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The Kronedegor Incident

The year is 2600, and the United Coalition of Organized Nations has slowly reclaimed the Outer Empire following a devastating war; but there are still enemies at the gates, not just at the gates -- but behind them as well.

Iramorbus Wars

Follow in the footsteps of soldiers defending the last vestiges of humanity and battle waves of Infected in the struggle for survival throughout the war torn battlefields of Scatter.

WAR; Deniable Operations

It is the 25th century, and the galaxy once again teeters on the brink of a conflict that would bring every nation to its knees. War has been elevated to a new, secret, deadly level; Deniable Operations.

Whiskey Alpha Romeo

The line has been drawn and the machine of war has been stirred to life once again, across the galaxy nations prepare for the specter of war to descend upon their borders once more.

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“I think for the sake of my interests in the Local Region and the Aschen Home State in the future, you and your government familiarize yourselves with the business of nation-building - despite your propaganda, there’s actually far more important beyond your corner of the galaxy that more of you are learning of. Considering the past and current terroristic nature of your government even, the Exogarden took a moment considering just who their true enemies were before moving forward against the OPA.”

The intelligence chief spoke dryly as Johnne and Maric studied the information before them. “There was an OPA splinter cell that had infiltrated Eden Prime’s nuclear reactor sectors a few years ago - the ESPF had cleaned them up but their network had been left behind. They planned to steal spent fuel rods for use in dirty ordnance, though just because we stopped them in the Shore Planets doesn’t mean we stopped them elsewhere.”

“On Bathe the spacer propaganda and civil arm has been at work across the stations, and a peculiar ship has been dispatched for some months now. I believe this ship to be of particular interest in the goings on - as it was last docked in Hadriatica if I recall.” Rada began, then looking to Prince with a nod toward a picture of the planet hanging over the table. “If the Aschen and Terrans are alongside the Exogarden on Hadriatica, our governments will benefit from a multilateral situation handled by the expertise of the Apparatus.”

3.00 INK received for post #2816871, located in Outer Arm:

Behar was quiet after Kesslee’s words, and as he stood up the Almyrian adjusted the cuff of his shirt. As the Grand Confessor was turning, Behar tilted his head and drew up a single hand deftly. “I don’t doubt those are things you truly believe may happen - lies have an insidious way of metastasizing into a cancer of the mind once they’re drilled in and left to fester.” Behar started, giving a soft turn of his hand.

“I am far more familiar with the Apparatus than you, Mister Kesslee - and truthfully, your propaganda does an awful job of representing mankind’s inherent warlike nature that it can visit upon itself, both the guilty and the innocent. Granted, you’re a race that’s become soft and coddled with your ascendancy into the interstellar age, you were lucky, even - I’m not done with you yet, Mister Kesslee.”

Behar’s voice grew a moment, and he had an exhausted, almost disinterested look on his face as he closed his eyes to take a firm breath. “If your systems and policies were so superior as you purport, then the Langarites would have organized themselves along a similar way, no? If the way of protecting your civilization from those who seek its undoing - which, we agree, that there are indeed threats to both of our civilizations - were so superior then why is not your flag flying over Terra? Or Eden Prime? New Cosmora? Or New Empyrea, Tannhauser itself - even Scatter?”

The Artifex had taken his glass, holding it closely to his waist as he stepped around from the table. “Had the prosperous society your government chants to stand for materialized, this meeting would not have taken place. The Apparatus would not be on your doorstep sharpening their knives and loading their rifles - the people of your government would be uplifting your fellow man across the stars, as mine have done for centuries. As we did for the Terrans, despite your best attempts to shackle them, which - “

Behar stopped to take a single drink then, wetting his palette as he held up a single finger. “I understand your people’s resentment: how could such a stronger people ally with such a weaker one like the Terrans, rather the righteous, pure Aschen? I’m sure it’s something that just sticks in your craw. But the answer to that is, Mister Kesslee - and I'm sure Marlene, in her service of your previous governments long enough to see the costs of them in the wars with my nations have shown will tell you - is that you aren't. Just as mine are not so superior to rule the Terrans, or Aschen, or anyone as their masters.”

