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Character Portrait: Asher A mysterious boy who appears to be the age of 18, but his actual age is unknown. One of an ancient race that vowed to protect humanity.
Character Portrait: Evan Deleroso I'm not gonna let some kid stop me... Not after all that I went through up until now.
Character Portrait: Jade Anderson If you mess with me... Well, let's just say I'll blow you away.
Character Portrait: Arcanando Hamlet I may be named after a fictional character, but my sword and your wounds are real.
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "I don't believe in your gods to begin with, so why ask me if I'm a Dark Hunter? I have my own enemies, don't you have yours? Then away with you."
Character Portrait: Damion Lassar "I've been living in death, so what's the use of threatening to kill me?" The alter-ego of Ryoko Asakura.
Character Portrait: Ryoko Asakura "-sigh- I'm so bored..." The alter-ego of Damion Lassar.
Character Portrait: Dagran Laszulis A human/tengu hybrid sperated by his family at an early age.
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Immortality? A blessing? HAH! My friend, it's more like a curse!"
Character Portrait: Analise "Eliza" Singren "I may be young, but even roses have deadly thorns at the earliest age."
Character Portrait: Asher "The last thing I want is assassins trying to kill me. They're the most annoying of them all, other than witch hunters."
Character Portrait: Adrion Unless you want society to get screwed over, you better start working.
Character Portrait: Blade Slizer "A dragon? Well, that's a very ambitious target. You might need to pay extra... Just pulling your leg."
Character Portrait: Dain Leonardo "Don't ask me who's side am I on, because I'm on my own."
Character Portrait: Devan Lance "My darkness will be your light, because mine is brighter than theirs.
Character Portrait: Asher "Evans" A boy from the Middle ages, chosen to protect humanity even if they betray him.
Character Portrait: Asher "I've lost everything because of the Devil... Then I lost even more after death because of Fate..."
Character Portrait: Dark Asher Asher's dark side, manifested the moment Asher had obtained power over darkness. Asher is fighting over control of his body when he uses his dark powers.
Character Portrait: Asher "Evans" Immortalis "I'm not that little kid whose village was burned down. If I see fire, I freeze it... If I see a frozen civilization, I thaw them out...."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "How can you kill me... When I am already dead?"
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "How can you kill me... When I am already dead?"
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "Oh God, please let there not be a tree... Oh damnit..." -trips and faceplants into a nearby tree-
Character Portrait: Asher He has an icy cold glare that would look straight through your soul. He is the one standing against a wall in a party, most likely the quietest corner as well.
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "How can you kill me... When I am already dead?"
Character Portrait: Daine Leonardo A half-human half-angel who wanders the world looking for peace... And a place without trees.
Character Portrait: Asher Evans A boy with soul-piercing blue eyes, silver hair, and a wise and fast mind. A dangerous mix of traits on the battlefield.
Character Portrait: Damion Howard The rebel leader and one of the few God's Master Immortalis.
Character Portrait: Aero Zaine A middle aged man who wants to master magic.
Character Portrait: Dain "There will be hell to pay when I get to that throne room of yours, Julian. Mark my words."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis (Book 1) A boy with soul-piercing blue eyes, silver hair, and a wise and fast mind. A dangerous mix of traits on the battlefield.
Character Portrait: Aero Anze Asher's friend. He is always optimistic, mischievous, and searching for fun. It's hard to make him sad and pissed off.
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Yeesh... And I thought I had seen it all.... Now an alternate earth?"
Character Portrait: Asher/Ashie Damion Evans Asher: Please, can you stop talking? I'm trying to read. Ashie: LET'S PARTY!
Character Portrait: Devan Lance "Huh... It's a new moon... Now I wonder what I can do about the stars...?"
Character Portrait: Damion Howard "If you can't play, then get out."
Character Portrait: Aero Lassar "As silent as a breeze, as fast as a hurricane."
Character Portrait: Dark Asher "Hello. My name is Asher. You're Dead." -kills his next victim-
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Wanna know why I am known as the 'Voice of Treason'? Find out after I haul your butt out of this palace."
Character Portrait: Asher Damons (a.k.a. The Voice of Treason) "Tenkou mitsuru tokoro ni ware wa ari, yomi no mon hiraku tokoro ni nanji ari..."
Character Portrait: Damion Lance "Stop fooling around and smelling the roses and- Mmmmm.... Roses..."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Tell me... How is all this happening, yet no one has ever noticed it?"
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "How can you kill me... When I am already dead?"
Character Portrait: Daine Leonardo "What kind of angel do you see me as? An Angel of Death or a Guardian Angel?"
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "Are you sure that I should be kept here? My race are just humans; it's just that they're blessed."
Character Portrait: Asher Damons "Live to die... or die for someone else to live... Which do you choose?"
Character Portrait: Asher Damons "As silent as a breeze, as devastating as a hurricane, and as fast as a tornado.."
Character Portrait: Damon Lassar "Like the winds, I'm free. So don't expect me to give a crap much."
Character Portrait: Damon Lassar Oi! Gimme some more o' dat booze! Noooo... Not dat 'un... DAT 'un! Yeah, give it to me! DERE WE GO!
Character Portrait: Asher Damons "Tch... First SAO, then ACO, now here? You'd think by now that this is getting repetitive..."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "How can you kill me... When I am already dead?"
Character Portrait: Lucian Evans Immortalis "The only one that can and will kill you, Asher, is me. Got it?"
Character Portrait: Damion Howard The Will of the Inferno
Character Portrait: Blade Slizer Come now... Do you really want to cross swords with someone named 'Blade?'
