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Anraee » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Anraee as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Damien Thompson

Damien Thompson, located in Homra Lane

as part of Homra'z Bar

"In all truth I could care less."

Character Portrait: Breanne Årud

Breanne Årud, located in Universe

as part of Follow Me

"Why me?"

Character Portrait: Anestia

Anestia, located in The Land of Mojalge

as part of The Wolves of Mojalge

* "Everything will be alright"

Character Portrait: Forrest Inokira

Forrest Inokira, located in Silver Stars Company House

as part of A Silver Record

"Yea, yea I get it."

Character Portrait: Mai Yumi

Mai Yumi, located in Manhattan

as part of I Once Was Lost


Character Portrait: Kaede-Saaya Yuno

Kaede-Saaya Yuno, located in Seoul, South Korea

as part of Rookies; Remake

"I don't argue with stupidity"

Character Portrait: Kelis Harrison

Kelis Harrison, located in Earth

as part of How to Break A Dream

Sweet and Sour

Character Portrait: Brookylnn Harrison

Brookylnn Harrison, located in Sapphire, North Carolina

as part of Something Like Fate

"I'm sorry your not worth my time"

Character Portrait: Forrest Inokira

Forrest Inokira, located in Gifted Academy

as part of Gifted: A Remake

"You shold get away from me. How does that sound? Nice I know. Bye."

Character Portrait: Azalea Rose

Azalea Rose, located in Seattle

as part of Please, Remember Me.

"Im not cute!"

Character Portrait: Katsumi

Katsumi, located in Japan

as part of Welcome To Brightwood

"Im not sorry"

Character Portrait: Ena Yumika

Ena Yumika, located in Taloria

as part of Tigers' Stripes

"Everyone is told not to play with fire"

Character Portrait: Raila Vladmir

Raila Vladmir, located in Earth

as part of A Vampire's Blood Mixed With Love

"What smells so sweet?"

Character Portrait: Ashlynn Coppermen

Ashlynn Coppermen, located in Aurora, Oregon

as part of The Fabelwesen Inn

"You think you know me? Sorry sweetie I'm a lot more complicated than you think"

Character Portrait: Hazel Miki

Hazel Miki, located in Yamamura

as part of Losing Your Memory

{History Needed}

Character Portrait: Allison Greyn

Allison Greyn, located in Michigan

as part of Fate Pulling Strings

I dont bite..Hard

Character Portrait: Ino Yumira

Ino Yumira, located in The Nation of Lunalia

as part of The Three Great Villages

Ruler of Starfall

Character Portrait: Freesia Leighandra

Freesia Leighandra, located in New Orleans

as part of Rise of the Loups-garou

"It doesnt matter"

Character Portrait: Ayumi Yumira

Ayumi Yumira, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Vice Among Virtue

"To give is to recieve"

Character Portrait: Kelis Harrison

Kelis Harrison, located in Rose Valley

as part of A Sheets of Music

Sweet as Sugar

Character Portrait: Nothing

Nothing, located in Rose Valley

as part of A Sheets of Music


Character Portrait: Raeaa Lilia

Raeaa Lilia, located in Lumiose Catacombs

as part of The Multiverse

Looking for an Adventure

Character Portrait: Leighanne Brook

Leighanne Brook, located in Earth

as part of The Elements

WIP almost done

Character Portrait: Ashylnn Coppermen

Ashylnn Coppermen, located in Aurora, Oregon

as part of Ungetüm Gasthof

"You think you know me? Sorry sweetie im a lot more complicated than you think"

Character Portrait: Ex1

Ex1, located in Bikini Bottom

as part of My Little Imagination Box

The Penpal Project

Character Portrait: Sierra Lin

Sierra Lin, located in New York, NY

as part of New York Streets

"Maybe you would understand if you listen."

Character Portrait: Linette Fresina

Linette Fresina, located in Demi-God Manor

as part of Match Made in Heaven

"Love? Ha! I dare you to make me fall for you!"

Character Portrait: Arietta Nikola

Arietta Nikola, located in Paris, France

as part of The Penpal Project

"Secrets always end up coming out" **WIP**