom.

Character Portrait: Mirina Lafalia

Mirina Lafalia, located in Seattle, WA

as part of The Night is Watching You

Mirina doesnt want to be cured

Character Portrait: Taşiqqa Kharwan

Taşiqqa Kharwan, located in Shezaa, Ulganaa

as part of Operation: Sandbarrage

The friendliest doctor you will ever know.

Character Portrait: Yuriko Satanashi

Yuriko Satanashi, located in Tokyo

as part of Vocaloids

I will not fail again

Character Portrait: Rikari-chan

Rikari-chan, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Dont be Haunted

Rikari is the goddess of luck for the area.

Character Portrait: Julia Beilschmidt

Julia Beilschmidt, located in Nyo Academy

as part of Gakuen Hetalia: The Sister Academy

Julia is a teacher at Nyo Academy and mother of quite a few.

Character Portrait: Mari Serpenta

Mari Serpenta, located in Shimura

as part of Hybrid Foster

"I want mama to remember"

Character Portrait: Yuki Serpenta

Yuki Serpenta, located in Shimura

as part of Hybrid Foster


Character Portrait: Kalina Dresamaro

Kalina Dresamaro, located in Forest Island

as part of Pioneers: Steam Age

Kalina volunteered to be the school teacher for the new settlement.

Character Portrait: Dragomira "Mira" Amalberger

Dragomira "Mira" Amalberger, located in Venenburg, Austria

as part of The Demon Hunters

I dont eat friends, plus humans dont taste good anyways.

Character Portrait: Kaede Miahara

Kaede Miahara, located in Yazamiya city

as part of Yakuza Madness

Huh so someone wants to take my territory?

Character Portrait: Aiko Takenawa

Aiko Takenawa, located in Damedake

as part of The Other Side

Lady Luck

Character Portrait: Naoko Izuhasa

Naoko Izuhasa, located in Japan, Sakura Cafe

as part of Sakura Cafe

Naoko is the kind owner of the Sakura Cafe

Character Portrait: Yuko Takekage

Yuko Takekage, located in Shimura

as part of Hybrid Foster

Yuko is a serpent of human status and art teacher.

Character Portrait: Elise Tarbonne

Elise Tarbonne, located in Marandan

as part of Wasted World

Elise is a critical dieselborg who works for the police.

Character Portrait: Yuko Takekage

Yuko Takekage, located in Shimura

as part of Servant Care

Yuko is a serpent of human status and art teacher.

Character Portrait: Amami Ezudo

Amami Ezudo, located in Note

as part of Note: Hell of Music

Amami is a villainous being who has some demonic traits.

Character Portrait: Mihana Kardis

Mihana Kardis, located in Lefalia

as part of Dark Gate

Mihana lives among humans but isnt really human herself.

Character Portrait: Nessa d'Msiton

Nessa d'Msiton, located in Hope Asylum

as part of Hope Asylum for Young People

Nessa is the Headmistress of the Asylum

Character Portrait: Kuriko Hinkonhito

Kuriko Hinkonhito, located in Katetsu town

as part of Useless Deity

"Hisannakami" Teacher and goddess of poverty.

Character Portrait: Himeko Takagawa

Himeko Takagawa, located in Otohime

as part of Kawaii Psycho: A Rural Tale

Himeko hides her true self behind a mask.

Character Portrait: Illea Varis

Illea Varis, located in Krestwood, Dissedan

as part of The Wicked

"I will protect you."

Character Portrait: Kiriko Hatase

Kiriko Hatase, located in Osaka, Japan

as part of Mechanical World

Kiriko is crazy about operating on you.

Character Portrait: Asiya bin Nasreyya

Asiya bin Nasreyya, located in Shoubak, Jordan

as part of Demon Resurrection

Asiya was reborn as a metal demon

Character Portrait: Yoko Fuuragaku

Yoko Fuuragaku, located in Japan

as part of The Golden Fox

Yoko is a wandering demon who is ancient.

