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0- 0-2111
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Mass Effect 2
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Modern times with some magic maybe

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Character Portrait: Arash


Originally from a different universe populated only by humans, Arash was dragged into this universe by an unknown force. Given new powers and receiving constant vision he is set on finding why he was brought here and how he could get back home.
Character Portrait: Milad


Originally from a different universe populated only by humans, Milad traveled to this universe in search of his brother. Having almost forgotten about his original quest of finding and rescuing his brother, Milad has changed immensely.
Character Portrait: Zia


Originally from a different universe populated only by humans, Zia was forced into this universe to protect his brothers. After Milad made a deal with a demon Zia was forced to enter this universe to prevent the transaction.
Character Portrait: Spoke


A stray, fox-like creature, looking for a new home after his was destroyed in the construction of a hotel. He searches around Gambit's during the day, collecting spoons for a unknown reason.
Character Portrait: The Ruler

The Ruler

The Ruler of a mysterious faction known as T403
Character Portrait: The Fighter

The Fighter

The main ground unit of the mysterious faction. Led bye Captain Zarin.
Character Portrait: The Pilot

The Pilot

The main air unit and engineers of the mysterious faction. Led by Captain Raad.
Character Portrait: The Guards

The Guards

The Guards are a group of elite soldiers of the T403, they are the most advanced fighters in all of T403 behind The Ruler
Character Portrait: Karsa


A child born when a Terrian reproduced with a human. Although the T403 welcomed him with open arms, he never felt as if he belonged. He acts as one of the Ruler's personal guards. Karsa would readily give his life for the Ruler as it is his duty.
Character Portrait: Remm


A aimless boy in his teens, always seen in a tie-less suit and a hat. Carries around his guitar everywhere he goes, its his only real 'weapon'