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I'm Bella. I'm 13 and I love things like hunger games, maximum ride, twilight, I am number four, born at midnight, NCIS, one direction, Taylor swift, dancing, singing, and more.
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Bella Enchated
Reading, singing, dancing, music, animals, more
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Universes Created

Evil Teachers

At this school, teachers are all monsters in human form. When their little secret is shared out and the teens find out the truth the whole school starts a war, a war between monsters and normal teens.

Vampire Stalker

What happens when fiction turns to real life? Two characters from a popular book series. One is a vampire thirsy for blood,the other one is a handsome, vampire hunter. Will the vampire be taken down or ruin the city?

The Supernatural Mansion

The Twilight Mansion; This mansion houses anyone supernatural. They take vampires, werewolves, witches, shape shifters, and anyone with any powers that they need help with.

Life at crystal island

On this island all adults disappeared leaving anyone 17- clueless and hopeless.

Land of the Monsters

Theres 0nly one thing known for sure, this is human land, not monster land and these monsters will die. Here no one dares to leave their homes except the brave hunters. Will the human race be saved or destroyed?

Fight To The Death; Hunger Games

Every year two people are picked from each district, a boy, and a girl. They are sent to a arena with a total of 24 tributes. Only one will come out alive.

Breaking From the Darkness

When darkness takes over the small town of Everland nothing seems to go right. Adults start killing each other without meaning, children break out into fights, buildings burn down, animals turn for human blood, anyone famous . disappeared.

The War Between Kinds

When the time comes will you fight for the huamns side or the vampires/werewolf side?

Lost and Looking

When you were younger, you were kidnapped away from your family. Ever since your sister has been on the lookout for you but doing this has put her in great danger. She is being hunted down but will not stop looking.

Night shade

There are such things as werewolves. There are many different packs all protecting different caves that only the master knows what's in them. In these packs, a female alpha is matched with a male alpha each from different packs and are to be married.

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