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "The people have the right to use Cyberspace, not just the government."
Character Portrait: Lucian Lande "A three letter difference between my name and the demon to Pride... It makes such an impact..."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "'Spare me?' How many of your victims said that before they died by your hands?"
Character Portrait: Lucian Lande "I just want this to stop... Everyday I seem the same nightmare..."
Character Portrait: Asher Weiss Schnee "Kill....? I'm just lost... Ma'am...."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Hey... This is real life. Not some cheap fake."
Character Portrait: Devan Lassar "... Yeah, I think I'll give the whole pact thing a pass. Too bad you asked someone like me."
Character Portrait: Jirall Schnee "Come now, Asher. Hand over the girl.... Better yet, why don't I take your head as well?
Character Portrait: Ryouto Mitsunobu "I see what you can't see. What I see now if Yurkimura doing the bunny-ears prank on you."
Character Portrait: Evan Lance "You tried walking in a straight line, but then you got dizzy and fell." -shrugs innocently-
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "'Die?' I find it funny that you're telling me to do this. You're the mortal here."
Character Portrait: Ryan Avena "Damn. That's colder than the ice I make."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Wait until my parents hear about this... They'd think I'm even more crazy than before."
Character Portrait: Asher Weiss Schnee "Damn... colder than ice, man..."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Leave me.... I don't want to go to another freaking party..."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "Happily Ever After is only a minor fairytail to me... It never happened, even after 1000 years."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "You know, you should really value your life more. This battle had decided its victor long before it started. That victor is me."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "I am... the Voice of Treason.... the King of a Hundred Days...."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis "Do not test me, boy. I'm more experienced than how much you think I am."
Character Portrait: Weiss Schnee "Aah!! Too hot! Too hot!"
Character Portrait: Lucian Lassar "Get the hell away from me... Does it look like I want to talk to you... you... People?"
Character Portrait: Asher Lucian "Long ago... this Home was made for peace and freedom... As of now, we are only given illusions of them.
Character Portrait: Ian Erian "C'mon... Give me your best shot..."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Oi. You. Where d'you think you're going, eh?"
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Now around me, you'll see various obstacles in our training grounds. Today's lesson: effectively using your surroundings."
Character Portrait: Asher Lucian Evans "... A... time... paradox...?" Asher sighs. "Well, considering all the bullshit I have to put up with... Why not?"
Character Portrait: Ian Emanual Erian "C'mon. Try and out-snipe me."
Character Portrait: Yuri Lowell "If there's one thing the Don's last moments taught me, it's that I've been too soft. If a part is infected, you cut it off before it infects the whole. Even if it's a comrade, an Entelexia, or a friend."
Character Portrait: Yurick "If you have the energy to complain like that, then you must not be very tired."
Character Portrait: Marisa Kirisame "I don't know what you're talking about. I just borrow stuff for life, ze. You can have them back when I'm dead~"
Character Portrait: Blade Slizer (Asher Damons) "I am but a weapon, just point me at your enemies and I will attack them. Point me at the innocent, and you shall perish yourself."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Oi... You really don't want to see my true self..."
Character Portrait: Lucian Evans "Heh.... My tongue is like a spider.... It spins a web of lies that you can't even see. You're bound to be trapped."
Character Portrait: Ian Erian "Just... go... It's bad enough I'm going with you. Suffering from your monologue is already more than enough..."
Character Portrait: Ian Emanuel Erian "They told me... to kill... I never wanted to pull that trigger while a man's heart is in my scope...."
Character Portrait: Asher Lucian Evans "You... can't experience all the pain I feel... in just one lifetime..."
Character Portrait: Kakashi "Ah, it seems you have a couple of new visitors..."
Character Portrait: Damion Howard "It's not the power that is dangerous and feared- it's the person who wields it."
Character Portrait: Navarre Daine Lance "Come on Jijo... We don't have all day."
Character Portrait: Damion Howard "Alright... Let's get in there quickly, take him out, and get out before that clock ticks."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Please. Drunks like you can't even touch me, let alone kill me."
Character Portrait: Devan Howard - Blade Slizer "You've got to be kidding..."
Character Portrait: Asher Damons "So... Back into the world of 1's and 0's...."
Character Portrait: Asher Lucian Evans Immortalis "Me? Die? Aren't you the mortal here?"
Character Portrait: Marisa Kirisame "Reimu.... Get the hell away from me....."
Character Portrait: Devan Howard - Blade Slizer "No.... No, you have to be kidding...."
Character Portrait: Damion Howard [WIP] "One arrow in the knee to immobilze, one arrow in the arrow to prevent countering, and one arrow in the head to take the kill."
Character Portrait: Damion Howard "Play with fire, and you'll get burned. Don't do things that you don't need to do, and just do your job, mate."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans Lassar "Hey, hey, hey. You guys really need to let go, eh? How long has it been since you've been chasing me about?"
Character Portrait: Damion Lexiss Howard "I normally do not care about the elves' kingdoms. However, this one tyrant is the worse that I have ever heard of. You have my blade."
Character Portrait: Casus Mornexus "Wait.... He... this isn't my... No, it wasn't intentional.. Please, it was an accident!"
Character Portrait: Yukari Yakumo "Oh my... this is a rather large incident, even for Gensokyo's standards..."
Character Portrait: Kioku Nakusu "Hello! It's nice to meet you! O-oh, we've met before? And we're best friends?! It's happened again..."
Character Portrait: Asher Evans "Let's end this quickly."
Character Portrait: Anna Alencia "What I desire... that is a good question."