1.25 INK received for post #2818760, located in Metropolis City:

The white haired woman’s tone then began to change as she continued, those sharp eyes then fixing onto Marlene in the moment. “That being said, I’ve hardly the time to corroborate policy with every Federate guideline considering our … precarious communications with the Garden. I’m not often one for the courts and procedures, I’m sure those that have threatened the peace and stability of your countries will be in proper care once turned over to the host-nations.” She said with an almost playful smile hinting at the corner of her lips. “I’m sure the Regional Bureau, however, will be excited of the opportunity to study the Imperial government in statecraft - they’ve a fascination with bringing Edenites into the civilized age.”

“If crackdowns and militarization were the answer, Mister Prince, we’d be having this conversation on Langara rather than here.” She remarked promptly, images splashing into the air behind her of the expeditionary carrier in the Aurora, posed next to a picket line protest somewhere in Metro City.

“There is a very fine line between protector and occupier, that I would suggest you and your subordinates learn to appreciate in the coming months. Every one of your soldiers and sailors that you place in harm's way and is killed will be a blow to the peacekeeping efforts of the wider Exogarden - and particularly, the networks of clandestine operators and informants I’ve worked rather hard on cultivating the past few years.”

“Our governments may be different, but when we are in a room with information like this we can all agree on one thing,” Rada said, speaking as she rose from her seat beside Prince with a calming nod. “Protecting every Aschen or Gardenite protects every Terran from this organization, or whoever they are working for, and the same can be said in your positions.” She directed to Johnne and Prince, raising a small hand to point at the image of a burning building somewhere on Hadriatica.

“If we can prevent these men as they’re taking up arms, we might be saving our people a siege in a decade, or even five years from now.” Rada implored, turning her gaze to Marlene before giving a sweeping gesture to the table. “The Exogarden will burn them to ash but it will need to be rebuilt in the interest of the governments of the Local Region, but we will need our people there on the planet taking over from them.”

1.25 INK received for post #2818470, located in Metropolis City:

The white haired woman put a tablet in the crux of her arm and held it across her chest, studying the three Aschen. While Rada and Johnne stood at the table, the intelligence chief was with her back to the large window as airjets passed and lifters streaked distantly in the skies overhead. While she was silent, for now, the faintest smile could be seen slowly crossing her face as the two distant peoples met.

When the Aschen approached and introduced himself, her features shifted into a momentary surprise with a smirk. Johnne’s demeanor hadn’t changed, though particularly subsided. The Aschen were here already, weren’t they? Johnne soon, reluctantly, took Isambard’s hand with a terse word.

“Never thought I’d see the day I wished the Apparatus was still around.” Rodre said tersely, before Rada finally spoke again.

“We’ve got the next best thing, the heartbeat to the whole system they left behind in the Local Region.” Rada said, turning her attention over to the white haired woman at the window. When the stack of files was left on the table, the woman drew a hand up to the tablet in her hand.

“Not often a subject of the Imperial government gives me something willingly … I appreciate the change, Mister Prince.” The woman only nodded slightly, her fingers tapping briefly at the tablet before a hologram projector in the center of the table came whirring to life. “In the interest of preventing further disharmony in the Local Region, amongst the Terrans or your Aschen government, my company believes transparency and cooperation paramount - though you shouldn’t consider this in benefit of your less immediate position I hope you understand, considering the fact I am privy to some intelligence that implicates even your government.”

The woman stopped for a moment, eyes turning up in thought as an insignia of Supreme Command flashes across the windows of the room. “As a recommendation in my consulatory capacity - sadly, I don’t believe the company ever filed the appropriation for Imperial consularship … officially, I’m only authorized to debrief Langarites.”

Johnne didn’t bother to hide a smirk of amusement as he stood by his seat and clutched up his glass, soon treating himself to a hefty swig before drawing the decanter closer to the edge of the table.

