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Aniihya » Universes

Undying Tower Open

Escaping from an inquisitive force, a group of people find refuge in the ruins of an ancient wizards tower. But the tower has put some kind of curse on them, making them immortal but at a cost.

The Great Black Wall Open

Ten thousand years ago, a massive wall was built to keep the winter horde and their wizards from invading the southern empires. But now with the winter horde gone, the wall is barely manned, but a new danger threatens the lands.

Purification Hero Open

In the woods, you come across an old forgotten run down shrine. An old woman tells you that if you honor the residing goddess, you will be bestow upon a lot of luck. However you get more than you bargained for.

Veins of the End Open

Nearly two centuries after humanity almost came to its end, it has come back into a golden age with large cities and cyborg mages. Most dangers and treasures are to be discovered in the veins of the End, a system of canyons linking to a large crater.

Corrupt Souls Open

In a world ruled by corrupt clerics, suspected heretics are caught and jailed before facing a show trial and executed. But one of the prisoners, an excommunicated priestess, manages to break out while setting the others free.

The Tower: After the Dying Open

After the world was nearly destroyed, many wander seeking a new and safe home. There are rumors of an ancient tower accepting refugees. But people say the tower is cursed.

Heirs of a Lost People Open

5000 years ago, the technologically advanced nation of Nalua was lost in a catastrophe. But a handful of survivors lived on in the ruins of a city.

Witch Cocoon Open

Every decade in the queendom of Akasia, a handful of girls blossom into witches on their 16th birthday. The witch queen personally takes them into the capital to make sure they dont become evil.

The Desert is a Wild Place Open

Westville county is a mostly calm area in the desert with a couple towns and a eight man police force. But this summer they will have a lot on their hands.

Don't Go To Them Open

Creatures have decimated the human population. These creatures are human like but kill and eat humans. They however cannot cross the barrier, so they try to lure their prey out.

Stone Mage: Arcane Beginnings Open

The title is a pun as it plays in the stone age of an alternate world and has to do with the beginning of the arcane arts. Further description in the RP intro section.

Neon City Open

Most of your life you were fine. Now you are allergic to sunlight. The upside is that you are physically stronger. You will need it.

Locked in a Maze Open

After witnessing murders by a deranged psycho and experiencing agonizing nightmares of the murderer the following month to the point that paranoia drove them to harm others, a group of young adults are put into a mental hospital. It gets worse.

The Guardians Will Doom Us All Open

The king of the kingdom of Harsho is on a conquest, but when he sets his eyes on the remote village of Silvervale. The village sent out a group of young adults to find the guardians, but the group is turned into guardians. However they may become a threat

Star Wars: Force Heretic Alternate Open

An alternate timeline of the same roleplay. After the grey knight purge, only part of the grey knights left the galaxy, while others turned to the dark side and built their own Sith Order creating the Sith civil war.

Wrong Body Open

2049: After a horrible accident, a group of male bachelors find themselves in female cybernetic bodies because of "complications" in the medical center. Now they must decide whether to stay that way or wait for new bodies.

Star Wars: Force Heretic Open

Long after the rebellion against the empire. A new order named the grey knights emerged. The last of them established a new temple and academy in a world outside of the galaxy.

Trip to Montecalisto Open

A group of young men must crossdress in the town of Montecalisto to achieve eternal life.

Atania Survivalist Academy Open

After a failed rebellion of machines and the discovery of alternate technology, a school for special survival units has been created should it happen again.

The Domed City Open

After humanity being decimated by the robots, many humans have fled to the moon. In their place, transformable cyborgs fight the robots and marauders.

Zidlvald: Cursed woods Open

The past two months, girls from the village of Judenburg have been disappearing. However only the bravest dare to enter the enchanted forest. A group must find out what happened to the missing girls.

Fox Island Open

The low income and tiny tropical nation of Fox Island offers outsiders a cheap getaway, but the nations resident plan to develop and try to annex even smaller neighbors.

Village Festival Open

The German village of Obersteinweiler is getting ready for its annual village festival and the some young adults are getting ready for their initiation into adulthood.

The Doll Shop Open

Steampunk setting. There is a new doll shop in town where the dolls look eerily real. Rumors say the owner needs souls to make the dolls.

Cyborg school club Open

Strange things have been going on in school lately. It happened when the cyborg school club showed up.

Gunblade Open

Exiled the former gunblade knights roam the lands as hired soldiers or bodyguards, but the king who exiled them now invades the lands they now call their home. They must defend their new home.

The Great Frontier Open

You are send to a frontier town in a swampy area. The place is constantly under threat by lawless folk and natives. But legend has it that beyond the great swamp and great barren lies a city of treasures.

Armored Mage Open

Over the centuries, magic and warfare in Ishonia has become more complex and mages play an important role both as soldiers and as peace keepers. Nowadays they are equipped with an attribute enhancing exoskeleton.

Kawaii Psycho: Epic of the Absent Love Fairy Open

All Hiro wanted was a girlfriend, he doesn't have a chance. Not as an otaku. So he wished the love fairy would come but got the love demon instead as the other was on vacation. Now he doesn't know whether to be happy or afraid.

Nekotown 2091 Open

Nekotown is a town solely inhabited by people who had their appearance modified with cat features. Some purely aesthetically and some were cybernetically modified, however their peace is being threatened with bustling tourism.

Dark World Open

Two hundred years ago, the necromancers of Arca overthrew the council of wizards as they ruthlessly persecuted the necromancers and their tradition was harming the land. Now Arca is a massive modern metropolis, yet the wizards plot to take back their land

Keep Quiet or You Will Disappear Open

In the near future, everyone is oblivious to what is really going on as vampires have secretly taken over the world. Will you be able to stop them or will they make you disappear?

Night Activity Open

In Thanos city, everything seems normal at day, but at night people called Neiges (the snows) come out. They are often discriminated against. Now a ministry wants to hire some of them to keep an eye on extremists in their midst.

Anara Dungeon Open

Seeking revenge for being wronged a number of prisoners escape Anara Dungeon. As expected, they are seen as the bad guys once they break out. But they wont rest until they have brought those to justice who ruined their lives.

Dark Savior Open

After a religious war that destroyed most of Inalia, the few survivors struggle to get back to a normalized life. The resident necromancers however seek to train and build an army to prevent that another tragedy happens and get revenge.

Made to Kill Open

During the great Mars war, a troop transport is shot down. The explosion should have killed everyone, however a couple troops miraculously survived to a horrifying surprise. They seem to be machines.

The Fallen Princess Open

15 years ago, a relatively peaceful revolution in the forested land of Vale forced the king to abdicate. Now the now poor princess and her father are struggling to survive. Yet the locals are willing to lend them a hand as equals.

Revenge is Mine! Open

Aoi is a friendly girl and never gets angry. However constant verbal abuse by her boyfriend drove her over the edge, changing her personality in a way, that she can get pretty scary.

Necromancer Lord Open

A group of mages wash up on a shore after a shipwreck during an attempt to escape the circle. The island is inhabited by people without a lord and protector. This is the chance to build a powerful island nation.

Devilishly Handsome Open

When young they were the "ugly" and "creepy" nerds, but they have grown so attractive. However during class reunion some people notice something off about them.

Silence: A Forgotten Place Open

Along the Yonsetsu rail line there is a station that is overgrown with only a single track. The path from it leads to a small village that seems almost abandoned, yet the people who are there are a very friendly bunch.

Okama Academy Open

Okama Academy is an all boys school for students who aspire to work in crossdressing related jobs in entertainment and fashion.

Nightmare Reality Open

After the murder of a relative or a friend, you are sent to a psychiatric ward. You know it wasn't you, it was that woman. She used to be your imaginary friend, but somehow the other patients are aware of her too and the doctors wont listen.

Spare Parts Open

In the future, everything isn't necessarily better. If you are poor and a cyborg, you are worse off than a poor non-cyborg. People will come to get your parts and no one would care.

Fuse Tech Open

In a world mostly unharmed by corruption, a city state is under threat of being sold out by it's own politicians. But people are threatening to revolt, especially the so called fuse knights.

Abashira Trade School for Troubled Youths Open

The Abashira Trade School is a place for youths with problems such as depression, poor upbringing etc. to learn a profession. The teachers and supervisors ensure that they feel welcome.

Land of Endless Opportunity Open

In your homeland, you saw a poster saying "Come to the frontier in the Northern Republic - Land of Endless Opportunity" and decided to find a better life there.

Bloody Valentine Open

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day of romance when people admit love. But sometimes people go to far and you end up with stalkers and chocolate made with blood.

Undercover Open

After the dreams crushed, former amateur idols and showbiz newbies, have gotten a job where they can get revenge. But they will have to train for it.

Lance Guardian Open

Kino is a remote village with winter almost all year. It's inhabitants are inhumanly strong warriors who wrestle bears and wield spears and lances. However an outsider has stolen their precious artifact.

Blood Crystal Mage Open

After 1000 years, a great evil has reemerged. Power hungry magic users that drain the life from the lands. You are that evil.

Smoggy Morning Open

Something big is going on in Titanopolis. Worker robots go missing, people end up dead and the mob is more suspicious than usual. Now a team of misfit cops are on the case.

The Dying Realm Open

Due to a curse through the words of a dying evil wizard, a zombie outbreak has happened in the world Xeragoth. Now it's survive or break the curse.

Gender Bender Open

A new witness protection program is supposed to make the protection more effective while guaranteeing higher freedom of movement, however the witnesses have to crossdress for this.

The Bog People Open

Deep in the rural swampy area are a couple villages unaware of the regions past. A village girl one day wanders too far and finds a hidden town, however the inhabitants give her a difficult choice: Become one of them or die.

Master's Master Open

As a child Hideyoshi befriended a girl and agreed to sell his soul to get anything he wanted. Unknowingly he jokingly agreed to a contract with a demon. On his eighteenth birthday, the demon pops back into his life.

The City: A Virtual World Open

All over the internet, a game has been hyped. An MMO to be exact. The producer is shrouded in mystery but the game looks promising. The glitches and bugs are just a bit worry since you can neurologically connect to the game.

Fear Forever Open

Sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you wrongfully ended up in Beaumont center for the criminally insane, then you must be really unlucky, but things are about to get even worse.

I Am Indebted, Now A Host Open

Many turn to the Yakuza or other shady figure if they can't get money elsewhere. Ryo lets his clients work their debt off, if they do not have the means to pay back. There are various options, like a host club, cabaret or bar work.

Full Metal Furries Open

In a futuristic world, people can be what they want to be as long as they are cyborgs. For some reason, a lot of people switch between being a furry and a human. But something is making bodies malfunction.

Monster Slayer: A Sylfanian Saga Open

In the realm of Sylfania, monsters roam the lands. It is up to the slaying legion to eliminate monsters for the safety of the realm. But there are some immense dangers that threaten peace.

Tokyo Nightcrawlers Open

Even in modern times vampires had found a niche in human culture but two old foes have appeared in Tokyo: Vampire hunters and bestial vampire. Will a faction war begin or is there a peaceful solution?

You Don't Know The Yakuza Open

The Iseshibaru yakuza, based in the town of Meiwa has most of it's activities in Matsusaka. But they are facing an ageing population and less work. So they must find a way to lure young people to Matsusaka or will have to move elsewhere.

