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Well I figured I might as well do this at some point. If youre actually reading this thank you! Im obviously a girl if you didn't know that already. Im 14, still in high school. Yes, I am a little freshman. Im normal high school student as you can say? Im actually a medical student since I go to a magnet school that specializes in the medial field. I do a lot of sports but my main ones are track and cross country. My most favorite thing to do is to rollerblade. I do that quite often. Besides that Im on this site a lot. If you read my word count its low. But I have no problem doing 300+ words for a roleplay. In fact I tend to do more words the more interested I am in a roleplay. So dont let that scare you off.! Well ya...Im a virgo so I like things to be perf! Anyways.. Nice to meet you stranger! Oh yes! If you ever need me ASAP my kik is teengirlygirl!
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Las Vegas, Nevada
High School Student
I really love apples, coffee, candy, shopping, wifi, dancing, playing around, roleplaying, making new friends, food in general, pottery, track, cross country, school, French, anime, tv, funny things, gifs, quotes.....etc
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17 Oct 2014
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I actually have none...Haha
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My Little Imagination Box

This is just a place for me to store and play with my codding! Don't mind me at all. <3

To Infinity

6 people are taken to another planet. 3 Females 3 Males. Each person was a different species as in the supernatural species. They all had to form a bond whether it was friendship of love. If they don't the world may crumple between their feet.

Fate Pulling Strings

-Im bad with these so look inside!- ♥Two Open Roles♥

Tied Into You

What happens when you are mates what something other than wanted or expected?

Shattered Glass

Love is a petty thing, but most peple aren't willing to give it up. Not even after all the heartbreak they've caused. They find themselves still wanting the love they used to have. {4 Roles Open}

A Sheets of Music

Two Bands merge together... there are bumps and unexpected turns..But everywhere you go a new things comes your way.

Academy of Musical Arts||Reboot

School for the early beginners of dance, electronica, dubstep, and more. Dedicate your all into musical arts and soar to be the world's greatest musical artist!

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"You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." — Dr. Seuss
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