“That’s the Apparatus’ little war, however. I haven’t had to dip my feet back into that for years now … I’ve other business to tend to until your government makes the mistake of placing me back on that chessboard again.” The woman said tersely, then stepping before a holographic airscreen stretching out behind her. Behind her a smattering of images soon poppd to life, CCTV or more intricate technical data like ship schematics and signatures.

“For the more immediate threat, I believe there is a distinct possibility that organized state agitators are preparing for expanded operations within the Local Region.” She began, taking one step sideways as a three-dimensional image materialized atop the table of a man draped in robes and a strange chest harness wrapping around his torso. “This man was the founder of a radical spacer militia that called itself the Outer Planetary Armies in 2593, nearly half a century ago now. Warlords with starships, more or less. They terrorized nascent planets and states for some ten years until this man was finally killed in a precision strike.”

“This organization threatens states from it’s frays, in the slums and on the backwater stations.” She seemed intently to direct her words to the Aschen next, an image of corpses strewn along the streets flashing behind her as a government building smoldered nearby. “It preys on your government’s incompetence and ideology, your own policies and bureaucracy used to bleed you to death - and that’s well before they even start shooting.”

A planet snapped to life beside the woman, who then turned her gaze to the small blue orb splashed with green and brown islands. “This is Hadriatica, formerly used as a Star Fleet lighting station, though with the start of the Exogarden Apparatus presence was scaled to nothing. Apparently, the High Commodore has more pressing matters in ALIRBAD than genuine threats to my employers here in the Confederation. In the years since the OPA has begun operating openly on the planet and coercing the civilian population with it’s businesses and operations - as contemptuous as Imperial law is for liberty, I believe even your government will find the OPA’s methods unsavory.”

“Assets in the Exogarden have been preparing for an inevitable armed confrontation with the OPA for expressly this reason. Firstly, this should be considered as an advisory - military operations will begin, and the Exogarden is to be placed on a war footing. To keep the OPA from organizing further into a wider military threat Hadriatica must be secured by forces on the ground - largely tasked to battalions of the Exogarden. Subsequent operations to arrest those responsible will be coordinated amongst the Imperial, Charybdian and Terran governments by the Exogarden Stellar Police Force. I shouldn’t have to reiterate that with this cooperation, international law will be acknowledged and observed regardless of discrepancy within the host-nation states, Mister Prince.”

1.00 INK received for post #2816318, located in Bastion IV:

In orbit of Bastion IV

Amidst the clutter of ships coming and going, a single cruiser seemed to linger in the travel lanes of Bastion IV, holding a distant orbit above the planet. The TVSV Erikoure was rather large for a science vessel, though from its hull and structure the assumption that it had once been a military vessel wouldn’t have been hard to make. At nearly three hundred and thirty meters from bow to stern, she dwarfed some of the smaller freights and lighters that came to and from Paguarano, and due to her size those aboard had opted to keep the vessel in orbit rather than boldly attempt an atmospheric entry so early.

In her bridge, a man stood with two hands gripping at the rails of the captain’s deck before him. His drab jumpsuit bore two identifiers, on his left breast on shoulder, of the Xamoyos expedition. Studying a display, Doctor Paul Walton clicked his tongue as a fellow researcher beside him spoke.

“Welcome to Bastion IV, Doctor.” The scientist remarked dryly, leaning over the shoulder of one of the Erikoure’s pilots and studying his nav-display. “We’ll be launching stratolitte after sending a dropship down to the spaceport, I’ll be sure to feed you all the diagnostics from the passes.” He offered, finally stepping away from the pilot’s chair and holding a small tablet of his own.

“Won’t really tell us much we don’t already know. Model-Terran, rich atmosphere, reports of the megafauna have been more … interesting, though.” Walton said, his eyes focused on a readout of the planet’s cursory scan by the Erikoure’s quantum tunnel telescopes and RAILS sensors.