Sylfania: A Different World Open

A couple of people wake up in a strange world. Modern however very different. Beside the strangely dressed young population, odd hair color and picturesque scenery, the still miss home and need to get back.

Escape from the Hospital Open

Stuck on the grounds of a mental hospital for people who may be dangerous to others, a number of patients seek to break out because they suspect the nurses and doctors to be vampires or evil scientists.

Unity: A Tale of Warriors Open

The land of Xin is war torn. Once a great empire, it now has broken into many small states. One day, a mysterious woman shows up and sweeps soldiers off the battlefield. She seeks domination of the lands.

Heroes of a Dark World Open

It has been a century since the skies have darkened. The streets are full of turmoil and some fiends seek parts of an artifact that can make the unstoppable. Now a mismatched band of heroes must protect the artifact.

Amazon Student Open

Due to school problems such as being bullied, a couple of girls are sent to a dojo to learn self defense and selfconfidence. Their tall and muscular woman of a teacher wants them to know that also tough women can be quite attractive.

Dead Cold Open

A group of warriors had the mission to take a fugitive to the capital for execution. But on the way, they die in a blizzard, only to be resurrected as undead. They must decide to either remain loyal, join the undead lord or go their own way.

The Comfortable Room Open

In a small house in the middle of the city there is a place called the comfortable room, a place where people can meet wearing plush suits, zentai, pyjamas or what they feel comfortable in.

Demon Gun Open

In a hunt for evil vampires and demons, hunters and their contract demons hunt them down for the safety of humans. However a recent surge in demons and especially vampires is worrying and the hunters must find out the cause.

Ballad of the Demon Open

For centuries the half-demon Shashura clan has sent their younglings out to seek human partners to avoid dangerous full demons. However occasionally full demons are born and cast out when they reach adulthood.

Bloody Avenue Open

There is a secret war going on between humans and vampires. Most civilians do not know of it. But when times like these come mysterious figures appear that even vampires are careful of.

Bird In A Cage Open

A young woman is taken to the royal palace to become the wife of the prince after her foster parents "sold" her off. The prince seems to treat her like a pet. His twin sister is kind to her. However she might be surprise next.

Doll Open

There is a small town in the Atacame desert in Chile. It is quiet and the only orphanage in town is run by the only doctor in town. However living at the orphanage is hell and the amount of dolls in the house is creepy.

Exiled from a Machine World Open

In the future, humans started a war against self aware AI and lost. Now all non-cyborg humans must build spaceships under the strict supervision of the machines. It is their way to exile.

Deadcult's Kin Open

A group of warriors are on a mission to retrieve an artifact to resurrect their people's glory. However though they see themselves as heroes, the dominant people rather see them as villains.

Aistein Royal Arcane Academy Open

Aistein Royal Arcane Academy (ARAA) is the most prestigious arcane school in the land. Nobles and the fortunate mostly attend the school. However something dark is going on there.

Soul Contract Open

In times of desperation, people will do anything to make things better. However selling your soul to the devil might seem to do more bad than good as you become a minion of the devil.

Sakuracho: Immersive World Open

This will be an ever evolving roleplay with several plotlines set in the same world. A world that combines medieval Japan with the modern. Where samurai roam but pop groups exist.

Ebondale Forest Open

For over a month now, people have been going missing in Ebondale forest. A commissioner has been sent to investigate but things in Ebondale make him a bit uneasy.

Dual World Open

Sometime in near future: Just recently a MMORPG came out that is accessible via VR or Virtual Body. The game is innovative as it can be played both virtually and outside in the open. However some take it too seriously.

Bedlam Open

They met a person who became a friend, but that person was insane and killed their families. The trauma drove them insane. Now they are in the asylum with "her".

Solar Flare: Return of the Shadows Open

Very long ago, the shadow emperor was banished to a distant planet in uncharted outlying regions with his following. However a ship crash on the planet gave them a way off the planet.

Arrado Beach Crime Open

The city of Arrado Beach is not exactly the safest place to live. Many hispanic gangs battle each other here to come out on top in the drug dealing business. But there aren't just gangs to worry about.

Don't Be Embarassed Open

In a school, where most clubs are boring, one club stands out: The Self-Esteem Club. Filled with challenges like wearing a leash in school and hugging fifteen people during lunch break.

Virus: Ghost Damage Open

In a world advanced enough that androids are sentient and barely distinguishable, a virus has gone around, affecting androids, traumatizing people who were befriended with them. How will it stop?

Kawaii Psycho: College Times Open

Hiro has recently enrolled in college. In his past, he hasn't had much luck with girls as the popular girl in high school only used him. Hopefully things go better from him at college. It might be worse.

The Big Move Open

The world is in an economic crisis. The economy is a disaster, the gov aint got money and poverty is spreading. But many choose to head east into lands that haven't been settled yet to start anew.

Be a Hero Open

Ulyse the god of light used to be a forgiving god but he being corrupt. This corruption spread across the land. But now it is time for a band of unknown heroes to restore order.

Atsumi High Zentai Club Open

As a new year begins at Atsumi high school, it also means signing up for clubs. Now an odd club is sort of offered this year, the zentai club. Will it become popular?

Robot Ninjas: Rise of a country Open

During a time of war between many factions, the Atsama ninja clan has taken advantage of it to establish their own homeland. While historically neutral, the clan now wants to achieve big things.

Don't Trust Your Neighbor Open

In a corrupt dictatorship, there is something that gets abused the most: Trust. If you don't support the regime, anyone could report you. At Sunnyside Apartments, while some can trust, others are paranoid.

The Woods Open

The Grey Woods is a place full of myth and mystery. There are only a few villages in it and there are rumors of witches in the woods. It turns out that its true, however not all witches are evil.

The Beginnings of Magic Open

Back when civilization was young and very curious, people lived a simple life, always considering ways to make things easier or better. That was when magic suddenly occured. It all begins in a village.

Beta va Assendia Arcane School Open

A prestigious school for the arcane arts is to start a new year. While prestigious, people don't get in by wealth but by talent. Students from different social classes must get along or suffer from grave consequences.

Strugglers Open

Life with a disability is difficult. Some are able to cope with it well while others struggle to even try to get there. Silverville life complex is a house for the handicapped who hope to find assistance there.

Legacy of the Dark Wizards Open

Ten years after the Great Wizard wars the land of Gutiska is finally at peace, however the heirs of the dark wizards are still out and about planning for further conquest some time in the future.

LAME: Life at minimal emotion Open

In a nearly deserted town, life still seems to be going as usual. But mysteriously the remaining inhabitants seem odd as they express little emotion. When someone comes to town, things seem a bit unsettling.

King's Candidates Open

In effort to become an official king, the prince of Valade is hosting a ball to find a future queen. There are many noble women seeking to marry him. Some out of love and some out of gain.

He, Princess Open

The prince of Eldraea, is not like any prince. It is said that he is looking for a wife but the nobles are shocked to find a princess instead. It seems the prince is a transvestite.

Cyborg Factory Open

The Cygen shop offers people who just casually want cybernetic bodies the conversion at an inexpensive price. However when glitches and other problems come up they start to question their own humanity.

Maschinendrache Open

The land of Itzhak is a dark ravaged place. Why it is so isnt known anymore. People rely on dragoons for their protect from the creatures of the dark and the creeping death.

Sakura Five Open

A group of girls must act together as a pop group to pay off their families debts to the very person that manages the group. However the fame will help them in the long run.

Hikkikomori Online Open

In Tokyo, a number of shut-ins have decided to come out for a day to meet each other in person. But maybe for some it was a bad idea.

Lonely Paradise Open

Dilana is a peaceful land with only smaller settlements. And in the cities most of the buildings are empty. It came to this after a plague wiped out 95% of the population 20 years ago.

Happy Idol Group Open

In a school in Japan, a program has been started to select talented boys and girls to each form an idol group. The fame of the groups skyrockets within the first weeks.

The Old Tower Open

As bandits threaten a village, a group of young adult are sent to an ancient tower near the village to find a protection amulet. Instead they find wizards willing to accept them as apprentices.

Trust the Shadows Open

In the land of Svizra, there had always been a balance between light and dark. However the guardians of light have turned against those of the dark and could damage the balance that way.

Breaking Out of Aronsville Open

Some inmates of the Aronsville Max Security Prison are shortly before breaking out. Their chances are high since the guards are negligent, unhappy and crooked. So maybe they can be smuggled out. Just some problems...

Pierre Desanct Patisserie Academy Open

Many who dream of becoming star pastry makers come to the Pierre Desant Patisserie Academy. It is a place where only the best and most creative graduate. It will be a hard year.

Crater City Open

In an apocalyptic earth just after a nuclear war, most land is uninhabitable for normal humans and must be traversed in special bodysuits or otherwise be a cyborg.

Good Times in Maonde Open

The African country of Maonde is vastly desert with a nice coast. However tourism isnt what it used to be. The Maondans still remain happy even thought they arent so well off.

Katsudo Animal Fan Club Open

At Katsudo secondary, students must enroll in a extracurricular activity. One club is an animal fan club with furries as well as other fans with many related events.

The Demon Bureau Open

The Demon Bureau handles relations between humans and demons, especially since there are often violence involving demons. The bureau is simply there to restore order.

Best School Club EVER!!! Open

There is a new year at Shirokawa high and students must find at least one extracurricular activity. One club want to triumph over the others and already make enemies on the first day.

The Path of Darkness Open

In the evernightly land of Rys, it is a dangerous place where only the residents survive. However people from the land of light intrude ever more becoming ever more aggressive to the residents.

Old Town Spirits Open

In the old part of Kasei city, there is a traditional crafts road that attracts many tourists. However there are often brawls between clans within the district over petty things.

Dead Lands: Runes of Darkness Open

Ever since the middle ages, the Dead Lands have been rumored to be an unwelcoming place of now return. But when a friend goes missing there, you go look for him.

Intrigue: Seeking a Queen Open

The king of Limburgia has decided to retire soon, so his son prince Drengur has to look for a soulmate to be crowned. However many potential candidates just want to marry for personal interests.

Everyone Has Secrets Open

In an office everyone seems to get along well. However everything changes when Emails are sent to everyone revealing their dark secrets.

Snowed In: Red Snow Open

This year is a harsh winter. The snowfall is so much that the town of Hijserthal has been cut off from the rest of the world. However they are snowed in with a number of vampires out for their blood.

Robot Cafe Open

There is a cafe in a back alley where liberated semi-sentient robots as well as cyborgs gather, however government forces keep a tight watch on them as they suspect rebels.

Black Exorcist Open

A strange illness is killing many in the land of As-Shadad, current medicine and prayer cannot make it go away. So the elder of a village has called upon the Black Exorcist, an unbeliever however.

Magical Senpai-san Open

Welcome to the ridiculously magical world of Nihongokokka. Here after high school students attend the magical university to attain knowledge for magical professions. But also evil awaits.

New Horizons: Bodily Breakthrough Open

2032: While there have been multiple unsuccessful approaches to replace the human body for medical purposes, it is time and all the institute needs is volunteers.

Steam Alice Open

After the old Alice had vanished from Wonderland, steam technology hit it. It became industrious. Suddenly a new Alice appears, a different Alice. She is looking for her family on this adventure.

Necromancers Open

Necromancy is forbidden in Lumia but some don't care. In a small town a group of ordinary townspeople meet up to practice necromancy but sometimes it becomes too much for them.

