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Male highschool student with a heavy interest in technology, literature and Anime. I'm cursed with having no particularly amazing talents, but just being 'pretty good' at many things. These things include gaming, free-running (or whatever stunted version of it a teenager can achieve), writing, empathy, and (lucky enough) roleplaying. I was introduced to it by my older brothers in the past and have picked it up on and off for the past six years. I usually enjoy playing characters that share little in common with myself, but rather act as polar opposites and "what-if" explorations. So consider this as a warning that any characters I play do not reflect my own personality or beliefs, but rather ones I think would make things a lot more interesting or convenient. ^_^ I prefer to play para- to semi-para, but I can't say I'm terribly great at the latter. I hope I get a lot out of this community and all of its great members!
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Anno Domini
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0- 0-2004
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Honestly? Anything text.
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Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Modern

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Revelation: The City in the Sky Completed

[Complete] The floating city of Revelation houses all that remains of the human population, drifting above a charred earth. Not all is well on the lofted landmass, however, and political upheaval threatens to overturn your very way of life.

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Caustic Blue

INDEFINITELY PAUSED - Deep in an arctic castle, one group of soldiers learns the true meaning of fear. (Horror/Survival)

Alchemist's Waltz

Young scientists clash using the alchemical arts, governed by strict principles, all striving for the Eternal Knowledge. (Fantasy/Steampunk)

Dieselpunk Devolution

An early temporal development greets 20th century Earth with a wealth of advanced aircraft, fast cars, intelligent robots, and surprisingly peace. But what wars aren't fought for freedom are soon waged for wealth.

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