Character Portrait: Sunako Hidemiya

Sunako Hidemiya, located in Japan

as part of River of Tears

A lonely swordswoman wandering the land.

Character Portrait: Szelina Morvoczszoett

Szelina Morvoczszoett, located in Magyar

as part of The Demon Assembly

Szelina is one of the perpetrators of the Magyar coup.

Character Portrait: Karnya Nyyoka

Karnya Nyyoka, located in Eorzea

as part of Final Fantasy: Ancient Awakening

She is a Miqo'te with a taste for smaller beings.

Character Portrait: Aniye Sadamuyye

Aniye Sadamuyye, located in Mamar

as part of As the Shadows Watch

Aniye is a trader from Mamar

Character Portrait: Mikoto Izanami

Mikoto Izanami, located in Otsuka, Japan/ Spirit World

as part of Spirit World

Mikoto is an average teacher at Otsuka high.

Character Portrait: Sakurakami

Sakurakami, located in Otsuka, Japan/ Spirit World

as part of Spirit World

Watches over the known spirit world.

Character Portrait: Mina Streuselberg

Mina Streuselberg, located in Griswood/Candyland

as part of Candyland

"Come and play with me. :3"

Character Portrait: Misaki Ichizumaru

Misaki Ichizumaru, located in Amato-ku

as part of Amato-ku Samurai School: Remake

Misaki is the headmaster of the dojo.

Character Portrait: Miria Avnentillainen

Miria Avnentillainen, located in Estia

as part of The Frostwoods

A tough young woman with heavy weapons experience.

Character Portrait: Miyami "Lilitu" Asahara

Miyami "Lilitu" Asahara, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Mechanical Angel

I will make sure the angels dont lose control.

Character Portrait: Ai Kimura

Ai Kimura, located in Edo, Japan

as part of Source of Immortality

"I will not lose my friends again."

Character Portrait: Eris the Devil

Eris the Devil, located in The Burning Express

as part of Train to Hell

"Welcome my guests."

Character Portrait: Virginia Anderson

Virginia Anderson, located in Avernan Regional Hospital

as part of Horrors of War

A poor soul who might turn a different way.

Character Portrait: Katarina Miryovanna

Katarina Miryovanna, located in Iai

as part of Crystal Island

It is great to be the first year walking.

Character Portrait: Iris Ka'andiak

Iris Ka'andiak, located in Vaidis

as part of Vaidis: Your worst nightmare

"Someone from Earth? I will show you around inferior being."

Character Portrait: Hasana Valuta

Hasana Valuta, located in Avrea

as part of Trash

"An Avrean asking for mercy? No one show mercy when killing my mother."

Character Portrait: Serena Blade

Serena Blade, located in Albion

as part of Fable: Tyranny

She would rather keep her ancestry a secret.

Character Portrait: Azuki Himamoto

Azuki Himamoto, located in Shizuka city

as part of Shizuka: Vampire Hunt

Azuki is afraid someone will found out.

Character Portrait: Maharana the Beauty

Maharana the Beauty, located in Purgatory

as part of Wonderful World

Maharana guards the night of purgatory.

Character Portrait: Mademoiselle Aurore de Maitrissier

Mademoiselle Aurore de Maitrissier, located in Glenshire Orphanage

as part of Boogiemans Orphanage

I always keep an eye on the kids as if they were my own

Character Portrait: Ksiara Vantus

Ksiara Vantus, located in Morrowind

as part of Elder Scrolls: Torn Lands

I am innocent. I am no murderer.

Character Portrait: Eliza Falynnan

Eliza Falynnan, located in Lincester

as part of Lincester Maids

Eliza is one of the seniors of the maids.

Character Portrait: Firlana Aydaz

Firlana Aydaz, located in Faisalistan

as part of Hidden Peril

Firlana is happy to have guests over

Character Portrait: Ansenia Rukaya

Ansenia Rukaya, located in Danzu

as part of The Sword of Auraris

Ansenia has been cursed and locked up for a very very long time

Character Portrait: Amira Syleswood

Amira Syleswood, located in Irrito

as part of PokeChaos!

