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I'm a pretty crazy guy. The best way to describe me, in one word, would be "mental."
I love to just go all out and I'll do or have done just about everything. (I had a ton of free time as a kid)
Other than that, I'm just your typical nut case :D Don't be jealous!
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Anywhere and Everywhere :D
Well, let's see. I like to write, and currently am writing a couple stories. Nothing incredible though. I love basketball. It's just epic! I used to play guitar, don't anymore though. Other things got in the way. I'm a big GBA nerd, and I must have over 50 GBA games xD
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0- 7-2009
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Anime, Fantasy

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Universes Created

Star Wars: Jedi Academy

FULL! The Jedi Academy on Coruscant holds the roots of the Order. Here, students learn, fight, and compete for the title of Jedi. Students must pass vigorous trials, withstand devastating obstacles, and deal with the pressure from each other...

Untold Nightmares

A boy is given a second chance at life, but with a catch. He's followed around by an angel who has sworn to protect him until the day he dies. Add in demons out for blood and the occasional murderer, and you've just stepped into Untold Nightmares

Sunset City: The Panther's reign

6 strangers from different lifestyles come together to not only live together, but survive from a deadly gang that they've pissed off one too many times!

Naruto: A New Age

250 years after Naruto, the world is at peace and thriving. However, a possible threat is lurking in the Sound Village, awaiting an opportunity to strike.

Star Wars Republic Commando: Order 66

After Palpatine executed the dreaded Order 66, the clone army suddenly turned on the Jedi, killing all in their path. But, when the Commandos of Delta Squad are unaffected, they decide to do what the do best. Hit the clones hard and rain down hell..

The Great War of Grivis

The races of the world are thrown into a bloody duel that lasts hundreds of years. But when an army of rebels try to stop the feud, chaos only grips tighter to the planet's inhabitants...

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Blades

On the continent of Elibe, peace has reigned for hundreds of years. But, an ancient evil has awoken that threatens to destroy the world. Now, a band of warriors of all kinds must stand together to stop this evil, or die trying.

The Key of Shinseina

In a world ruled by a tyrant king, who will stand up to the destruction and take on this dictator?

A New Age of Music: The Club Scene

With club and house music taking over the radio, and clubs growing in popularity, a group of friends think up the best idea ever: We'll start our own club! But running a business like this isn't exactly a walk in the park..

Love has no Bounds

Four girls fall in love with the same guy. Three other girls fall in love with that guy's best friend. Now these two boys are stuck in the middle of one crazy love story! (Full)

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You see that? See how peaceful everything is right now? Fifty bucks says I can turn that peace into chaos in under a minute.