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Atheol Cowin
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17 May 1990
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Kingdom Hearts
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Fantasy, horror, est

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Universes Created

Naruto: Blades Army

The world is free for two hundard years. Now a new enemy is on the rise. Who will save this world from blades army.

Station 13

Your life, and ten thounsand other marine have boarded one of the longest ships in the fleet. But there is one catch its haunted, and your ship is out of lifesupport. -players needed.-

Shatter'd Dreams: A Hero's Rebirth Chapter 1

Your dreams are gone. Your life has been taken from you, and thrusted into a world of Fantasy. Will you save the people from the darkness. Or will you become the darkness, and in slave them for your own fieble temptations. -Need more people-

The gem of the Immortal

This gem has the power to save, or destroy the world. Four hero's are needed to search for this powerful item to combat the evil on the raise.

The Creed

One day, you witness a killing in your appartment. But it wasn't that much of a killing. But something more, Now your running for your life, or you can join them..

Project Breakdown

What if the things wasn't what them seem to be.. What if you wake up, and a Docter tells you what your name is...

The Fall of Knite

Death is coming sooner, or later. If you do the right thing once you'll save a thousand. Do the right thing twice you kill your life..

Phantom. Requiem for the Phantom

Sometimes stuff happened you walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. Main characters needed for story.

DeadSpace Survival

Life was great on the ship Called St. Langly, But that ended when a life pod was found with In Deep Space. Thats when hell breaks loose, And all is silent..

Resident Evil Outbreak Survival

You some friends were at a birthday party having fun, when the news kicks on, telling you to stay inside, and baricade the doors..

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My father once said your limitis what you make of it. I believe is your limit is there so you can go beyond It