Amira loves cute pokemon so much that it makes them suicidal.

Character Portrait: Eana

Eana, located in Talea

as part of End of Peace

Mother night/wonder healer

Character Portrait: Luc-Martin Farouk Coustard

Luc-Martin Farouk Coustard, located in Everdale

as part of The Past Cannot Be Forgotten

Luc-Martin came here from Quebec with his wife.

Character Portrait: Alysia Coustard

Alysia Coustard, located in Everdale

as part of The Past Cannot Be Forgotten

Alysia came here from Quebec with her family.

Character Portrait: Kokoro Suginami

Kokoro Suginami, located in Sayoku

as part of Zombie

"Please dont hate me! 3:"

Character Portrait: Elsa Doguni

Elsa Doguni, located in Deadpeak Quarantine School

as part of No Cure

Elsa is a teacher who loves being a mutant.

Character Portrait: Sakura Akagama

Sakura Akagama, located in Mariwara city

as part of Cymaid Co

Sakura is a media cyborg.

Character Portrait: Hikata Sayoki

Hikata Sayoki, located in Fuedal Japan

as part of Shinsengumi: The Wolves of Mibu

Sayoki is a laid back female police commissioner in Kyoto.

Character Portrait: Ksira Albuni

Ksira Albuni, located in Arkonia

as part of Fallen Legion

Ksira is a former soldier and is a dieselborg who still believes in former glory.

Character Portrait: Ruriko Nobunaga

Ruriko Nobunaga, located in Tamagakura

as part of Moons Rising

Ruriko is a the first known daywalker and one of the oldest vampires in Japan.

Character Portrait: Mira Azako

Mira Azako, located in Sanamura High

as part of When Spring comes, students fall

Mira is an ancient spirit investigating the school.

Character Portrait: Yuko Harano

Yuko Harano, located in Arikawa High

as part of Box Full of Sharp Objects

Yuko was one of the two clerks on the day of the robbery and is very dangerous.

Character Portrait: Asura Tarat

Asura Tarat, located in Afterlife

as part of Welcome to the slum of Hell

Asura is a demon who lives in a small house and helps the poor.

Character Portrait: Ayane Kuosuma

Ayane Kuosuma, located in Bilukkea

as part of Dragonfolk: Revenge of the Dead

Ayane is one of the dragonfolk who were awakened.

Character Portrait: Captain Amahilda DiVicera

Captain Amahilda DiVicera, located in Krystallenwald

as part of The Green Hills

Amahilda is the captain of the small police station of Blichen and a demon.

Character Portrait: Amila Devera

Amila Devera, located in Lune

as part of Forsaken Hero

Amila is sort of a friend of the knight and seems to be old despite her appearance.

Character Portrait: Hilmeveda "Executioner" Goren

Hilmeveda "Executioner" Goren, located in Constantinople

as part of Assassins Creed: The Crystal Sword

Hilmeveda came from Crimea to work for her 5th cousin.

Character Portrait: Enana Suwus

Enana Suwus, located in Xalalea

as part of Sacrifice

Enana is a metal demon out to liberate her people from sacrifice.

Character Portrait: Vivian Gaile

Vivian Gaile, located in Valeton Correctional Institution for Teens

as part of Valeton Correctional Institution for Teens

Vivian is one of the mentors and can get very scary.

Character Portrait: Sakura Tsukiyae

Sakura Tsukiyae, located in Tokyo

as part of Forgotten

Sakura is a vampire who has been living in Tokyo for the past 200 years.

Character Portrait: Faeyira Kruish

Faeyira Kruish, located in Cyrodiil

as part of The Elder Scrolls: The Lost Heirs

Faeyira is a half-Dremora out to find the meaning of her existence.

