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Bio: hey guys,

My name's Kitty!
I'm a Lycan, but only half. My features are visible I have two black and purple foxes ears with a matching tail and although my Mother was a pure breed, my father was a vampire. I don't have any recognizable vampire traits other than my lust and lack of control at night. My eyes are amethyst, possibly another trait inherited as my father had blue-Grey eyes. I stand 5"5 and have a slim-slender body type weighing over 110 pounds. I'm home schooled as my parents fear I'll be humiliated because of my unusual features and my short temper, I have an excellent muscle stature as apposed to my small size. My sexuality is bi, I believe that flesh is just a shell and I have a docile personality, I will only let someone in when I feel comfortable around them.

can't wait to meet you x

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Student (ftw)
I love, love, love anime. Especially wolf-girls (: I will play ANY wolf-girl character with great pride.
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11 Jun 2010
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high fantasy, definately.

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outcast.. halfbreed.. betrayer.. I am one of the most docile and friendliest people you'll ever meet.
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When they put my drawings against eachother, I heard the statement "as you can see her mentality is getting worse.. You see a perfectly normal cat on the right slowly changing as each picture developes" I just saw my kitty, I had drawn 5 times.


You can't change your destiny, but you can rise to meet it.