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Gileas walked into town after being assigned into the human captain's group. He was pleased that he would be led by some one of his heritage. Alll his life he had more respect for the humans who lived above ground. He found something about the deep humans to be somewhat weak. The appearance that they hid, that they had escaped the danger's of the above ground, and their lack of interest to save their own kind. If he had not lived in the underground for a few year's of his life he would naively believe that all deep humans were cowards.

His legs were tired from the long march, but unlike the other deep human he had walked with, Gileas was more accustomed to using his legs. He took a seat next to the fence next to where they had met up with the human captain. He watched as the other soldier's scattered off in all different directions. They all had something on their minds it seemed, the expressions on their faces were a mix of longing, fear, and anticipation. He watched for some time as they drifted apart from they large group they were. Some went into the Inn right away others stuck around at the market and browsed the many goods on sale.

Gileas stood up and let out a deep breath. He pondered his next move, being somewhat of a loner he was not very inclined to social interaction, although sometimes it could be pleasant. Gileas decided it would be best to head to the Inn. He would glance at the stores and see if there was anything of interest. He was aware that for such a small town there would be little to offer. He browsed through a couple of food stands but found nothing that appealed to his appetite. The smithy was small, and the weapons and armor they produced were of fairly good quality but his current equipment should be enough for the time being. He acknowledged a few shields on the wall to have been made with great care, but Gileas did not restrain the desire to correct the smith on his designs. The man took the criticism well and thanked him for the advice before he left.

The door opened for him as one of the townsfolk left. He caught the door and walked inside, closing it behind him. There was a lot of activity going on now, since most of the soldier's had made their way there. Many of the tables were taken up by multiple soldiers. The bar had already been filled and Gileas wan't in the mood for too much company. He spotted the table where the other deep human from the march had sat down and Gilleas made his way to one of the chairs at the table. Before sitting down Gileas unstrapped the thick shield from his back and set it on the ground and partially under the table. He stretched his shoulders and proceeded to sit down. He ordered a small meal. Just a slice of beef and a cooked potato. His hunger was not very great but the importance of eating did not escape him.

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The previous night had been uneventful for Gilleas. Aside from a small conversation at the inn during dinner he had passed on much social interaction. The bed was comfortable, it was much easier to rest on than the cots and the academy and the legion camp he had been living at. He wondered how many of them would survive, although he found it difficult to get close to people, he found the soldiers last night had gotten on his good side. He was weary about the berserker though. As a human Gilleas placed a lot of respect in the man but the stories about his rage made him hesitant to trust the man.

"Alright soldiers! Form up!" The young human captain snapped Gilleas out of his daze. The armor they presented was of good quality, although his plated leggings provided more protection than the armor the legion provided, he decided he would trade it for more mobility. The march had left him pretty tired last night so he figured it would be best if he shed the heavy plates. The armor fit well, he had been informed on the magical properties Living leather possessed and found the curiass and leggings to be quite comfortable. He did however keep his gauntlet's and shield finding the ones the legion provided to be of very low quality compared to his own. He also kept his own sword. He was already used to the weight of his own blade and did not want to experiment with a new sword in the middle of battle. He took his place among the formation, he was at the head of the group with the close range fighters. That probably meant Caine would march alongside him.

Lailanae donned the light armor uniform well. She like how comfortable it was, and was pleased that she would be more protected that with her old armor. She began to take formation. She found herself watching a blind mage, and her older sister. They were dark elves, Laila had not seen many of their kind. She was intrigued by them, to her they were distant relatives she had not yet met and decided she would try and become a friendly face. They would march under Girmsmirk's command. So she decided to wait until they were in formation to speak to them.

When they began to march Laila extended her hand to the older of the sisters and introduced herself. "Hello, I am Lailanae, Laila for short. I am glad to meet you."

