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I usually just like to draw and write stories...Playing Games ect.... I am never one to over react, and I try to relax above all else.
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Azure Limit
About 3 seconds away from Ninja-ing you...
Babysitting stupid people...
Anime, JRPGs, manga, writing, drawing
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13 Apr 2005
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Persona 4
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Modern Day fantasy

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Universes Created

Chaos Legend: A Year to the End

As the world came to an end in a sea of flames caused by a pillar of light connected to the heavens, a group of people find themselves sent back in time one year, given special powers, to solve the mystery of the end of the world.


As The World is engulfed in a war between two guilds, and players are once again becoming comatose, it is up to eight players to bring peace back and save those who have fallen.


30 Years after the great war, people are given the power to protect the world from calamity, yet no one knows what that calamity might be...


When the world becomes completely dependent on technology, people are receiving strange text messages, and suddenly die three days later. Only those who were chosen to wield the power of their Personas can find out the cause of all this and put a stop to

Warriors Orochi: Unlimited

When the Serpent King is reborn in modern times, can new reborn heroes ally themselves to defeat him?

Spellwar: Creation and Destruction

For over a millennium, mages, split into two groups, have raged war in secret, alongside their human partners, the Spell-Links. Now, in modern times, the war continues for the right to hold the future of the world.


In a tournament created by God, there are those who seek its ultimate prize, the ability to change the world.


When the world faces its last moments, six people will be given powers, and will stand up against the forces of the Devil King. But can they work together, and combine their powers when it counts.

LIMIT: The Last City

From ruins the world has rebuilt itself, all those who were left have built a single remaining city using magitechnology. Now, that city is protected by the organization LIMIT.

Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self

You are classified as insane, mentally unstable, a danger to society. They have no idea...

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"To protect the world from Japanamation, To overthrough the Kaiba corporation,
To denounce the meaning of the original dub, to extend our reach to the world above,
Team Fourkids blast of at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight,
Meowth that's right..."

-Team Fourkids Motto