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My name is Mariah, but i really don't want you to call me that at all, be creative and make up some nickname for me, i mean come on, my parents don't even call me by my first name. But, anyways, i was born in California and moved to Idaho when i was 9, but i go and live in Cali every year for two to three months during the summer. I want to be a body perfectionist, no, that has nothing to do with exercise, give me a break, i'm an American, i'm gonna be lazy for as long as i can. ^^ Now then, i'm a bit crazy (that's putting it lightly), but you get used to it. I mean, my Soki Bear got used to it, i think? xD Speaking of said Soki, so i'm more of a biter than you huh? Hahaha, that just makes me want to be a biter even more now, just so you know. fufufu~ >:] But anyways, DUCT TAPE & VAMPIRE FANGS!!!
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Annalysa Jones
In Soki's Pants >:)
College Student working on a Degree In "Graphic Design" & A Future Body Perfectionist (Tattoos, Body Piercings, Jewelry Implants, Etc.)
singing/recording, drawing, making my manga "Cat Call Micro", writing my yaoi fan fiction "Sand Trap", writing my novel "Blood Soaked Hearts", horror and fantasy makeup, photo editing, writing songs, entering contests.
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31 Dec 2004
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Fantasy/Forbidden Love/Twisted Love

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