Gilleas struggled to find words that he could use to begin a conversation. He tried to stray away from talking about battle but in the end found it to be of no use.
"Caine was it?" Gilleas began looking straight ahead, avoiding immediate eye contact. "It seems we are to fight soon, and as the captain suggested it would be wise to pair up. I figure my heavy defensive ability would compliment your berserker offense well. Do you agree?"

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Laila smiled as the dark elf introduced herself Her request was simple and she found that it would be enjoyable to work with a mage. "I would gladly watch your sister's back for you."

That was the last she said before lining up and beginning the march. She moved gracefully each step seemed light and well placed. Her feet rarely made a sound as she stepped and the march was easy for her. Marching as she saw it was simply a menial daily task, her tall and powerful legs used to the long walks. The rain on the other hand, while she delighted in the cool mist as her skin became covered by the rain, did manage to make the march tougher. The sudden stop made Laila realize exactly was was about to happen.

With the order given, she followed her captain into the tall grass. She moved swiftly and gracefully through the field and reached the rock quicker than most of her squad. She pulled one of her quiver's off her back and removed the leather straps that held the arrows within the canister. Strapping it at her side for quicker access she pulled a single arrow from its sisters. She readied her bow and notched the arrow, pulling slowly on the string she aimed at the path in front of them. Hey body became a statue from anticipation. Her aim was focused and the first creature that dared to show it's face would be quickly taken out.

She noticed the dark elf was, preparing as well. Her elven senses could smell the adrenaline flowing though her body. Her heart was beating quickly.
"Relax a bit. You'll do fine." She said letting go of her arrow and striking an enemy square in the neck causing the child to drop to it's knees and gasp for life.


Gillias stood by Caine, his shield was raised and his sword arm ready. He led the blade outwards behind his back. Pulling back almost like and archer does with their arrows. He was ready for the first child to come foolishly seeking to confront him. As one did he was greeted by the forceful swing of the guardians anticipating strike. The mud was an advantage for him. He was a very stationary fighter and did not need to maneuver in the mud. The same could not be said for the children, he watched their feet noticing that it was effectively slowing their moments making them clumsy. Gilleas immediately began to take notes on the battle, forming strategies in his head. There were a lot of factors that favored his chances o survival. He liked that.

He stood by Caine, as he surrendered to the bestial nature his berserker skill provided. The guardian would do as his name suggested, whilst Caine became a massive attacking force he would be the unmovable defense that ensured his survival. Another child charged him, he held still and waited for the lunge of the blade. The sword crashed feebly against his shield. The enemy took a step back and asserted the situation. While he waited to attack again one of his friends joined him. Gilleas held his shield firm, slowly he prepared his blade to strike at the first opportunity. One more blow was deflected by his shield, before he could attack, the other child charged him as well. Gilleas moved his shield from one side to the other deflecting their blows respectively. He trust his blade out, leaving a large opening in his defense, he managed to stab at the child. He quickly pivoted on his back leg and held the shield close to his body. He extended the shield and managed to deflect another blow, and knocking the child to the ground. He then attempted to slash but had to lift his shield at the last moment as his friend cut in.

They were trying to flank him. Caine was preoccupied at the time so he would have to take care of them. He prepared his stance and became watchful of the two. One of them to his front the other was behind him. If they attacked at the same time it could prove problematic. As expected though the one behind him charged and swung his weapon for Gill's back. The guardian turned to block the blow and skillfully counterattacked driving the sword deeply into the child's' side leaving a massive gash in it's skin. It fell to the ground. Taking the opening his companion had given him the child attacked at Gill whose back was completely open for attack. Not wasting a single second Gill thrust his shield into the mud, it stuck vertically out of the ground. Gill then vaulted over the shield and took cover on the other side just in time to block the opponents attack. Gill then kicked the shield forcefully knocking it over as well as the child, he then leaped onto the body and slashed at it's neck cutting a deep and fatal wound. The guardian stood and recovered his shield rushing over to Caine's side to help his ally.