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Heroes: THe new generation Closed

You were born into a world of surival and death until the one fatefull night when you and many others developed odd powers. nobody knows why but you will choose your path.

Soul Eater Insanity Gone Sane Open

The Keshin has been defeated and his Insanity is waning away but all the minor Keshin are now rampaging around the world and need to be stopped

Rosario+Vampire: Your Story now Closed

Its your turn young monsters to save Yokai Academy.

Rosario + Vampire: New Freshman Awaken Open

Tsukune and the Girls have all left Yokai Acedemy and you new freshman are coming hearing of there story. What mark will you leave on the school

My Demon Accomplice! Open

{Remake} Five high school boys will be chosen to guard the human race from an invading enemy. Upon being chosen, they are rewarded with an Accomplice- A female demon!

My Little Pony: Friendship Carries On Open

A new Generation of Ponies has come along with there own problems but now Princess Luna is helping them living in Ponyville with all the other Ponies

Avolair Acadamy Open

Welcome to your new home, Avolair Acadamy. A place for those with supernatural powers can come to learn and find other like them