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Another Lie » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Another Lie as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Ayami Mashiro

Ayami Mashiro, located in Nakamura

as part of Life is a Highway

"W-who me? Nah... I'm nobody special, you must be mistaking me for someone else haha! Oh no worries... I, ehm, get that alot, trust me." WIP

Character Portrait: Crimson

Crimson, located in ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA

as part of Operation: Login

"Shhh... Don't cry... it's alright! I'll take care of this..."

Character Portrait: Oishi Kyusei Dojima

Oishi Kyusei Dojima, located in Halloween Town

as part of Bloody Eve

"Haha! Alright! Time to put you down for good!" (WIP)

Character Portrait: Prince Sebastian Taurus

Prince Sebastian Taurus, located in The Land of High

as part of As Told by the Heavens

"I have no desire to follow nor oppose... all I can do is stand in defense of my people." [Minor WIP]

Character Portrait: Yohana Haruna Saiko

Yohana Haruna Saiko, located in Tier Lumina

as part of Crossing Blades

"I'm not going to pretend like I'm a good person now... because I'm not. But even a bad person like me can do good things if they try!" WIP

Character Portrait: Seto Hanakura Adachi

Seto Hanakura Adachi, located in Clarkton

as part of The E.T. Project

"WHA-?! Another complaint?! You're kidding!" MWIP

Character Portrait: Merc

Merc, located in ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA

as part of Operation: Login

"Hey don't get too attached alright? I'm not here forever."

Character Portrait: Daisuke Ryotoshi

Daisuke Ryotoshi, located in Japan

as part of Celestial

"One step forward, two steps back, three steps forward and fade to black. Sounds like the common happy ending to me and I'm A-OK with that!"

Character Portrait: Tamashi Kugutsu

Tamashi Kugutsu, located in Tier Lumina

as part of Crossing Blades

"Silence. Our words mean nothing here. If you have something to say then express it with your blade before I kill you."

Character Portrait: Rin Akira Dojima

Rin Akira Dojima, located in Halloween Town

as part of Bloody Eve

"Please... I don't want to hurt anybody... So let's just settle down..."

Character Portrait: Tenka

Tenka, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Android: Emotions

"Hey! Do you... want to be friends?"

Character Portrait: Alfred Alexander Stein

Alfred Alexander Stein, located in Roleplaygateway

as part of Character Storage

"Hey don't get too attached alright? I'm not here forever."

Character Portrait: Joshua Ceril Vermillia

Joshua Ceril Vermillia, located in Vermillia

as part of The Crimson Throne

"I don't desire anything more than the heart of a maiden such as yourself... in truth you've painted my emotions with the colors of your love and no longer can I resist a place at your side."

Character Portrait: Dark Lord Dei Homicida

Dark Lord Dei Homicida, located in Tokyo

as part of Windows To The Soul

"Ah ah ah... hush now child. Please, be glad as you meet this fate, your death will pave the ground beneath my feet as I claim all worlds as the property of The Dark Lord Dei Homicida!" MWIP Submitting to save Progress

Character Portrait: Shintaro Kisaragi "The Watcher"

Shintaro Kisaragi "The Watcher", located in New Tokyo

as part of Revived

"Just stay out of my way... I don't want to have to hurt you." WIP