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Bio: I am a thirty-one year old female and live in Ontario, Canada where I spend most of my time writing stories; Role-playing on various writers’ forums and playing online RP games.

I am seeking an RP that has mature writers who can present well structured descriptive narrative and viable dialog. I also lean more toward realistic characters in the Elf/Human range and less toward the fantastic; although the introduction of Magick of a purely mystical and natural type can sometimes add a dimension of mystery to the storyline.

I try to post often and don’t like to keep people waiting for a response unless RL steps on my skirt hem and prevents me from moving forward. Should that happen, notices will be posted.

My posts tend to be lengthy and descriptive unless engaged in a back and forth dialog.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or are looking for another player to join an RP.

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RP, gaming, writing, editing, publishing, etc.
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24 Nov 2002
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Midieval, fantasy, high adventure

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