Character Portrait: Io Narza aka Miyo Fujiwara

Io Narza aka Miyo Fujiwara, located in Southern Japan, Miyakoshima

as part of Doppelganger

Io is a wanted alien criminal who took refuge as Miyo Fujiwara in Miyakoshima.

Character Portrait: Yumi Inigari

Yumi Inigari, located in Kagekawa

as part of Kami-sama

Yumi is the goddess of drunkeness, cheerfulness and rowdiness.

Character Portrait: Yumi Onegai

Yumi Onegai, located in Japan

as part of Bloody Sakura

"I will execute those who are wicked and damned."

Character Portrait: (Dr.) Vanilla Maelstrom

(Dr.) Vanilla Maelstrom, located in Isasea

as part of Burning Sun

"I guess people think I am insane...."

Character Portrait: Illa Serensu

Illa Serensu, located in Crystal Mountains

as part of The Crystal Mountains

"I dont want to be hurt anymore."

Character Portrait: Marisa Kalunay

Marisa Kalunay, located in North America

as part of Bloodred

Marisa feels that she has been cursed but it somehow feels good.

Character Portrait: Araquel "Ara" Mestuno

Araquel "Ara" Mestuno, located in Crystal Mountains

as part of The Crystal Mountains

"Itera will be wiped off the map... even if I do it alone."

Character Portrait: Lily Oncoraud

Lily Oncoraud, located in Albion

as part of Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades

"Jack of Blades wont take my victims away because he will be my victim."

Character Portrait: Yuka Hisabashi

Yuka Hisabashi, located in Tokyo

as part of Otakuworld

Yuka is the landlady of the complex

Character Portrait: Kokoro-Maetsu

Kokoro-Maetsu, located in Kusakure

as part of The Empty Shrine

Kokoro is the kami of serenity and butchery (as in butchering for food).

Character Portrait: Ariko Kaishi

Ariko Kaishi, located in Post-Apocalyptic Medieval Japan

as part of The Index

Ariko is a monster inside but no one knows. She is specialized with technology.

Character Portrait: Kokoro Miyanashi

Kokoro Miyanashi, located in Katakena city

as part of Rotten Breed

Kokoro is a sweet girl who likes being a breed.

Character Portrait: Miss Yumi

Miss Yumi, located in Yumis Foster Home

as part of Miss Yumis Foster Home of Terror

Her full name is unknown but shes evil behind an innocent mask.

Character Portrait: Talal Al-Wa'in Al-Hamud ibn Ma'in

Talal Al-Wa'in Al-Hamud ibn Ma'in, located in Washington DC

as part of When Chaos Comes

"With the blessing of Al'Uzza, I will succeed."

Character Portrait: Lydia of Kanon

Lydia of Kanon, located in Argentville

as part of The Clockwork House

Lydia is the slightly crazy principal of clockwork house.

Character Portrait: Kanzaki Asuka

Kanzaki Asuka, located in Demoshike

as part of Undead or Immortal

Asuka is the normal innocent girl but her life soon gets worse.

Character Portrait: Mirana Daemonica

Mirana Daemonica, located in Auranville

as part of Mother Nightmare

Mother Nightmare/Foster Mother

Character Portrait: Xandra Wyllmarn

Xandra Wyllmarn, located in Mayvel

as part of Red Night

Xandra is a guardian vampire who offers protection.

Character Portrait: Nagisa Akado

Nagisa Akado, located in Shikari town

as part of Body Mod Club

Nagisa is a cyborg member of the club.

Character Portrait: Usagi, Rokugo

Usagi, Rokugo, located in Japan

as part of Hard Times Come

He is Misakis foster son.

Character Portrait: Velia Heart

Velia Heart, located in Wonderland

as part of Insane Alice

Velia is out to kill Alices friends but has a shocking secret.

Character Portrait: Sentia Arvachaut

Sentia Arvachaut, located in Kapen, New France (Quebec)

as part of The Mechanist

Sentia is the owner and only employee of the robot factory.