The Arcane Kingdom Open

Long ago, the watchers guarded these lands. But one day, one of them turned on the others, eliminating them and a large portion of the humans. That was thousands of years ago and may happen again.

The Little Petstore Open

Mina recently opened a pet store in a small town. However she is having troubles with loansharks and an abusive sibling. However there are people who might change that.

Techna Samurai Open

20 years ago, the Azushi empire fell at the hand of the allies. Only a small town and mercenaries remain of it. But now comes a bigger threat than the Azushi ever was.

Star Wars: Old friends, new enemies Open

17521 VSY: After the death of a friend, a group of Padawan friends end up going different paths. Those who stayed Jedis however cannot understand why the others went to the dark side.

Gore Academy Open

On Iu Island, an organisation keeps monsters. Well they may appear human but they were created to kill. Those who try to escape will be subsequently killed.

Trapped By Tyrannic Heart Open

After the coup against the former queen by her sister, the people know that their new queen is far worse. At least the old queen was optimistic. After a noble suitor flees from captivity, the army is on the lookout for him.

Beppos Open

Rehabilitation after cybernetic reconstruction surgery is difficult and many victims are emotionally instable because of that. But their mechanical companions called Beppos are there to help them.

Shaman World Open

One day you wake up and nearly everyone is gone. Only the shamans were left in this world. In search of people you find that the other people are in the old world and you are in an alternate one.

Necroworld Open

In the necroworld live the beings that create our nightmares. Their life source is the temporary fear of humans even though the overcoming of fears fuels them more. But they don't like to be identified.

Deserted Open

After the prison transport crashing on a desolate moon with the guard fleeing with the only working escape pod, you find yourself on a moon that serves as a dump for scrap technologies. Maybe you can make this your new home.

The Mansion Aela Open

After a storm keeps them from travelling forth to the capital, a group of youth nobles have to stay at a mansion owned by the Baroness of Deidre. Just it seems weird things go on in there.

Ladyboy Open

After a long search for a place to live, a guy finds a shared house with a couple guys and ladies. But to his surprise, all of the housemates are guys. He soon discovers that he may have fallen for one or more of them.

Muscle World Open

After an accident, one boy wakes up in an alternate world where everyone is muscular, except for him. In this world he finds friends who with he will live with until he finds his way back home.

Escarion Arcane University Open

The Escarion Arcane University is the last stage for soon to be mages and wizards. Yet there are some students in the university who wish to awaken an old archfiend.

Land of Dragoons Open

A band of vagabonds living in ruins find a special gift: the ability to speak in dragontongue. But the king of a distant land seeks to destroy them and all dragons. They must now learn to fight and protect themselves.

Runners Open

In a city where a tyrant rules and corrupt police roam, the resistance makes it way. So called runners deliver packages to outposts where data transfer is too risky.

Yandere Open

After moving to a new neighborhood, Akuo meets this girl who immediately falls for him. Yet he is in for a difficult and painful relationship that might endanger his childhood friend and his own life.

Yandere: Nothing is as it seems Open

After moving to a new neighborhood, Akuo meets this girl who immediately falls for him. Yet he is in for a difficult and painful relationship that might endanger his childhood friend and his own life.

Hero Apprentices Open

In the land of Norikata, people look up to the heroes, even in the modern era. If you become a hero, you become something, but not all can be apprentices to great heroes.

Mutagen on Kunashir Open

After a virus breakout on Kunashiri, people are being changed by the virus, having the urge to each other humans but the virus has changed them even more.

The Witch's Apprentices Open

In hope that sacrificing their nearly adult children to save the harvest, the villagers have sent them to the Imbaal ruins to be eaten by the witch, just the witch doesnt eat humans.

Moonlight Canyon Open

After an accident which landing in Moonlight Canyon, the surviving passenger awaken to be cybernetically modified as they would have otherwise have died from their injuries.

Raptor Society Open

After the dying of their home, a race of human like being come out to a modern world they don't know. The humans have some fears about them as some of them have eaten humans.

Kings Candidate Open

In effort to become an official king, the prince of Akadia is hosting a ball to find a future queen. There are many noble women seeking to marry.

Traps All Around! Open

Kishihama high school is a boys only school in a smaller town. Due to that lack of girls, some boys tend to temporarily swing the other way getting a crush on the schools traps.

Out to the Frontier Open

Fleeing from a devastating civil war, a group of heroes and settlers seek to begin anew. Yet enemies from the home threaten to invade. There are myths of a being in the dark lands which grants great power.

Legendary Blades Open

Welcome to a world of warring factions. A number of samurai lords fight to expand their lands, while others fight to defend their own. When war reach the state of Akai, all hell breaks loose.

Ademus Love Open

2055. Many people come to the metropolis of Ademus to look for work and a better life. But most have to start from scratch. There are lots of opportunities to get to know new people and even a potential partner.

Freak Doll Open

At one high school, humans attend school with what are commonly called freaks or dolls: People who can detach their head or limbs at will. At Katagara high school there are only a few but they want a club.

Crystal Sword Open

A group of adventurers seek out a smith of a legendary craft that fuses the power of magic crystals with weaponry. Others seek to abuse the craft and there is something dark about the craft itself.

Free Slave Planet Open

After being convicted, instead of becoming a slave, you have been sent to a sparsely populated distant planet to start anew. The environment is hostile and they have taken away your organic body.

Village Life: Hidden Instincts Open

Tanalus is in a state of civil war, all because of the crusaders. Only a few villages are peaceful. In one village however, priests and crusader have disappeared. But in it lies a secret that even terrifies the villagers.

Death Is Watching Open

After witnessing a near death experience, a boy can see the personification of death and spirits. There are others out there like him but there is an issue, death is taking lives that weren't supposed to be taken.

Furry Tuneup: Furry Society Open

With the advancement of cybernetics, people are able to become furries without the dangerous method of splicing. A society was made in a district of a city to accomodate furries for their own safety.

The Hangout Open

In a large metropolis named Ia, there is the Dandy, a popular club. Many come here to hang out and enjoy some music. Others come here to do shady deals.

Goddess of Misfortune Open

Sakura has been out of luck most of her life. It went as far as her being kick out of her family home, often being fired and having nearly no friend. But one day, she finds out that she is a minor goddess of misfortune.

Hybrid Foster: A New Beginning Open

In 2055, the hybrid foster system had improved society significantly. But still many hybrids are treated as second class citizens. So the system still exists where humans raise hybrids.

Trapped like a Bird Open

After a murder, Ken needed a place to hide. He was ridden with guilt but didnt want to be locked up. He found refuge at a childhood friends home, but he ended up being locked up in the house of an insane woman.

From Austria to Japan Open

A young entrepreneur from a small Austrian city has offered a trip to Japan at a cheap price. This gives people a chance to visit Japan and learn about its culture or simply experience it.

Dark Sanctum Open

You know stories about heroes but never about villains. Well this story is about the beginnings of the Dark Order, a fellowship bent on spreading evil in the world. Just it is a difficult path.

Highwaymen Open

In the calm pleasant forest, people often only worry about wolves and bears. But highwaymen lurk to ask for a wayfare or they ruin or even kill those who dont pay. But there are many more dangers that even threaten them.

He-She Me Open

After an encounter with a strange woman, a couple people end up with a curse: Under conditions of stress, they change genders. It burdens them and they want to be rid of it.

Modern Magic Open

Magic had been used for thousands of years, but it more and more becomes a source of energy for technology. Just this technology can be abused. Other dangers like the dragonfolk are also present.

Out of Steam Open

In the land of Ebernia, steam technology has improved the lives of the people significantly. But there are rumors of steamborgs who show up and kidnap people and those return as steamborgs themselves.

House of Dolls Open

After the death of his parents, a young man moves into a new city and moves into a house belonging to a childhood friend. But the girls who fall for him are sort of mentally unstable.

A Dark Future Open

People thought the future to be bright but instead it ended up to be a very dark and disturbing future with agents letting people disappear, impoverished cyborgs and many horrors.

Robot Scrapyard Remake Open

Year 2047. With technology advancing at a high speed, outdated models of robots and androids are sent to the Kikun Metropolis Electronic Scrapyard. Yet some still functional robots reside at KMES

Trapped in the Snow Open

In Batonville it is a bad winter. Roads are blocked and it is impossible to get in or out of the city. Worse yet, the city is trapped with vampires as they go on hunts nightly for blood.

When the Moon Turns Red Open

Stuck in a prison waiting for execuation under a harsh king, the current prisoner want to prove they are innocent. They set out to save the land from a large evil.

Chasing Shadows Open

After two gruesome murders, the New Habor city police are investigating a mystery with an unknown killer. The killer might be harder to catch than though since there are no fingerprints.

Sienheim College Choker Club Open

In an effort to make a group that likes tight fitting jewelry and other interests, a club was founded by a senior student. Together they will have events and learn to know each other better.

Trouble At High Seas Open

On the search for a legendary treasure a group of privateers end up together for the adventure of their lifetime. But in their path stand pirates and the Iberian navy.

Coming Back Open

After coming home after being in jail for two years, a man is happy to see his friends but they arent happy to see him.

The Beginning of the Arcane Open

Long long ago, the people lived in simple villages almost ignorant of knowledge but one village opened up to it and discovered the arcane arts. The other villages fear it and want war.

Shaman City Open

The land of shamans lives in peace with nature and shamans can communicate with animals but it all become endangered when the high council decides to allow environment-unfriendly technology.

Demonkeeper: Demons can be good Open

The owner of a small allround-work company signs a contract with a demon and before he knows it, demons start to flock in his office. But beware, there are people and other demons who want to cause great harm.

The Dragonlair Open

10000 years ago dragons ruled over humans but became extinct after a rebellion. Now they threaten to return and only a hero can save the land.

Worldeaters Open

Its been ten years since the fall of the old kingdom by their own creations. But these creations, the Worldeaters, arent all dead yet. It is time to journey and see why the Worldeaters went rogue.

Afraid of Clowns?: You should be Open

The Circus has come to town. But as some who have the itch that it is no ordinary circus try to look deeper, they are in for the scare of their lives.

The Aztecs Open

It is the year 2013 of an alternate timeline where the Reconquistas lost against the Aztecs. The Aztec empire flourishes today. This storyline loosely follows the antic of a group of friends.

Amemnons Children Open

A long time ago, Amemnon went to war along with his undead army, but the army was defeated and he never returned. Now the undead remnant need to fend off invading knights.

Shaman Blues Open

The local shaman is currently taking disciples. She has both good and bad reputation. But soon the disciples will learn that being a shaman isnt as easy as it looks.

Killing Spree Open

A notorious killer is on the loose in the city and a few people unwillingly become accomplices. It is up to them, will they be the hunters or the hunted? The police doesnt care, they would rather see all of them dead.

Sheinea Cottage Foster Home Open

The Sheinea Cottage Foster Home is a lovely place for orphans, yet the place seems to be haunted and screams are heard from the basement. Something doesnt seem right about the everfriendly mistress either.

Souls of Maiesta Open

In a modern world, those who could have lost their lives get a second chance. The soul crystals make it possible but they also change the body. But some want to use them for evil.

The Life of a Cyborg Open

Kokoro moved out of the city because she was hated there. She invited her friends to join her. Together they will bring some life into their sleepy new town.

