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Writing short stories, making 3D animations, drawing, playing video games, listening to music, watching anime
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Completed Stories

The Great Guild Fortune Completed

"What makes a great guild? Fortune? No. Power? No. Glory? Not necessarily. Its the friends you gain, the adventures you have together, and the memories you make along the way."

The Ultimate Organization IV Completed

This is no longer the age of heroes. This is no longer the age of Knights in shining armour. This is the age of warfare, of soldiers and mystery men lurking in the shadows. This is a new world. A cruel world. And we have no business in it.

Universes Created

Deadman's March

A treacherous journey awaits after death, for one who is so eager to cling to life. This is the story of those who have died and foolishly agreed to be resurrected.

Between Hollow Worlds

This world has been invaded by two factions - one who wishes to enslave it, and one who wishes to destroy it. Can a shaky alliance be formed, or is everyone destined to be your enemy?

You Are Powerless

It is 2104 and the population of the world is 95% esper, super-powered beings who have gained complete dominance over the world. You are not an esper. You are powerless.

Bullet Hell

The year is 2041 and blood sports - fights to the death - have not grown out of favor. Will you survive as a junior league participant in Bullet Hell? Or become another corpse in the pile?

Falling into a Dream

After struggling from a bad case insomnia, a handful of strangers are able to get a peaceful night's sleep only to find themselves waking in a strange world where their dreams intersect and nightmares from their pasts come back to haunt them. . .

Nightmares and Daydreams - The Dark Curse

When nightmares begin to escape from the dreams of children to terrorize and murder people during the night, can those same children turn the tides against them?

I Miss the Sunrise

Death is not the end in this world, but restoring a soul comes at a price: Traversing the aether armed with what is known as your ‘Reflection,’ a hellish journey awaits anyone who seeks to trespass the reaper’s own domain for a second lease on life.

The Marigold Machine

All children must be assessed by the Marigold Machine, designed to evaluate the subject's skills with 100% accuracy to decide their careers. The only problem is that several students are suddenly taken by surprise when they are all assessed as soldiers.

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