Character Portrait: Hikari Yamatoshizu

Hikari Yamatoshizu, located in Shikari town

as part of Body Mod Club

Hikari is a new entree in the club.

Character Portrait: Amami Kazumoto

Amami Kazumoto, located in Shinryaku

as part of Demonshard

Amami is a demon who is willing to fight for good.

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Heart

Elizabeth Heart, located in Wonderland

as part of Alice Returns

An outlaw who is the true red queen fighting a fake.

Character Portrait: Azmarin Wakudesh

Azmarin Wakudesh, located in Aletiye, Elasiyyi

as part of Captive

In Aletiye they call her mother

Character Portrait: Vastinia "Monster" Survayya

Vastinia "Monster" Survayya, located in Empire of Ruman

as part of Gladiators

Vastinia is probably the scariest and most bloodlusty gladiator out there.

Character Portrait: Eri Damaku

Eri Damaku, located in Reglia

as part of Dead Land

Eri is a lich that is bound to searching for the sphere.

Character Portrait: Misaki Ichizumaru

Misaki Ichizumaru, located in Amato-ku

as part of Amato-ku Samurai School

Misaki is the headmaster of the dojo.

Character Portrait: Kokoro Tamamito

Kokoro Tamamito, located in Japan

as part of Hard Times Come

Kokoro is a student of Misaki and very troublesome.

Character Portrait: Kami Asukatsuo

Kami Asukatsuo, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

as part of Mental

Kami is a neighborhood girl who sometimes shows her psychotic personality.

Character Portrait: Misaki Ichizumaru

Misaki Ichizumaru, located in Japan

as part of Hard Times Come

Misaki is a demon samurai who only fights for demons.

Character Portrait: Aimu Valtis

Aimu Valtis, located in Bluepeak forest

as part of The Glooming Forest

Aimu is a very old lich who lives in the forest and eats children.

Character Portrait: Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal, located in Azeros

as part of Demon Apocalypse

A demon who goes by the human name of Kari Gensola

Character Portrait: Imari Kosunodo

Imari Kosunodo, located in Japan

as part of New Age of the Samurai

Imari is a cyborg samurai from the Kosunodo clan.

Character Portrait: Virtue/Winry Rockbell

Virtue/Winry Rockbell, located in Amestris

as part of Fullmetal Alchemist: Treachery

Virtue is mostly a good hearted homunculi.

Character Portrait: Ai Kengoku

Ai Kengoku, located in Kamishike

as part of Becoming a Yokai

Ai doesnt want to be alone.

Character Portrait: Arvela Sabaki

Arvela Sabaki, located in Nedelseet, Arkala

as part of Arkala: Rebellion

Arvela is a mechanoid who seeks to destroy the system for own purposes.

Character Portrait: Onihime Sabaki

Onihime Sabaki, located in Nedelseet, Arkala

as part of Arkala: Rebellion

Onihime is the younger sister of Arvela and mutated.

Character Portrait: Kisa Verlan

Kisa Verlan, located in Dervain town

as part of The Toymaker

Kisa came to this city to open up a shop but also has a secret.

Character Portrait: Ankis Callafina

Ankis Callafina, located in Kalefino Military Academy

as part of Artificial Persona

Ankis just found out she was an AP.

Character Portrait: Riko Shimizu

Riko Shimizu, located in Inashita, Japan

as part of Rebellion of Music

Riko is the true identity of a "terrorist" named Deutschrockbeatbox.

Character Portrait: Kaede Asaiko

Kaede Asaiko, located in Kawashima

as part of Black Rose

Kaede lived in Kawashima five years ago and has come back to live here.

Character Portrait: Amisa Jukudo

Amisa Jukudo, located in Kusuke city

as part of Eerie City

Amisa is a police commisioner but has a secret.

Character Portrait: Kaede Sakamoto

Kaede Sakamoto, located in Nakoto, Japan

as part of The Toyshop

Nice and calm as it seems.