Behind Us Are The Shadows Open

On the search for a new land a hero leads a group of people of his culture through harsh lands, always keeping an eye out of a past horror that might attack again.

Kama High Club for Odd Singles Open

At Kama high school, a club has been made for students who are lonely but cannot find anyone in their life because of their odd interests. It is a chance for students to find their soulmate.

Barbarian: Crimson Nights Open

Lately, there have been rumors of a group of barbarians who wander the land in search of a home. All cities have showed hostility and have been laid waste to. Some say that whoever stays kind will be rewarded.

The Fall of the Angels Open

Almost 1000 years ago the angels were nearly eradicated. Now the few that remain are revered in the human belief, yet someone seeks to destroy them. The angels will seek champions to protect them.

Attack of the Underworlders Open

Under the town of Marensburg live the underworlders. They seek to take over the human realm and consume the citizens of Marensburg. Who will survive?

Robot Scrapyard Open

Year 2047. With technology advancing at a high speed, outdated models of robots and androids are sent to the Kikun Metropolis Electronic Scrapyard. Yet some still functional robots reside at KMES.

Am I Human Open

When one is converted into a cyborg with only the brain being completely or partially organic, one asks himself if he really is still human or just a machine.

Land of the Samurai Open

Desouketto is an island nation similar to Japan, just with modern day samurai and traditional clothing. The Gyoji clan is a wacky bunch that has surprisingly much power in the nation.

Skyland: The Search for Avaria Open

Every child in Erea has heard of the stories of Avaria, the floating continent. But not many have seen it. Because of the said treasures there, many embark on an adventure on their airships there, but the skies are dangerous.

Witch Throne Open

In Etrea, witches are known to be village guardians but also as villains. The knights of light are now on a witch hunt and the only way to save witches no matter if good or bad is to resurrect the magical city state of Kotri.

The Royal Resort Open

It is the time where the princes and princesses of nations attend a ball to find their future spouses, but this year it is rather special since they will spend a week at a resort before the ball together.

Slave World Open

20 years ago, the green world of Orkanea was invaded and conquered by the Saran Collect. The Saran had installed agents to repress the rising resistance, even by violent means. A revolt will come.

My Past Friends Open

Yosuke had a troubled childhood with odd friends and an imaginary friend. Now on his 18th birthday his deranged friends are back to turn his life upside down.

The Throne Wars Open

About twenty years ago the Amai Empire completed its conquest by conquering the last remnants of the old empire. But now with the emperor dead and the prince being unpopular, a fight for the throne has begun.

Ghosts of the Past Open

A couple of university students are revisited by people they have wronged after an occult ceremony reawakening dead familiars as demons. It is either eternal servitude, eternal torture or run for your life.

The Dreamship Open

It is 1920 CE in Marsana. It is the day of the Silver Gulls maiden voyage. Many passengers are thrilled to ride this speedy cruise ship with its huffing smokestacks but the voyage of their dreams is about to become their worst nightmare.

The Archaic Index Open

In the peaceful, sparsely population nation of Arelus, a ruin was uncovered by a powerful storm. In it is an index and resources for technology leagues beyond the nations current stage of development. The technology doesnt just bring benefit for Arelus...

Lady Night Open

It is Louisiana in the 1850s. When people come to the area of Charéville, the witness a strange aura and people seem to worship the night here as lady darkness. Some eerie power protects them and people go missing.

Village Life Open

The japanese village of Kakatsucho seems to have everything for its size, but not everything is normal here and people from the city start stirring up things, angering some of the villagers.

Tomorrowland: Retropunk Arises Open

The city of Hughopolis is a place every young person dreams of going when they leave their parents farm. But the city might be magnificent on the outside but not what they expect on the inside. Corrupt and mobsters rule the streets. It is a struggle.

Telekinetic Academy Open

Askardia Academy is a school for telekinetically gifted youths. It is a dangerous gift and an evil group seeks recruits for world domination. But some fight against them.

Deep in the Woods Open

After killing the witch of the gingerbread house, Hansel and Gretel are on the run from the other witches. While seeking the death of the two the witches also plan to dominate the lands. Will they find safety?

The Creeping Dead Open

It has been two months since the outbreak. The virus spread slowly without a cure. Zombies roam. Some dont seem to want to find a cure though.

Building Power Open

The island of Nizeroth has been a poor and technologically backwards place until a mysterious foreigner appeared. In a bargain she took power of the island to help the people. Now she requires helpers to fulfill her mission.

The Observer Open

The end for Lusen might be near, people indoctrinated by a dictator rebel against the observer, the god of the old religion. But they dont know that the observer is not a tyrant and has been protecting them.

Scrapyard Maiden Open

In the junkyard, cars lay defunct as if it was a cemetary for cars. But some cars have souls and these show themselves to the right person.

Lady Darkness Open

Recently in Lomea there have been purges against the followers of the shadow goddess Aia. The apostles of light have sent out champions to destroy the main base of the Aia worshippers but the way the Aia believers are makes them doubt their mission.

Friends together Open

A group of odd friends like to do stuff together and even share a house together but often run into conflicts because of social welfare, mental abnormalities or public disobedience.

Furry Tuneup Open

In a future where mechanical bodies allow people to take on different appearances, a small company offers people to take on furry appearances as cyborgs at the cost of their human bodies. Some take on the offer and a community grows.

Demon Bureau Open

It is the year 2030, the presence of demons in the world became obvious but against the expectations of most humans, they integrated well. In a metropolis there is an office that deals with demons and humans alike.

Work Sucks Open

A car company wants to prove itself against others but the employees dont get along too well and everyone hates the boss. Chaos cannot be avoided.

A New Home Open

Because their home world was ravaged by war, a robotic race called the Matesians landed on Eria to start anew. But the local sentient species does not welcome them. Will coexistence be possible?

Heart of Astagon Open

In a war torn land the land of light stands a desperate fight against the Xar Empire. The Xar search for a woman who might be the key to a powerful artifact that could call demons to annihilate mankind. The Xar need to be stopped at all costs.

Rotten World Open

Most stories are about heros and happy endings but this one isnt. Some powerful villains in Eteria want to eliminate heros and fulfill individual goals. They are likely to help each other out.

Zombie Killing Cyber Adventure Open

In a future, a virus turned many of the people in the world to zombies. After zoning off the zombies let life go on in living zones but to establish routes and expand land you must fight through zombies.

Magic is Real Open

No one knows magic exists in the human world but there is a place hidden in a secret valley that teaches the art of magic. Though there are those who seek to destroy it or use it for evil.

Angels Five Open

After the original Vocaloids ran amok, new cyborg vocaloids are planned but someone is plotting against them

Mystical world Open

For the past 100s of years, people werent aware of youkai, demons and spirits until about 20 years ago. But there are still attacks on humans and it is unknown if coexistence is possible.

Scrapland Open

A war has devastated a nation, most people have fled. The east is calm now but it is a wasteland littered with scrap metal. Many dangers linger here though.

Inquisition Open

A group of fanatics wants to take over the world to spread their ideology, killing all they view as enemies. It is up to only a handful of people to stop them from creating a world war.

They Want to Eat You Open

In a cozy Japanese town everything seems peaceful, but not everything is as it seems. After killing so called demons only 12 years ago, it seems not all of them were killed. They prey on the human population and now distrust arises again among the people.

In Search of Power Open

In a world where slavery still exists and people rely much on both magic and technology, the power of the energy crystals are fading. In search for a new power sources a young group embarks on a journey.

Kawashima High Open

An all girls school became coed. The boys think it is a dream to be in a school where girls are the majority but it wont be as easy as they think.

Building Anew Open

After a three year civil war between cyborgs and humans, those who are tired of fighting on both sides have bonded together to create a new life and settlements in the unexplored no mans land. But there are dangers that await them.

Becoming a Lady Open

After looking for a place to live during their college attendance, a group of young adults have found a mansion but the owner has a special condition: To turn her daughter into a modern lady. But the task isn't as simple as it sounds.

Curse Open

Long ago, a maiden was cursed by her witch mother because her lover had betrayed her. Only a kiss would undo the curse, but someone who would come for her only to have her beauty would find death while true love wouldn't.

Neighborly Dictator Open

The tropical island of La Fleur has been under a rather benevolent dictatorship for 5 years now. The real name or identity of the dictator is unknown. But one day, a person who looks similar to the dictator moves into a middle-class neighborhood.

Steam Apprentice Open

In a small town named Rasparea, people are rather poor and dream of a better life. Many leave for the city but in hope of having their children have a better life, they send their children to become apprentices of a zany inventor.

Cybercity Open

Ever since the technological boom, the Kaspera Police Department has had a lot on their hands, having to deal with illegal cybernetic parts, a brutal killer and puritan terrorists. Hopefully they will be able to restore peace.

Demonkeeper Open

The owner of a small allround-work company signs a contract with a demon and before he knows it, demons start to flock in his office. But beware, there are people and other demons who want to cause great harm.

Lincester Maids: Hunt Open

Late 1800s. The town of Lincester is known for its forest area and for its maid cafe where common people can be served. But after the murder of their employer, creepy machines and steamborg abominations roam the forest.

Kana's Machine Shop Open

1889 of an alternate timeline. Tokyo. Everyone in the district knows Kana tiny shop where machine and little bots are sold. It is actually somewhat popular but some people think there is a more shady person behind Kana.

Demonhunters Open

200 years after a devastating war, the world of Callia faces a new threat: The Demons. Portals have opened everywhere and it is up to any hero to defeat the demon army.

Fangs in the Dark Open

An arctic cold goes through the city of Beauville. People are unaware what else wanders the streets than the deadly code. Vampiric beings roam through the night, leaving little behind.

Kawaii Psycho: Love is Crazy Open

When you are young, love is an awesome thing. You have a desire for a particular girl and eventually hook up. But what happens if there is something psychotic hidden in her?

Remnants of a War Open

After a brutal war, two empires have been reduced to urban wastelands and rural feudal states. A cyborg from the Keldos area wants to form a new nation by conquering the other areas but will you join her?

Miss Love's House for Disorderly Teens Open

In the small town of Blackstone, there is an alternative to a juvenile hall. It is a home for criminal teens run by a woman named Miss Love. She is the most friendly woman there is. Well until she snaps. Be prepared for a wild stay.

Trench Warfare Open

The small nation of Nagisia is at war with the empire of Terrania. With the small Nagisian army against them the Terranians think that the war would be easy but to their dismay they might have underestimated Nagisia.

Dementia Open

Kidnapped by a somewhat pleasant being, a couple of young adults find themselves in a rather fooling environment, they may leave but if they arent back by night, bad things happen.

Yaku College for Cyborgs Open

The Yaku College for Cyborgs is a place where people learn for specialized jobs that require cybernetic modification. It is also a great place to make new friends but watch out for rogue cyborgs.

Dungeon Crawlers Open

You are in a party of adventurers who take on quests for money. The more the quests the more they find about about villains. They now face death, weird monsters, mental maidens and more.

Kawaii Psycho: Hospital of Terror Open

After an accident, a couple of young adult find themselves in a hospital but the nurse looks remarkably like some they had known for her psychotic terror.

Bloody Satisfaction Open

In Lakeview, a small mountain town, tourists have sometimes gone missing in the past years. No one knows what is going on. As an investigator comes to town to see what is going on, he soon finds things he would have never expected.

