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A list of fictonal characters written by Bella Enchated as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Megan Rice

Megan Rice, located in earth

as part of The Supernatural Mansion

"I'm still a human."

Character Portrait: Miranda Stone

Miranda Stone, located in Waking Mountain

as part of Road trip to Waking Mountain

"I am not affraid of any ghost."

Character Portrait: Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis, located in In a small town known as paradise Ohio

as part of Forever Torn

Sensitive, bullied, unusual, girl

Character Portrait: Sabrina Westover

Sabrina Westover, located in Crystal island

as part of Life at crystal island

Friendly, caring, beautiful, crazy

Character Portrait: Kayla Bartley

Kayla Bartley, located in Earth

as part of The War Between Kinds

"These vamps and werewolves will not win"

Character Portrait: Violet Grace

Violet Grace, located in Archenetech

as part of The Scorched Power: Arrow's of Light

"Nothing can stop me from getting our sun back."

Character Portrait: Sabrina Mayflower

Sabrina Mayflower, located in

as part of those 5 girls

"Just because I'm famous doesn't mean I don't have feelings."

Character Portrait: Sophie Bright

Sophie Bright, located in Sanitarium, California

as part of Sanitarium

"I'm just here to party."

Character Portrait: Riley Kass

Riley Kass, located in future

as part of Breaking From the Darkness

"This darkness will not last."

Character Portrait: Calla

Calla, located in Small Town

as part of Night shade

"I will not marry somone I do not love"

Character Portrait: Jen Cross

Jen Cross, located in Arena/Districts

as part of Fight To The Death; Hunger Games

"I am just living the sick life"

Character Portrait: Mckenzie Lewis

Mckenzie Lewis, located in New York

as part of The Runaways: Salvation

Shy, fearful, bystander, sensitive girl.

Character Portrait: Linda White

Linda White, located in Hollywood in the future

as part of Love for Death

"you have two arms, two legs, to eyes, but one heart because the other was given for youto find"

Character Portrait: Tiffany Coles

Tiffany Coles, located in city

as part of Powerful Five

"I'm only human, right?"

Character Portrait: Ashely Moore

Ashely Moore, located in All over

as part of Lost and Looking

She has longish blonde hair and blue eyes that look silver. She is on the search for her lost sibling and will stop for nothing to get there.

Character Portrait: Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown, located in Hill-Valley

as part of Give all or nothing

"I will never be found, nor taken"

Character Portrait: Aqua Dean

Aqua Dean, located in A boarding school in the year of 2014

as part of Powere High.

"This doesn't mean I'm not normal."