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Been rping since I was fourteen years old and won't bend to any GM if it comes to comprising the integrity of my character. They come first. For the characters; always for them. Anyway, I'm an Army wife and mother of two, E and C. They take up most of my time and keep me from being here as much as I would like.
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Where my heart is
Army Wife
Writing, acting, dance, karate and of course role playing
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0- 0-2005
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For What Its Worth

The Chosen has been born and now his life is in danger as a demon assassin is sent to kill him. Only a young pack of lycanthropes stand in his way. The stakes couldn't be higher - a life in the light or forever hiding in the darkness.

Resident Evil: One Mistake

Never in his wildest dreams did Leon believe that another Raccoon City would actually happen. Now a whole other city is going to find out the horrors that went on within the city's walls. Can you survive the night?

Burning Bright

Sixty-six years after the Island Massacre a group of special soldiers are being sent back in to figure out what really happened. Only they don't know they're being set up to be disposed of as the last remains of the government's follies.

Battle of the Witches

Witches are all but extinct after the King ordered all of their deaths for the crimes of a few. More have risen with vengeance and only those in hiding, running from death, are left to protect those who only wish to kill them.

The Secret War

No one knows who is on which side. Friend? Enemy? It's impossible to tell in the secret war funded by the rich that has darker intentions than appears on the surface.

Burning Embers

{Private} The Romans took over their land, but now fifteen years later with the return of their warriors, the Celts' burning fires have renewed with hope of freedom.


As children they gained the ability to shift into their spirit animals. Years later following a tragic accident, the group of friends find themselves in the very world they corrupted and to save themselves they must save a world that is out to kill them.

Sparks of War

They came and enslaved us. For years we endured their torture, but its time for the suffering to end. Join the rebellion and free our homeland or get out of our way because we won't stop. It is time for them to go through the hell we've lived with.

On the Wings of Angels

They lost their wings under unfair banishment and were sent to Earth to live off their immortal lives. Now they want their wings back, but they'll have to band together again. Can they even survive each other?

We Are Eternal

Could there have ever been a force worse than Noir and Azure finding their sister? Apparently there is and worse no one knows its coming. Based on the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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