Demons of the Past Open

As Shirakue, at town in the Japanese mountains gets ready for an annual festival, a corpse is found in the forest, half eaten by something unknown. The younger folk say it was a bear, the elders think a demon is out for revenge.

Project Republic Prussia Open

You have been chosen to be one of the first politicians of the newly found Republic of Prussia. Your decisions will take effect on the population, so be careful about your decision.

The Antivillains Open

On a quest to make the kingdom a better place, a group of warriors do not realize that they are actually the villains trying to reach they goal with blood and tyranny. Will they reach their goal or will they be stopped?

Cut Off Open

On Mars Colony 5, during a dialogue with HQ, the signal was cut off. After trying to reconnect, they found the problem, someone or something destroy the comm system. Though the situation is more dangerous than thought.

End World Open

In a simple world that was once a technological civilization, there is a prophecy that one day a great evil will enslave humanity with the use of the old technology. It is time to find that evil and eliminate it to prevent a bad ending.

The Royal Ball Open

As the prince of Rumani comes of age, the nobles are invited to the royal ball for the prince to meet his potential love. But people arent happy to hear that the rumored witch baroness was invited too.

Demon Grace Open

After a long war, peace comes to Kyoto. As some people make friends, superstitious beliefs threaten their relationships due to some friends abilities.

Crosis Correctional House for Youth Open

The Crosis Correction House is a place where trouble teenagers come to be "correct" because of dangerous or criminal behavior. It is a place where they are in danger and maybe even their families.

Desert Blues Open

As the rumors of a treasure in a hidden oasis go around, criminality has skyrocketed. It is up to the bounty hunters to end this once and for all.

Life Philosophy Open

A group of abstract thinking people with different philosophical aspects of life soon come together and build a relationship in such a linear simple minded world.

Love is Hard Open

At Yosuka Academy everyone is crazy about a small group of boys. For the girls they are their princes. But as a new transfer student comes and they cant win her over, one or more of them fall for her.

The Agents Open

As the government starts to use cyborgs to oppress the common people, there is a group that will defend themselves. A fight with much destruction begins.

The Toyshop Open

In Nakoto there is a new toy shop that has gained popularity. But rumors say bad things about its own. When teens investigate about it, the are possibly in danger.

Train to Hell Open

After waiting in subway station for their train, a group of people notice an old steam train with elegant wagons waiting for them. What they dont know is that it is conducted by an insane woman with lust for blood.

Source of Immortality Open

After an accident in which a young inventor lost her dear friends, she decides to not give up and invents artificial bodies for them. But some people see this as an act against nature and want to harm them.

Choker and Garter Club Open

Arriving at a new school, a somewhat nerdy girl becomes very obvious due to her love for particular clothing items. Since the students see it as something odd, she decides to make a club for its awareness.

Cat Society Open

In Gatokura there is a secret society only for nekos. They arent very friendly towards the Inus but problems come when a neko falls in love with an inu.

Shadow Rain Open

In the medieval land of Airan, the land is sparsely populated but the people and its rulers are humble. But one day, a rock the size of a small mountain falls out of the sky and on it is an abandoned city.

My Cyborg Love Open

As the Shiba neighborhood gets new neighbors, they notice that things seems odd. The neighbors are a cybernetics scientist and her daughter. But local boys start to fall in love with the scientists daughter who is a cyborg.

Royal Pain Open

At Shinoda high a prince has transferred to the school. Everyone expects a blond European with a charming personality. But personality-wise, they get something else.

The Esper Open

The land of Almania is a place of magic and technology alike. But people who are talented with magic but not in service of the government are outlaws and therefore persecuted. When the land goes to war, it is a chance for a change of rule.

Bloodrain Open

Vampires have been only a myth until two years ago, when the first vampires revealed themselves. Now they are in a war against humans and it isn't looking good for the humans. Will there be a turn in events?

Horrors of War Open

You wake up in a hospital with the memory of your home being bomb. You notice that the other patients arent really sane and that it has something to do with their prosthetic limbs. But as time progresses, things get worse.

Crystal Island Open

The island of Iai is a place where technology was created using the power of crystals. Though with the appearance of a giant crystal, people start to seek using crystals as weapons more and more.

Do you like the darkness? Open

Coming from a rural area to find work, the first thing you notice when you come to Sindersville is that it is a dark industrious place with shady characters. Will you be able to stay sane in this environment?

Mechanical Angel Open

It seems like present day, but it really is the year 5923. The world had been destroyed two times before, thanks to the angels. But what happens when one of these so called angels falls in love with a human.

Neko Neko World Open

After a weird event, a couple of people wake up in a different world with cat ears and cat tails. They find out that they are in the neko world and have to defeat the evils of this world to get back to their world.

The Frostwoods Open

In the year 1936 of a parallel world, there is war between the nations of Slavia and Teuton. The dwarf nation of Estia and its neighbors are caught right in between and are in danger. Take up arms and fight the invaders.

As the Shadows Watch Open

On a ship across the channel of Mamar, there was a murder but all that was left of the corpse was the skin and clothing. As the people investigate the murder, they notice that humans arent the only intelligent beings.

Final Fantasy: Ancient Awakening Open

It is a somewhat near future. Much in Eorzea has happened in the past 1000 years but now large creatures and old enemies threaten to become resurrected to put the land back into a medieval state. It is time to stop it.

Spirit World Open

After a group of friends from the same class enter a hidden portal to the spirit world, they are in trouble. They are told that if they do not go back to the spirit world at night, then people close to them will die.

Amato-ku Samurai School: Remake Open

It is present day Japan. Demons and humans coexist peacefully. There is a dojo in the woods of Amato-ku where demons and humans learn how to handle swords. But an evil is looking for the strongest fighter to abuse their power.

Candyland Open

The town of Griswood lies on the border between the mysterious Candyland and the normal world. There are rumors that if children eat or steal from Candyland that a witch will come and eat them.

Vaidis: Your worst nightmare Open

2420. Criminals from Earth are exiled to the planet of Vaidis. It is a place that even the toughest Earthling fears. It is unlikely to come back alive. Those who do live in constant fear.

Trash Open

After a thousand years of persecution, injustice and poverty, a couple people from a people are willing to fight for equality but some want more than equality and may revert to bad ways.

End of Peace Open

After 500 years of peace in Talea, demons from the lost continent attack Talea. It is up to a group of demigods to train and lead the Taleans to victory.

PokeChaos! Open

This world is a somewhat violent and crazy place, metrosexual hipsters who stop their metapods from evolving, pokemon killers, mentally unstable trainers and weird pokemon. Will our heroes make it to their destination?

The Past Cannot Be Forgotten Open

5 years ago, a neighborhood in Windsor, CA, went through a lot of bad things and was constantly in fear. Today it is a wonderful place to live with a lively community until familiar looking faces arrive, creating distrust.

Zombie Open

Imagine you wake up and feel different. Suddenly you are being avoided or attacked because your schoolfriends believe you are a zombie. But why do you still have a human conscious? What happened?

Cold Metal Open

2214. In the city of Daedalus there is an increasing amount of illegals, people with illegal modifications. Police and detectives are investigating. But soon it might come to a war between the police and a syndicate.

The Sword of Auraris Open

The land of Danzu aka Land of Needles is under attack by giant monsters and dragons. Modern weapons dont show any effect, so it is up to a few heroes to search the ruins of a lost civilization for an epic sword.

Hidden Peril Open

After recent murders, kidnappings and bomb plots in the land of Faisalistan, a group of journalists set out to get a good story on the fights between insurgents and the Faisali government. But they soon find themselves in constant danger.

Shizuka: Vampire Hunt Open

In Shizuka city, an increasing amount of vampires roam the city. But as some of the student of a school turn into vampires, distrust grows and some students even decide to go hunt down the vampires. Are the turned friend or foe?

Fable: Tyranny Open

It is a time where there is no security nor protection, the world is in the hands of a tyrant and only heroes can stop him. Though not all heroes have good intentions.

Wonderful World Open

As people die, they dont directly come to their designated place but are stuck in purgatory for a while. But right now it is in chaos and unbalanced. It is time for someone to restore the balance and end the suffering.

Boogiemans Orphanage Open

After moving into an orphanage with a headmistress who has a loose screw, a group of teens are becoming afraid since the place seems to be haunted. Something is watching them. Btw, there is a circus next door.

Lincester Maids Open

late 1800s. The town of Lincester is known for its forest area and for its maid cafe where common people can be served. But after the murder of their employer, creepy machines and steamborg abominations roam the forest.

Elder Scrolls: Torn Lands Open

After embarking on a journey from Skyrim to the other end of Tamriel, a prison ship is caught in a storm. The guards abandon ship leaving the prisoners to die. But as the ship runs aground, the prisoners find themselves in a burning landscape.

The Demon Assembly Open

A world war breaks out, between an invading power and an alliance of dictatorships. One dictatorship sends demons to death camps, the other uses them as tools. But it all changes as a dictator is assassinated and replaced by a demon party dictatorship.

River of Tears Open

100 years after a world war, the world has been reduced to a medieval state. Humans purge those who are suspected demons or remnants of machines. When will justice finally come.

Pioneers: Steam Age Open

After escaping a war in their homeland, a group of settlers land on a small island in the calm Inner Sea. The medieval settlers soon find an ancient library under the surface containing information about steam technology.

The Demon Hunters Open

People are unaware that there are demons among us. Most demons are bad and kill humans at night so they can consume them. But to protect the humans, there are the demon hunters who have a special short period ability to make out disguised demons.

Yakuza Madness Open

It is Japan in an alternate present. The yakuza control parts of Yazamiya city and fight against samurai and police. But it seems more like they are up to nonsense instead of crime.

Dont be Haunted Open

128 steps up the stairs from the Garuko Dori in the outskirts of Tokyo is a temple where an old man lives. The few who trust the old man despite rumors dive into a mystical world between reality and whats beyond.

Gamer Girl Open

The Nikkendo has brought out a new console to be built into the human body, rendering the user a cyborg. Though there is only a model for the female body at the moment. Meanwhile a radical purist group plans attacks on Nikkendo.

Assassins Creed: The Crown of the World Open

Desmond and his companions are this time in Jordan. With the help of the Animus they want to find the crown of the world, the final artifact. Will they succeed, will it fall into wrong hands or will it be forever lost?

Ghost of the Machine Open

In the future, man has created transformable androids who serve their human partner as weapons. But requires the user to see the android as a partner and not as a tool. Without this the android might do the opposite of what it was made for.

The Night is Watching You Open

After a virus broke out in North America, vampires first began to appear. But soon a vaccine was made to avoid being infected. But vampires still roam and can still infect you by biting you. It is now time to find a full cure.

Vocaloids Open

Tokyo, 2031. They are seen on TV and their music is heard everywhere. They are androids called Vocaloids. As a sensation will you succeed beyond the imaginable? Or will you fail or malfunction?

Operation: Sandbarrage Open

The US tries to fix its problems again after training a desert folk to fight against invading Arabs. An attack on American soil is the reason to launch an offensive.

The Other Side Open

In a small town in Japan, people arent aware of the spiritual beings that live around them. But what happens when humans follow a kami into the spirit world?