“Yeah, I wonder what all’s really down there … “ The young researcher began quietly, his eyes settling on the holographic display of the rotating world some thousands of kilometers below. Walton noticed that sparkle in the young man’s eye, curiosity of the unknown dribbling into the man’s mind.

“You ever been to a planet with megafauna, Mister Dralland?” Walton inquired, promptly turning away from his readout to address the young scientist. “It looks beautiful from up here, peaceful even,” He continued, stepping around to then stand beside the young man.

“But on a world like this you must understand one thing: nature’s ruled this realm for millenia, and the truth of what may be down there can be even more dangerous than anything soldiers or armies or the machinations of mankind can possibly dream of.

Vehicle Bay No. 2

Maksim Vytalion stifled a short cough as he finished the final disinfection of the Winstohl dropship’s main compartment. Stretching nearly 39 meters from nose to tail, the single Winstohl airjet was by far the largest vehicle held neatly in the Erikoure’s bays. They needed two whole bays to hold the expedition’s complement of airjets: four small Vultures, two old, medium Arukas and the larger Winstohl dropship. Holding up the spray wand, Vytalion heard the soft chirp of his comm-bead and flicked his finger across a haptic display in the corner of his vision. With a quick screech, the comm-line was opened and Vytalion was greeted with the voice of the expedition’s illusive director, Professor Willart Sigismund.

“Mister Vytalion, is our dropship ready for her first voyage planetside?” The cold voice inquired, and Maksim slowly turned to trot back out of the Winstohl’s large bay and into the cacophony of preparations that were taking place in Bay No. 2.

“Ah, I believe so - hull disinfection was completed three hours ago, and just finished on the insides.” Vytalion replied, stepping off the rear ramp of the Winstohl and making room for the pair of pilots that were soon boarding the dropship.

“Very good Mister Vytalion. I believe Doctors Walton and Adalet will be joining you and the first away team.”

Maksim gave a soft huff as he laid the disinfecting wand against a stack of crates and then seated himself atop one. Producing a pack of cigarettes, he’d take the time to enjoy one last break before the venture planetside. He scoffed at the mention of the scientists. While the pay was good, they hadn’t paid him nearly enough to simply babysit scientists and researchers.

As he lit the end of a cigarette and took a short pull, his comm-bead squawked once more, this time a call from the head of security - Valera Stashalenko was a retired Home Guard captain, and normally the two would be despised enemies. Funny how money changed that.

“Vytalion, this is Stashalenko. We’re in communication with the uhh … Pagaurano Traffic Control. Patching you in now.”

Leaning back, Vytalion took another long drag as the call connected with his haptic Focus, the lines giving brief bursts of static. While time delay was a factor, Vytalion estimated it was negligible however. Perhaps only a few seconds, at worst.

“This is Traffic Control to the TVSV Erikoure, we have authorized your landing at Dock 11. Welcome to Bastion IV and Pagaurano. You are green to approach.”

Maksim steadied a hand on his ear, pressing a delicate finger to the comm-bead. “This is Erikoure Lander 1-1, we read you loud and clear. We estimate uuuh, a two hour flight and then a 40 minute entry.” He spoke, soon nubbing the cigarette out and promptly dropping it into a refuse bin and standing up. “We’ll be relaying flight telemetry and underway soon.” With that, the connection was severed to the planet, leaving just Stashalenko and Vytalion on the channel.

“Mister Vytalion.” Stashalenko then said quietly, Maksim’s boots thudding against the ramp of the Winstohl as he then stopped in his tracks. “The Director said no weapons planetside yet but, we’ll keep that to ourselves. Don’t let the eggheads know but … keep a strap, for insurance.”

Vytalion chewed on the inside of his cheek as he listened, first taking a cautious glance around before adjusting the breast of his jacket, and checking the grip of the heavy blaster pistol strapped beneath his shoulder. “One step ahead of you, Stashalenko. Maksim out.” He remarked dryly, then severing the comms-link and obscuring the blaster with his jacket once more.