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Im a girl whose 5 feet and 1 inch who has super tiny hands and feet. I love people so talk to me and stuff! I hope im nice cuz i at least try to be.
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New England, USA
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02 May 2012
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War and superpowers
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Universes Created

The Purge: A New America

Crime is at an all time low. Unemployment is at 1%. But in order to maintain the peace in America, the government has allowed one month where all crime is legal. No emergency assitence will be given and this is the decree. Can you survive the purge?

Falling Skies-War of the Worlds

When the aliens invade Earth, countries crumble and governments turn into separate militias. The 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment are the face of the rebellion against the Overlords. How will you contribute to the war of the worlds?

A Vampire's Domain

In Tauriel, there is a certain order in the society that has been the same for thousand of years. You may either be a powerful and wealthy vampire or perhaps an not so fortunate human serving under a vampire as a sservant?

Tale of Two Kingdoms: Fire and Ice

Look inside for details!

Battle of the Clans-Werewolves vs Vampires

In a quiet town of Willow Falls lies an ongoing battle between Werewolf and Vampire. They are both building armies and growing stronger every day, the war for ultimate power of the whole territory is undeniable. But the question remains...who will win?

Red Dead Redemption-Untold Stories

In the American Frontier there was a town called Armadillo, whose roads held people of all kinds of character. The law is having trouble containing the order and peace, with its outlaws, ranchers, and government on its back. Red Dead Redemption*****

The Power of Resurrection II

In the modern world, there is a secret society of people who call themselves Hunters. What do they hunt? People who have the ability to die and then come back to life, the Resurrected. Both groups fight for survival, but only one can live.

A Pledge for Justice

A Hero and Villain RP. LOOK INSIDE FOR MORE!

City Sinners

Two rival gangs, the Golden guns and Silver Bullets, have been at each others throats for years now. Territory, weapons, and followers are the main reasons for conflicts. Join a side and fight to gain your gang more territory in the great City of Cormount

A New Dawn Rising

Humans are the slaves to the Lycans and Vampires. They all co-exist together in a somewhat understanding way. But what happens when the humans start to rebel against their masters? Which will you be?

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