Sakura Cafe Open

In the future in a hidden place there is a cafe that disallows humans to discriminate against androids. But who will overcome their feelings against the androids?

The Wicked Open

In the land of Dissedan, people have become of a race of creature living amongst them. They call these creatures "the wicked" and wish to destroy them because of recent incidents. But they dont realize that the wicked are not their enemies.

Ika Musume (Squid Girl) Open

A blue haired girl is washed up onto the beaches of a japanese town. She swears to conquer humanity because they had polluted the ocean. But she cannot make it past the owners of a beach bar. Soon the girls friends show up too.

Mechanical World Open

2182. Everyone in the world has become machine or part machine. Children are born as part machines, but people are searching for a way to get pure humans to save humanity from complete mechanization.

Demon Resurrection Open

A horrible disaster happens at a wedding, killing 10. But some of those who died come back and dont seem right. They are looking for someone to take to the demon world but it is unknown what awaits them there.

The Golden Fox Open

A long time ago in Japan, a goldsmith created a golden fox that had great magical power. Now it has fallen into the wrong hands and many demons and soldiers pillage various villages. It is up to you to restore peace.

Kawaii Psycho: A Rural Tale Open

Growing up in a rural area is a wonderful time. You get to hang out and go to the lake with your friends, know everybody in town and enjoy the quietness in the area. But it can be a nightmare, if one of your friends starts to scare you.

Useless Deity Open

In an unlucky town at an unlucky school, there is a very unlucky class. They try to make the best of their life and fail at it. But one day they find out that their teacher is the goddess of poverty and bad luck.

Wasted World Open

The city of Marandan has become so populous, so industrial and so toxic. A mysterious sickness is spreading throughout the city. The state put it under quarantine. Now a group of adventurers have to find its source.

Hybrid Foster Open

In a world where humans and hybrids live together, hybrids have to be raised by a human parent starting at the age of 12 in hope of getting rid of discrimination and racism.

Servant Care Closed

In a modern world, humans live together with nekos, inus, kitsunes and other humans with animal traits. But those with visible traits are to serve the humans as slaves. But how well nekos, inus etc. are doing depends on the master.

Note: Hell of Music Open

The world of Note is a place where dead musicians are reborn. It isnt like heaven but morelike hell. There are dangerous animal, criminals and villains. But finding the instrument of dreams could turn this place into a safe heavenlike place.

Hope Asylum for Young People Open

Young people ages 13 to 21 end up in Hope Asylum if they suffer from dementia, mania or any other mental illness. But it is unlikely to get back out because the headmistress of the asylum isnt the person she first seems to be.

Dark Gate Open

After a girl gets involved in an accident, she wakes up in a medieval world, It is dark, scary and dead. Will she get back?

No Cure Open

A group of people infected with a mutatious virus are put into quarantine at a special type of school for the security of humanity. Will they escape?

Cymaid Co Open

After finding an ad for a well paid job, you end in a mess with no way out. It is the end of your human self for a project.

Captive Open

After ignoring warnings of the dangers in the land of Elasiyyi, a group of tourists find themselves in the crutches of a terrorist group that captured them just this morning. It is unknown what the terrorist want but hopefully everything will be okay.

Alice Returns Open

After a mysterious shadow kills Alices family, Alice returns to Wonderland to find it in a worse state then it was in ten years ago. Together with old and new faces, she is out to put an end to the tyranny of the Red Queen.

Gladiators Open

In the empire of Ruman, everyone loves the arena and have their own favorite gladiator. But they dont know the life of the gladiator and that they have no choice but to fight. Most gladiators seek freedom.

Dead Land Open

After a night becomes permanent in more than half of Reglia, people begin to flee west due to the undead rising. It is time to find the Aurelian Sphere, a crystal ball with enough magic to reverse the horror happening in the land.

Amato-ku Samurai School Open

It is present day Japan. Demons and humans coexist peacefully. There is a dojo in the woods of Amato-ku where demons and humans learn how to handle swords. But an evil is looking for the strongest fighter to abuse their power.

Demonshard Open

After a virus infects only a selected bunch of people, some become demons, others become guardians. Now a secret war is going on between them. It is the job of guardians to protect humans from the demons.

Red Night Open

Once every five years three girls in the town of Mayvel turn into vampires on their 16th birthdays. From there they are either persecuted or neglected by their families and sink into the nighttime world of the vampires.

Mother Nightmare Open

After opening a locked wardrobe, some kids find themselves killed by demons and monsters fleeing from the underworld. They get revived with special powers by a mysterious shadow. They have to defeat the demons and seal the gate.

Body Mod Club Open

2051. At Shikari High, a new club has formed. It is based on the cybernetic customization of the body. The club does jobs to earn money to purchase new customization items so that they can convince the school of their benefits.

The Mechanist Open

In a town there is a robot factory that is mysterious. A woman takes orders and after half a day the order is done. But no one knows who makes them nor what is on the inside. They do not want to know what is on the inside.

Insane Alice Open

After the death of the queen of hearts, the world has fallen into chaos with no one to rule. Alice is becoming increasing paranoid and violent as her friends are being killed. Will she be able to retrieve sanity or will she become a villain?

Mental Open

Teens of a Tokyo neighborhood get to know each other after ending up in the same class at school. But some of them have issues, others are frightened. Will there be a good ending or will someone end up dead?

Artificial Persona Open

In a military academy, students learn to become future elite units of the military force. They normally has artificial personas as partners who are a holographic human appearance of their weapons but sometimes they go rogue.

The Toymaker Open

20 year after killing his fiancee, a grumpy toymaker might find something to make him happy again. But his past might get to him first.

Rebellion of Music Open

It has been years since Japan has become a police state that has banned media that may provoke violence, even music. Now in a school the underground will rise among the naive students and bring back freedom.

Black Rose Open

Class 2A gets a new transfer student who seems to know the main character but what the main character doesnt know is that the transfer student loves him but also killed his family. What will happen?

Eerie City Open

Strange murders happen in Kusuke city. Supernatural things start happening, so the police has started a division for these things, but the members know nothing about the supernatural and have to start learning.

Arkala: Rebellion Open

In an unknown future, humans are growing weaker in number due to a system that turns many of them into mechanical or partially mechanical beings. It is time to rebel against the system and repopulate the human race.

The Glooming Forest Open

After missing their bus at night, a group of teens decide to walk home, only to end up falling through a hole in the park and ending up in a dangerous forest in a fairy tale world where monsters like goblins, cannibal witches etc. await.

Hard Times Come Open

It is the year 927 in Japan. The southern provinces persecute the demons and because of a weakened government outlaws run loose. It is up to samurai to strengthen the enforcement of law and prevent the collapse of the empire.

Demon Apocalypse Open

While the world is under siege by few but powerful demons, the only place that seems safe is the stronghold city of Azeros. But it isnt as safe as it seems since some demons can blend in with humans.

New Age of the Samurai Open

Alternate 2111. Japan is still a bunch of feudal states battling each other. The state of Edo has decided to have cybernetically modified samurai fight for them to finally reunite the nation. Will they succeed or will the samurai go rogue?

Becoming a Yokai Open

After an occult ritual, a couple teens find themselves turning into rokurokubi and nukekubi. But for the humans of the small town this is something terrifying. Most of the teens just seek acceptance from the townspeople.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Treachery Open

10 years after the happenings with the philosophers stone. A new villain threatens to use its evil power. Now its up to old and new alchemists to stop him and make sure that the philosophers stone can never be created again.

Undead or Immortal Open

The small rural town of Demoshike is a friendly place but it gets bad when a couple people of the town end up dead but keep on coming back.

The Clockwork House Open

In the town of Argentville is the clockwork house. It is a small school for steamborgs which are known to be outcasts of society. Just the school has sort of a radical view on this and wants to turn the students into weapons.

Assassins Creed: The Crystal Sword Open

Constantinople 1682: Assassins have got word that a possibly powerful artifact is here: The Crystal Sword. But the Ottoman and Greek nobles are on the lookout too. Now the assassins have to get the artifact before the nobles do.

Forsaken Hero Open

After the kings son was brutally murdered, the golden knight, hero of Lune, was blamed for it. But he was framed. As punishment he was banished into the future. Now he needs to get back somehow and prove his innocence.

Sacrifice Open

A young girl is supposed to be sacrificed for her towns harvest but she is saved. On the run from search parties and mercenaries, the girl needs to find somewhere safe where the villagers cant find her. But there might be a traitor among her rescuers.

Valeton Correctional Institution for Teens Open

The institute is more of a boarding school than a prison but it is hell on earth since the inmates dont expect the mentors to be as strict as they are. Soon teens will find out the horrible truth of the institute.

Forgotten Open

It is 2039 and many people dont believe in vampires anymore but they are still among us. Some are able to walk at day because of cybernetic modifications but the government is aware and has begun hunting vampires.

The Green Hills Open

The people of Lystal often visit the sparsely populated country to the south in the summer. The land of Krystallenwald is full of idyllic villages, waterfalls and green hills but the people seem strange and they become a living hell.

Dragonfolk: Revenge of the Dead Open

After an evil witch raises a dead army to lead in a conquest, a couple unwanted people are risen too. To be exact, the dragonfolk, a carnivore race that is supposed to be extinct. Who shall be dealt with first? Undead or Dragonfolk?

Fallen Legion Open

After losing a war, the people of Arkonia live in poverty, often being discriminated by the soldiers of the winning countries. But when the people have had enough then there will be a rebellion and even a possible ally.

Moons Rising Open

Tamagakura used to be a normal town until 500 years ago when most of the populace turned into vampires. On the hill above the town is a school for vampires. But recently there have been threats from vampire hunters.

When Spring comes, students fall Open

Sanamura High is known for its high suicide rates but they are about to stop when spirits wont let the students kill themselves. The spirits want to find out what makes the students so depressed. But some are hostile to them.

Welcome to the slum of Hell Open

After death people come into an afterlife which serves as purgatory but until people can move on it can take centuries. But people dont know that purgatory is actually hell and they think that they might end up somewhere worse after this.

Box Full of Sharp Objects Open

After a high schooler robs a video store full of people with a psychological or criminal past, he is in for a big surprise as they attend his school or will.

The Elder Scrolls: The Lost Heirs Open

It has been over 100 years since the daedric invasion. The recent emperor has died. Rumors say he was poisoned by General Casius Heratio. But they also say that the emperor had a couple kids. Will they be found before Casius finds them?

Doppelganger Open

After an Alien race had abducted millions of humans, they seem to have disappeared. 10 years since, everything seems normal but people dont know that the aliens are still among us and some look like family members.

The Index Open

A long time ago, the secrets of the world were stored in a machine but all this data was put in a girl not long ago after the machine modified the girls brain with cybernetic components. Now monsters want to capture the girl.

The Empty Shrine Open

In the woods near a large town is an old abandoned shrine. Many of the towns folk dont believe in Kami but someday teens find the place and that kami really exist. Now they have to convince the town one way or the other.

Rotten Breed Open

A new vaccine was supposed to modify genes to make people immune to sicknesses but it made them have outbreak in which they turned to monsters. After helping them control it, the government decided to destroy them.

Miss Yumis Foster Home of Terror Open

In a small town, in an almost abandoned street is Miss Yumis Foster Home. It seems to be the only friendly place in such a scary area. But it is actually safer outside than in the home. The orphans need to defeat the evil Yumi.

