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Universes Created

The Last of His Kind

1x1 with Miss Echo

221B Baker street

Sherlock Holmes in love? He isn't capable of feeling love as far as anyone knows, until she moves in across the street. 1x1 With Tink87 (MORE INSIDE)

For King and Country

In the year 1360 the world is amidst chaos peppered over heartbreak, death, and tragedy...(1x1) Looking for Partnet

The Garden of Eden

When God and Satan intensify their battle in the human realm and send their children to fight their battle. What happens with their son and daughter meet each other? What happens when they fall for each other? [1x1] MORE INFO INSIDE

Hands On Destiny

Slowly but surely, under the radar of most, things have been returning to their terrible ways. Dark forces are reawakening, and it's time for the next generation to prove their worth.

Our Royal Blood

In the year 1350 and the plague attacks the world which is already amidst chaos peppered over heartbreak, death, and tragedy...1x1 with Fallenone121

King and Country

1x1 with Forget~Me~Not

The Doctor

Yes, a Doctor Who RP. (1x1) Need a partner!

Trial of Thieves

1X1 with LordTalbot

Deathly Hallows

The children of the witches and wizards who fought in the second wizarding war are attending Hogwarts, there is peace now, but the peace is ending.




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