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Completed Stories

I Need You To Love Me Completed

Have you ever had to make someone fall in love with you in 6 months? Well, was it one of your exes?

Reign of Dragons : Rebooted Completed

Tensions are thick, the three powers fight amongst themselves. In the shadows a group emerges with the deadly intent to raise an old, powerful enemy. With the cities at each others throats already, it'll take someone else to stop the evil from rampaging.

Universes Created

Humanity's Downfall

1x1 with me and crybloodredtears

Nineve: The Age of Men

Giants, the children of the gods and protectors of the lesser races have all but disappeared, leaving the races of Humans to fend for themselves. (REMAKE)

Descent of the Dragon

Alona. A small continent divided into seven countries, each on the brink of war with the others. With leaders killed and powers beyond most human control rising, the world may be thrown into a chaos from which it won't recover. (Remake)

Run Twenty-One!

An experimental bio-weapon has gone missing in a town just outside Dallas, Texas and is being hunted relentlessly by the government. What would you do if you stumbled upon him?

A World You'll Never Know

If you had the power to save everyone you knew, would you?

Hunting Grounds: New York

Four bounty hunters thrust into modern New York from both the past and future are in a death match with each other while hunting their targets. If you survive you get to go home but if not... well you should know that all ready. (WIP)

Across the Fields

You are dead. Or at least, that's what you thought. All you remember is agony, a light, and then waking up in this field of golden wheat and what look like shadows, but living. All you know, is you want to get away from here.

Daedalus Coliseum Private

A private RP between Fuarie and myself.

The Siege of the Tor

Giants, the children of the gods and protectors of the lesser races have all but disappeared, leaving the races of Humans to fend for themselves.

The Children in the Craters

A war is raging on the archipelago nation of Darkfell. In the midst of combat, two falling stars strike the shores of two of the islands, an odd discovery left in their craters. What unfolds from here could decide the war's outcome and Darkfell's fate.

Most Tipped Posts


"I saw the traveler make his way toward the monolith,
That thin gash amidst the clouds;
An open seam between heaven and earth that eluded the Eye of God.

Or perhaps it had not; perhaps it beckoned from one realm
To the other, wedded And ruled as one;
For look how clean it splits the horizon 'twain, absorbs it,
Makes it Strange,
An indomitable beam,
A Tower of Heaven."