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Bio: My name is Mariah, but i really don't want you to call me that at all, be creative and make up some nickname for me, i mean come on, my parents don't even call me by my first name. But, anyways, i was born in California and moved to Idaho when i was 9, but i go and live in Cali every year for two to three months during the summer. I want to be a body perfectionist, no, that has nothing to do with exercise, give me a break, i'm an American, i'm gonna be lazy for as long as i can. ^^ Now then, i'm a bit crazy (that's putting it lightly), but you get used to it. I mean, my Soki Bear got used to it, i think? xD Speaking of said Soki, so i'm more of a biter than you huh? Hahaha, that just makes me want to be a biter even more now, just so you know. fufufu~ >:] But anyways, DUCT TAPE & VAMPIRE FANGS!!!
{Taken By Soki}

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Annalysa Jones
In Soki's Pants >:)
College Student working on a Degree In "Graphic Design" & A Future Body Perfectionist (Tattoos, Body Piercings, Jewelry Implants, Etc.)
singing/recording, drawing, making my manga "Cat Call Micro", writing my yaoi fan fiction "Sand Trap", writing my novel "Blood Soaked Hearts", horror and fantasy makeup, photo editing, writing songs, entering contests.
Began Role Playing:
31 Dec 2004
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Fantasy/Forbidden Love/Twisted Love

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"Hold On To The Painted Sky Where We Will Be Unified As I Stand Inside, Where Butterflies....Never Die." --Broken Iris

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The Feud Between A Brother And Sister Can Be So Simple, Yet So Painful.

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