When Chaos Comes Open

It is summer of 2011. While the western world is constantly threatened by Jihadists, a new terrorist group is planning to target the muslim world and soon more. After the first appearance of the group, officials have to stop them.

Otakuworld Open

In a small traditional Japanese apartment complex live a group of female otakus. Messy and different, they are considered as losers in public. But now people want to tear done their home. Will they be able to protect it.

Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades Open

Jack of Blades has returned again and wants to destroy humanity out of revenge. Only new heroes can beat him and get rid of him once and for all.

Bloody Sakura Open

It is Japan 1628 of an alternate timeline. Japan is ruled by an insane empress and evil is nearing the land wanting to destroy all life that opposes them. Only the bravest warriors and spirits can save the land.

Kami-sama Open

In a small Japanese city, a couple teenagers find out that they have become gods overnight but dont know how to use their powers until they come across other gods who mentor them.

Burning Sun Open

Centuries after a devastating war the world of Isasea is back to a medieval like era. Rumors say that there is a golden city on the other side of the planet full of riches and technological wonders, but there is more behind the story.

The Crystal Mountains Open

After years of persecution a couple groups of people could escape into the remote crystal mountains to start a new life and nation.

Bloodred Open

A virus has infected most of the world, turning many to zombies. A group of people have to reach a safe town before the zombies or the more intelligent mutation of zombies get to them.

House of Horrors Open

Its the year 1889 and the Eastbridge neighborhood seems to be a properous and friendly place. In the Manstreet there is house that looks abandoned and is supposed to be haunted. Inside the house are the trapped souls of criminals.

Battlesuit Angels Open

In the future, there are armored battlesuits for competition purposes but they cannot be used outside of the arena by law. An every group still wants to use them to dominate the country and experienced fighters are needed to stop them.

Samurai of Justice Open

In a parallel future, the shogunate has been turning innocent military volunteers into mindless cyborgs, saying that it is only for the good of the nation. But now brave samurai have to stop this once and for all.

Dad is my Homeroom Teacher Open

In his young years Takata sensei was a real giggolo but now the past is taking effect when the students in his class all have the same father: him.

Body Horror Club Open

At Keiko High school, there is a club of people who all turn into atrocities at night and their goal is to make the world like them. For now they turn other students into beings like them one by one and take out any obsticles.

Evil Red Riding Hood Open

Little red riding hood seems to be a good girl who cares for her grandmother but in reality Red has been keeping her grandmother sick. Red is in fact very evil and need to be stopped before she can cause more harm.

The Shadows of Heros Open

In the large medieval city of Heros, many corpses have shown up and shadows of unknown beings have been seen. Everyone is afraid, even the guards. It might be a fight for survival for the people until someone shows up to deal with the problem.

Gerand Magic School Open

The Gerand Magic School is a small magic school in a small town in Taronis. It used to be very prestigious but now it is a bit run down. But a danger threatens Taronis and mysterious things happen.

The Witches House Open

In the small town of Heartsdale is a petit victorian style house. People rumor that a witch lives there but those who dare to enter find a nice young woman but she isnt what she looks to be.

Chaos in Edo Open

Edo. 18th century. In Edo there are many criminals. The police are at war with the yakuza. But it seems that the yakuza are countless. Will the imperial police get the city back under control or will they fail?

Afterworld Open

After death people expect to end up in either heaven or hell. Instead they end up in a magical world that could be both.

Handle with Care Open

In the year 2089, a robotics company found a profitable idea for a product: Human-like androids for lonely people. These androids are called Brothers and Sisters. They do not feel anger but can malfunction.

Blind Love Open

In the world of Lumea, all girls long for their dream prince but often wait long and fall into despair. They get lonely and depressed until their prince comes to save them. But not every girl is what she seems to be.

The Ruins Open

In a forest is a tiny nation with three towns. Near them are ruins from a lost era. The nation seems to be beautiful and advanced compared to other nations, but something is terribly wrong and there is a mystery why the people carry gems with them.

Black Creek Open

In the Canadian town of Black Creek everything seems normal until people begin to protest against the town building a damn. What the residents dont know is that monsters live among them and are likely to attack them.

Elder Scrolls: Daedra Rising Open

100 years after the invasion of Mehrunes Dagon everything seems calm in Cyrodiil but a new invasion is about to take place. The other Daedric princes have invaded the Province and even carry out a war amongst themselves.

The Burning Gates Open

One day in a peaceful suburb, two portals from hell open and monster and demons come out of them. The threat is noticed late but it is not too late to fight the murdering hellish beings who are invading the human realm.

Rhoadon Military Academy Open

In time of war, the Rhoadon Military Academy educates the future officers and elite soldiers of tomorrow. Things get hasty when the battlefront gets closer to the school. Traitors are lurky through the halls.

Dying of the Ninja Open

After a genocide that almost exterminated a people, they are out for revenge and wont show mercy. They did research in cybernetic technology to make powerful ninjas but a few want to stop them from being as bad as their enemy.

MMO Madness Open

Year 2120. A new MMO game just for cyborgs has been made and everyone is hyped up for it. As a group of players meet and play together, they soon find out that they live in the same city and decide to meet weekly.

Witchblade: It Aint Over Yet Open

After the last witchblade bearer stopped the iWeapons and sacrificed herself, things seemed fine at first but then more Ex-Cons showed up killing random people. Will a new witchblade bearer appear?

The Tribe: Divine Punishment Open

Long ago, the White Forest Tribe was given a few demons who would make sure that the tribe stays in harmony with nature. But these demons seem to have disappeared and the tribe has become wastful.

Rise of Legends!! Open

In a magical world people have grown tired of the corrupt magistrate and their necromancer servants. Now its time for the people to decide whats right for the nation. A group of unknowing mages will be the change.

Crazy Alice Open

After coming back from Wonderland, Alice woke up next to a chopped up rabbit, her father who was stabbed to death and her mother who was missing a head and had chew marks on her. Alice is sent to a mental institution.

Bunkyoku School for Combat Open

15th century Japan. The Bunkyoku school is a combat school for those who want to become samurai or ninja but were rejected to enter a state school. The senseis of the small school are preparing the students to fight an unknown danger.

Technofest Open

In the depth of a forest lies a large field. Once every year on this field in some unknown country, an electronic music festival takes place. People socialize, have fun and see their favorite DJs play their music. It is a fun place to be.

The Floating City Open

In a world dominated by prop-driven planes and zepplins, there is a floating metropolis. It is a place where the wealthy and the influential people live. But little do they know the people who live on the polluted surface are about to rebel.

Ayas Mysterious Cafe Open

In Kakuya town there is a maid cafe called Ayas Cafe. Aya makes the most delicious meat pies but no one know her secret ingredient. But when people are nosy they find the shocking truth and are immediately in danger.

Scary Girls (Harem) Open

This year Buka Gakuen started to allow boys come to it. But only a few boys entered this year. They seem to dream of harem except for one and the girls who like him are only sweet on the outside but highly perverted otakus on the inside.

Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned Open

Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned offers a home for orphaned and homeless teens. It seems like a nice place to live but little do the teens know. Miss Karina is not the person she claims to be and they have walked into a death trap.

The Otherworld Open

Recently a portal has opened in a haunted mansion to another dimension. A group of kids went through to find a twisted world with some beautiful and some frightening things.

Smells like...Rotten Flesh Open

2012. The government wanted to create a vaccine that makes human functions go beyond their limits. But all that the vaccine caused was a zombie apocalypse.

Sasaki High Fight Club Open

Tokyo. Present day. Every year there is a fighting competition between schools city wide. This competition is unofficial though. The Sasaki Highschool is new to this competition this year.

Star Wars: No Title Open

The Sith are back and want revenge for Darth Sidious' death. The dark side is on the rise but it doesnt always go as planned. The Jedi need to fight back and sabotage everything, even the Siths Twinkie delivery.

School of the Undead Open

Ten years ago, a murder roamed the halls of a high school killing a couple students. No one knew who the killer was but the dead have risen to scare their killer to death and wreck havoc at school during the night.

Demongun Open

In a japanesque world of tiny feuding states there is lots of danger going on. Cities want to dominate the smaller village states and the humans want to dominate the demons.

The Desert Open

A group of people are expelled to a desert planet, where the have to survive with only a bit of money. Otherwise they have to find their own resources, grow their own food and build their own settlement.

Animatrix: Liberation Open

It has been 50 years since the death of Neo and the world has some normality now. But humanity isnt free yet. There are still 5 billion souls in the matrix and new heroes have to liberate them.

Heredus Romanum Open

About 500 BC. The king of the early Roman Republic is dead and his son is supposed to become the next king but the daughter took control and banned the heir to the furthest parts of the known world. Now he needs to get back and claim what is his.

Battle Borg Legends Open

In the year 2211, the human federation of space colonies is fascinated by battle cyborg fights but during the championship a group of battle cyborgs have to uncover a scandal and stop a man from building an illegal cyborg army.

Dark Souls Open

A couple years ago in the land of Kabira, a phenomenon called the darkness swallowed almost an entire village. The survivors had a change in appearance and got a dark aura. Now they are looking for acceptance but only find hate.

Maid Academy Open

On the small island of Kyokuyo off the coast there is a school for upcoming maids and butlers. It is located near the elite school for the maids rich sponsors.

Steampunk Revolution Open

Until about 30 years ago. people lived simple lives and did everything with their own bare hands but then the steam revolution came and everything got better. Now it is just a race to make better machines.

Project Aurora Open

After mysterious machines stabilized the world order they disappeared again. The yakuza wants to use what left of them to turn a group of ophans into replications of these machines so they could dominate the world.

Land of the Crescent Open

It is the 7th century in Arabia, a time of change. In the west, a man named Mohammed is claiming to have had a vision of angels. Soon all of Arabia believes this man but also soon conflicts arise.

Green Demon Valley Open

In the lush demon valley many animal demons coexist peacefully but it all changes when humans invade and build villages and hunt the demons as if they were just animals.

Crimson nights Open

A long time ago winged being terrorized humanity and ate humans. After a war the beings disappeared. They actually disguised themselves as human to secretly feed on them. Today no one knows of them but people go missing.

Syntax Error Open

2120. After a company made service androids, people started complaining about losing their jobs. So the company released cyborg modifications. Since the some cyborgs feel that everyone should be one, crime has skyrocketed.

Snow White: Happily Never After Open

Snow White is wanted. Her crime: Murder. But it was an accident. She didnt want to kill one of the seven dwarves. She is now hiding from those who want to bring her to justice. She is broken and is afraid.

Arinian Magic Academy Open

The Arinian Magic Academy is a school for talented young people in the small nation of Arinia. Everything in Arinia is powered by magic and energy crystals. Then the country of Relis declares war on Arinia.

Father-sensei Open

In his young years Takata sensei was a real giggolo but now the past is taking effect when the students in his class all have the same father: him.

Gintama! Open

Gintoki and his friends are bored and broke. They are desperate for money because if they dont pay the rent then they will be thrown out. They will also have to watch out for the police, shinsengumi and the bad guys.

Deputy of Aram Open

In the middle eastern nation of Aram, there is much danger. It is not just criminals but also terrorists who want to coup the state. Now it is the job of the Aram police force to stop the terrorists once and for all.

