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The Manor of Ruin Closed

You find yourself trapped in a decrepit manor with only a faint memory. There is something in the manor, and it's hunting you now. Your only hopes are to find the others trapped in this manor, the faint memory you still have, and the secret you hide.

Problem Adults: Second Session Open

Four Adults with problems plaguing them since childhood haunt them to this day. together, they work to try and end them.

Going Through The Motions Open

Three people stumble upon three bizarre strangers. It as it turns out, these strangers aren't human, but want to be. They make an agreement: One teaches the other how to be human, in exchange for servitude and protection.

Minthill Home for the Troubled Open

Four troubled patients are sent to a unique help facility, where they will learn to move on and learn how to walk through life with the help of two fantastic doctors, each other, and maybe a bit of love. (COMMITTED, AT LEAST SEMI-LITERATE RPERS)