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Bashie L. Craft » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Bashie L. Craft as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Nolan

Nolan, located in Elysium, Hades, Earth

as part of I Will Always Be Watching

"They say I'm weird, I don't care but I do stuff. I don't think I'm suppose to do that stuff,"

Character Portrait: Amare Mortem

Amare Mortem, located in Elysium, Hades, Earth

as part of I Will Always Be Watching

Demon for Scenario 3, "I will not harm anyone without reason so if you hurt my child, you will wish that you are in The Absolute"

Character Portrait: Sweets

Sweets, located in Virtual World: Myst

as part of Project Jabberwocky

"Trust me, we're real. This is not,"

Character Portrait: Lydia Alteste / Lady Ofayle Zwolfe

Lydia Alteste / Lady Ofayle Zwolfe, located in The Land of Atleos

as part of Through the Looking Glass

"Wonderful, I'm just speechless"

Character Portrait: Dormouse

Dormouse, located in Wonderland

as part of On the Wings of a Dream

"We've been waiting,"

Character Portrait: Ryleen Bonumcorm

Ryleen Bonumcorm, located in Richtone

as part of Elite Wars

"Admit it, we're all snobs and bad people. Difference is; I don't try so hard,"

Character Portrait: Annabelle Parga

Annabelle Parga, located in Ontario Mills Mall

as part of MallRats

15 | MallRat | "That is so sweet of you!"

Character Portrait: Heidi Gravelings

Heidi Gravelings, located in Baylor University

as part of No Regrets

"My statistics tell me, you're not even trying,"

Character Portrait: Gretel (Bloody Gretel)

Gretel (Bloody Gretel), located in Rebellion HQ

as part of Dark Tale

"Together, we'll find her, kill her and bathe in her blood. Together, Hansel."

Character Portrait: Mauris Morbi

Mauris Morbi, located in Hogwarts

as part of Hogwarts: The Golden Years of 1942

'Breathe, I'm not going to kill you. I'm strange, not a killer'

Character Portrait: Safie Lucas

Safie Lucas, located in Earth

as part of Music Makes The World Go Around!

"I have ten fingers but I'll give you just one,"

Character Portrait: Mizerius Keelthz

Mizerius Keelthz, located in New York, New York

as part of Underground Freaks

"Touch me once more and the next drink you order will be piss and rat poison,"

Character Portrait: Parvati Timor

Parvati Timor, located in Old England

as part of Serenity Men

"Fear is what will drive us apart,"

Character Portrait: Enid Wright

Enid Wright, located in Essence

as part of Dying Petals

"I don't need pity. You don't need to feel sorry when I'm perfectly fine."

Character Portrait: Cassandra of Troy

Cassandra of Troy, located in Troy

as part of Troy: The Birth of a Legend

"No one believes me but I always speak the truth,"

Character Portrait: Bells Chanson

Bells Chanson, located in Smallwood Academy

as part of The Incredibles

Junior, Sound Manipulation, "Are you ready to burst!?"

Character Portrait: Salome Welsh

Salome Welsh, located in Crime City

as part of Death Witness

"My dad's a cop, my brothers are cops and I have a gun in my hand. Do you really want to hurt me?"

Character Portrait: Fuyuki Ongaku

Fuyuki Ongaku, located in Earth

as part of Bullets And Valentines

"Oh, don't be like be like that. Just come with me,"

Character Portrait: Jeannie Fowler

Jeannie Fowler, located in Cirque Du Nuit

as part of Welcome to Cirque Du Nuit

"Don't be scared, I won't bite hard,"

Character Portrait: Nyuki Reddo

Nyuki Reddo, located in Scholarship Student Housing

as part of Shinjyuku Academy

Not there please, a little more to the left

Character Portrait: Kazuko Higachi

Kazuko Higachi, located in Japanese Garden and Gazzebo

as part of Shinjyuku Academy

Music has and will always be my passion.

Character Portrait: Tabitha Winkle

Tabitha Winkle, located in Quinn's Restaurant

as part of Quinn's Bar & Restaurant

"I'm practicing my 'Do you want fries with that?' because I think if you say it right, they'll get the fries,"

Character Portrait: Greg McDonald

Greg McDonald, located in RMS Titanic 1912

as part of The RMS Titanic

"The women are beautiful and full of class but you are just you. I, on the other hand...."

Character Portrait: Terin Winnow of Occidens

Terin Winnow of Occidens, located in Notia

as part of Synchronicity

"I'm not jealous. It just hurts but I'll smile and get over it. I'll wish he'll understand and I'll realize maybe I'm just not pretty enough,"

Character Portrait: Millicent 'Millie' Geraldine Quinton

Millicent 'Millie' Geraldine Quinton, located in RMS Titanic 1912

as part of The RMS Titanic

"Despite my upbringing, I am not a fool. I would rather earn than to receive,"

Character Portrait: Ramona Winfrey

Ramona Winfrey, located in Unrequited Love Tour

as part of Reliquish Records: Unrequited Love Tour

"I think I have frogs in my stomach. I just ate frog legs,"

Character Portrait: Veronica Myres

Veronica Myres, located in America

as part of Summer Of Broken Friendship & Love

"My pet duck, Rudolph died so we ate him,"

Character Portrait: Manuel Winkle

Manuel Winkle, located in Quinn's Restaurant

as part of Quinn's Bar & Restaurant

Quinn's charismatic but almost-always tired busboy

Character Portrait: Lavinia DeMounte

Lavinia DeMounte, located in Medieval Times

as part of Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow

"How lovely, do want me to give you a tissue or push you in?"

Character Portrait: Persephone Blanchard

Persephone Blanchard, located in London, Britain 1865

as part of Their Stories 1865

"Unless you want to be killed, that would not be your most wise decision,"

Character Portrait: Dani Jay

Dani Jay, located in SpiralΓ©

as part of The Portal

The Leader of the South gang. Quiet and young but courageous and witted as anyone can be.

Character Portrait: Medusa Wetch

Medusa Wetch, located in Anidon

as part of The God Slayers

"The gods did not give me a curse, they gave me a gift,"

Character Portrait: Buzz Surge

Buzz Surge, located in Dowyn Town

as part of The Neighborhood Wars

Yeah, I'll probably kill you but would you like a drink first?

Character Portrait: Princess Cerebra Snow Primrose of Occidens

Princess Cerebra Snow Primrose of Occidens, located in Medieval Times

as part of Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow

"Isn't she just beautiful? I suddenly feel my heart break,"

Character Portrait: Dean Surge

Dean Surge, located in Dowyn Town

as part of The Neighborhood Wars

Yeah, I'm a girl. Got a problem with that?

Character Portrait: Hymnis DeCorem

Hymnis DeCorem, located in Anidon

as part of The God Slayers

"I don't see why you're so vicious and scared. It's almost as humorous as it is pathetic,"

Character Portrait: Malaria Luccinda Cresps

Malaria Luccinda Cresps, located in Queendom

as part of Synchronicity

I will not let myself fall but I will stand and fight when needed