Immortals of the Nation Open

At one time long long ago the people of planet Telas were dumb and didnt seem to evolve. All they could do was hunt, eat and sleep. But then the gods wanted to give them the ability to understand and a few chosen to be immortal.

Zombie Extermination Squad Open

On a normal day, nothing special seems to happen until a virus breaks out turning many into flesh craving zombies. When it breaks out at a school, a group of survivors are out to deal with the zombies until help comes.

True Samurai Open

It is present day Tokyo and there seems to be no place for swords and samurai anymore. But some people still claim to be samurai and fight anyone who is a danger to society or to the emperor. The story evolves around Bunkyo High.

Cybernetic Utopia Open

After a dangerous virus spread throughout the world with no cure in sight, the people resorted to having their memories transferred to mechanical replica of themselves. Years later when humanoid aliens visit, a conflict occurs.

Unit 12 Open

In a city where crime is high and criminals are especially dangerous, the police is well armed and equipped. For dealing with cyborgs and illegal mechas, there is Unit 12 and they normally get the job done.

Trapilicious Open

At Junyo there is an abnormally high amount of traps. Many of the male students dont know how to deal with this. Especially on field trips. But somehow it will work out.

Desperado! Open

The desert of Bluesky is a place with barely any law enforcement and many dangerous criminals, rogue steambots, samurai etc. The only people to stop them are bounty hunters who all hunt down criminals for money.

Final Fantasy: Awakening Open

In the land of Eo, humans, vieras etc. lived peacefully together until a huge explosion destroyed the city of Arzan. A group called the Dark Guardians is responsible. Now a group of heroes will find the inner power and magic to defeat this threat.

Villain Space Agency Open

On a small island nation called Azuria, the government has started a space agency which is supposed to secretly create satallite weapons and conduct cyborg research. But not everything goes as planned.

Build a Bot Open

The Kurobot Corporation is a small company with few employees but is known for its revolutionary robot technology. Clients want custom robots for any purpose. The company even has an android cafe.

Battlemage Open

The country of Ares is a young nation but is already threatened by its neighbors. Most of the people are only peasants. Now the land has to be built up in order to protect itself from its neighbors. Mages have to be educated.

Rainfall (Harem) Open

A student is one day confronted with a girl from school wanting to move in. After he accepts, more and more people come to the house. All the girls love his kindness but he doesnt know who he loves.

Dark Skies Open

In the land of Kyra, the evil wizard Ivon has taken power and wants to destroy all intelligent beings who arent human or elvish. An uprising of these beings is inevitable.

Conspiracy Paranoia Open

Some believe that the world is secretly run by alien nephilim and others, while most people think conspiracies are ideas from crazy people. But these few are closer to reality than they think.

False Demons Open

After a very long time in a virtual memory database after the near extinction of mankind, the memories of young adults and teens are transferred to mechanical bodies only to find that the outside world is back in the middle ages.

Angel Beats: A New Year Open

After the last few students left the high school (purgatory), a new group of teenagers will show up in purgatory until the fulfill their dream so they can move on. It means a whole new SSS too.

The Other World Open

Here in this world there are humans and few nekos who live in a modern society but one day a portal is found. It leads to another world with spirits, demons, etc. For those who come through the portal, it will be a dangerous journey.

Cyborg Championship Open

In the year 2061, technology is far enough to enhance humans. Now it is beginning to be used for their personal amusement. There is a competition where cyborgs compete against each other.

Finding Peace Open

After a long war the lands lie in waste. Scrap metal and skeletons are scattered throughout the forests and deserts. A group of adventurers are on the search for the last remaining major city to start a new life.

Cry of the Monoliths Open

After a long time after the near extinction of humanity by the Monoliths, it seems they have come back, in human form.

Tribes (Restart) Open

This is an rp that takes place in a world with many large islands. This rp is about creating an own tribe/nation and interacting with the other nations in a world that gradually evolves.

Shiba Samurai School Open

In modern days, swords seem to be not needed anymore but in this world swords can be used even in modern times. The Shiba Samurai School teaches its students to use swords right and unleash hidden powers.

Manhunt Open

In the future, serious penalties are punished with hard labor. If prisoners flee then they are killed. One day they overpowered the wardens and all broke out. Now their supervisors have to hunt them down.

Star Trek: New Worlds Open

The new ship, Proteus, has been launched to discover worlds beyond the known area. But some of the new systems are borg infested which makes it hard for the Proteus to get further.

Deadly Desert Open

After a long war, a government in Kirjinan was established which might have promised better conditions but limited the freedom of the people and restricted the old traditions. Now rebels are about to launch a coup against the government.

Kono Defense Force Open

Recently the city state of Kono was declared war by another country for expansion reason. But Kono doesnt have a military. They only have a group of young cyborgs to defend the city. They are known as the Defense Force.

Luminous Chaos Open

In a strange world full of crystals, everything is powered by these crystals. It is said that there is a giant crystal with limitless power somewhere. A militant group wants to use it to recreate the world. A group of heroes has to stop them.

Fairy Tale Gone Wrong Open

Fairy tales are told to children as good night stories and for their amusement but what if there was a medieval world, where the victims in fairy tales are more dangerous than they seem.

Edo Ninja School: New Age Open

After being abandoned over 60 years ago, the Edo Ninja School was renovated and reopened. Now the school teaches young ninjas again, because the emperor needs bodyguards, assassins and agents. Edo is modern day Tokyo.

Dreams of Paradise Open

Life is hard in Prusiu. Magic is shunned by society and magic users are persecuted. War is a constant matter here and the world has fallen in greed and corruption. Magic users are looking for a place where they belong.

Super Random Highschool Anime Nonsense RP Closed

This RP is a freeform RP based on nonsense comedy animes. It takes place in Shiroma High School. Most of the students are wierd and like always there is only one or few who seem normal.

Eartheaters Open

In the near future, demons have come out of a crack in the earth to attack humans, but their natural enemies were born, the eartheaters. Now it is war on earth between three parties and it has to stop.

Yakuza 2136 Open

In the year 2136, Yakuza families control large areas in japanese cities. They are involve in acts of violence, cybercrimes and have even cyborg henchmen. In Tokyo it is a survival of the fittest.

Taiko Academy for the Prestigious! Open

The Taiko Academy used to be an elite school for the wealthy people. But when the students arrive at the school, it is run down and dusty. The teachers are odd balls and the headmaster is trying to raise funds to afford better stuff for the school.

High Magic Open

In the kingdom of Seras, there was once a great age of magic. Mages were seen as patrons of cities. Now mages only find minor jobs and arent well respect. Time has come to rebuild reputation with good deeds and well educated apprentices.

The Land in the Sky Open

Highpeak is a world full of floating islands in the sky. Some years ago steam technology has been found and used. Now a rebellion is about to break out because the government wants to limit the use of the technology.

Deathfleet Open

Due to corruption, the alliance of galactic systems have declared war on the system of Isarias. The alliance fears the rumors of Isarias power but Isarias is willing to fight for their lives.

Samurai of the Heavens Open

In the 16th century, Japan is divided into many feudal territories. The small town of Kuji is the capital of a tiny territory that is endangered on all sides. Their only strength are their strong samurai and ninjas.

The Smell of Gunpowder Open

In the city of Curiano, the steam era is booming and inventions seem to be making life easier but now the mafia has acquired the new technology. Now different mafia families are fighting for wealth and power in Curiano.

Death Inc. Open

After being murdered as children by a corporate boss, a group of people with special powers came back from another world to seek revenge.

Drillmasters Revolution Open

Under the surface of Aeris lives a large group of people. They built villages and cities underground and have advanced technology to some extent like cyborg technology. They now want to go to the surface but danger awaits.

The Inner Demon Open

Due to the fear of endodemonites the government has begun executing and capturing endodemonites. The endodemonites have begun to take their own measures to end genocide and discrimination against them.

Darker than Black Open

At Kirosama High a few teens are bullied because of their kind and naive ways. Their life is hell but one day a death god changes their lives and turns them into vengeful demons who are more dangerous than criminals.

Divine Open

Over the years the western empire was taken over and turned into a patriarchy. Now the Eastern Empire has to protect its culture, people and their tradition of queens, priestesses and proud warriors.

Torn Lands Open

In the world of June, the land is torn into many small states. Many of these states are at war with each other and send their samurai, mages and ninjas against each other.

Enjoy the Silence Open

On an island off the European west coast in the Atlantic is a city. It seems to be a nice illuminated metropolis. But most of the people there dont know that vampires live among them.

Land of Dragons Open

In the evergreen world of Nargir live humans and dwarves. A long time ago dragons caused havoc in Nargir. Now they have reappeared to attack the human and dwarven cities.

Genocyber Agent Academy Open

The Eastern Asian Alliance has set up a new agent force after barely surviving the global destruction that the Vajura caused. To prevent that from happening again, they created an academy to train better agents.

Ninjas of Steam Open

In a parallel world, a small state in the south of Japan is technologically advanced in the steam age while the rest is still in the medieval era. A group of rogues has left the state to conquer Japan. Ninjas have been sent to stop them.

The Dark Forest Open

After a problem with the space time continuum, a group of mech pilots wake up in a medieval world and seemed to have merged with their mechas.

Final Fantasy Open

Vana'diel has partially fallen into a state of civil war. Good and evil will find their benefits. A group of heroes are going to fight for peace.

The Cult Open

In the world of Azazin, a cult has become the dominant religion. They tell the people to protect each other but they plan to destroy the world and recreate it. But prophecy says there will be people who would stop them.

Guro Maid Cafe Open

In a large town in Japan there is a nice maid cafe on the first floor of an old victorian style mansion. The girls there are nice but recently a common customer has disappeared. At the same time the maid cafe started to offer delicious meat pies.

Streets of Heros Open

In the large medieval city of Heros the many corpses have shown up and shadows of unknown beings have been seen. Everyone is afraid, even the guards. It might be a fight for survival for the people until someone shows up to deal with the problem.

Dark Sun Open

In the mining colony Alef 3 work in the quarries and shafts is routine. But life is worsening because of the low pay and the bad standard of living. Alef 3 is shortly before a civil war.

Tribes Open

This is an rp that takes place in a world with many large islands. This rp is about creating an own tribe/nation and interacting with the other nations in a world that gradually evolves.

Terror in Trianis Open

Trianis is a large island world that used to have many pirates. After an era of peace it is time for a new pirate era. The biggest treasure is the golden city of Ia.

Gears of Evolution Open

Mechanoville is a small town in a remote area. It is the most advance place in the Steam era. It has many inventors and an academy for young mechanics and inventors.

Damhiel Academy for Magic Open

The Damhiel Academy for Magic is a friendly school for young people who want to learn magic. But a group called the Crimson Order threatens the school.

What is Evil? Open

In the kingdom of Taurus, there has been a long lasting peace. The human majority lives in happiness. But a minority in Taurus is being oppressed. They hope to get equality someday but some of them would kill to get equality instead of doing nothing.

Welcome to Necropolis! Open

After a class trip some students dont seem to be as they were before. The night after the class trip people found a headless corpse that seemed to have been eaten from. Soon investigators will find out what happened and will have a week of living hell.

Blue Moon Open

Long ago the blue crystals were scattered throughout the area. They would appear again 1000 years later in the hands of young human beings. The crystals contain souls of celestial beings. Now the young humans must save the world from the darkness.