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A World of Mist Open

A literate zombie roleplay based 40 years in the future.


Survive the zombie apocalypse. ~Free World~


Its been four years since the outbreak....open world apocalypse. See more inside.

Keeping A Dirty Little Secret Open

Private roleplay between AvalonKnight and lovemebroken

The Walking Dead || To Live Another Day Open

Its been 4 years since the outbreak. You will yourself to survive cause dying ain't an option.

The Last of Us || To see another day Open

This is a zombie Apocalypse roleplay. If your truly interested have a look I promise it won't disappoint.

Can You Tell Me A Story? Open

The land of our favorite bed time stories is in danger and only six hero's can save it from evil. Way better then it sounds here I promise I just not good with summaries.

Escape From the Heart House Open

Three groups of supernaturals escape the hell hole, also known as the Heart House. Together they must survive and fight for their freedom. (Much better then it sounds)

The Fallen | Connected To You Open

5 humans accidentally stumble upon a war between Angels and Fallen Angels. (Better description inside)

The Howling | Mates Open

The Dark Mountain Pack and the White Night pack have been rivals for centuries but what happens when they come together? (just look inside)

Country Lines Open

1x1 RP between Me and Cookiiie

Hunter of the Cursed Open

Private 1x1 RP between AvalonKnight and ? Open spot

A World For Stars Open

Look inside for detail's.

Not so alone Open

Private RP between me and code6435

A Demon's Way Open

1x1 between me and WolfSpirit

The Heart of a Princess Open

1x1 between me and phoenixheart

A Teacher's Mate Open

1x1 between AvalonKnight and holothewisewolf

You & Me 1x1 Open

These are just a few ideas I had for some 1x1's.

Alpha & Omega: Mates Open

1x1 between AvalonKnight and Spottedclaw59

Sage University: Prophecies Chosen Open

The Realm is a magical place where all the species live in harmony. The heir's of all the kingdom's in the Realm are attending Sage University. But not everything is as its seems as the Dark Master plots his return. Look inside for more.

Awakening the Dragon's Heart Open

Long ago mighty beasts ruled the Earth, causing havoc.That is until a group of brave soldiers fought back.The Dragon's were defeated but with their deaths came consequences. The Dark Lord as awaken.Now years later the dragons are re-awakened.

The World We Once Knew Open

The world has fallen apart. Survival of the fittest. Help find a cure. But most of all......Live