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I'm Living In A Dirt Room
Games: Assassins Creed, Heavy Rain, Pokemon, Silent Hill, Shin Megami Tensei, Tales of Symphonia. Books: What The Night Knows//Velocity (Dean Koontz), Chaos Walking Series (Patrick Ness). Anime/Manga: Gantz, Maoh: Juvenile Remix, Evangelion (and side stories), Durarara!!, Hetalia. Characters: Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion), Ze Mole/Christophe (South Park), Nishi Joichiro (Gantz). Music: Blue October, Avenged Sevenfold, Streetlight Manifesto, Stone Sour, Rammstein.
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Children Of Heaven and Hell Completed

You died. It wasn’t necessarily your fault. But you won’t accept it. That’s why you’ve turned out the way you have. {CLOSED/COMPLETED}

Gantz: Phase One Completed

You are dead. At're supposed to be. In this RPG you're forced to play a sick game where you make the choice to kill monstrous creatures in order to earn your freedom. (Complete)

Timeless Completed

In a city lost by time, abandoned by society, falling to ruins, people still run ramped on the streets. Teens with powers gang up against each other in a world gone mad.

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You died. It wasn’t necessarily your fault. But you won’t accept it. That’s why you’ve turned out the way you have.

Heaven And Hell: Second Wave

You’ve all heard the traditional views of Heaven and Hell, Vampires and Angels. But what if I told you they were real? And that you could become one when you die. Providing you can survive the torture…


The world-tree is beginning to wither and it's all because of the appearance of strange creatures who wish to cause chaos. It's up to the Shemhazai to stop them.

Wish Against Fate

Children continue to disappear. They return, but now, as war machines. {CLOSED}


The judgement day has finally come. Angels descending to earth to end all life. But are they really what they seem?


From the streets, orphans disappear never to be seen again. Behind closed doors the same children and injected with chemicals which will change their lives forever. But not everything seems to go so smoothly...

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The cell was cold, lonely, stuffy and most importantly, dark. A single flickering light on the ceiling illuminated the surroundings. A metal frame with a worn out mattress and a toilet, both bolted and chained to the floor by the strongest metals. There were no windows in the cell and the only way out was through a giant metal door, unlocked only on the outside by a thirteen pin code and several keys. In the far left corner, a camera was placed high above the ground to avoid tampering with. Christophe Valis sat on the bed, glancing up at the flickering light and flinching slightly whenever it suddenly died and came back on. His gaze shifted slowly over to the camera, wondering who was watching at this minute. The camera was able to move around, but it hadn’t moved for some time now. Of course there was also the camera outside, but it could only see in through the small, bullet-proof, glass window on the door. Ever since Chris was brought here, he had been working on escaping. Though that was near useless because the only way to get out was to make someone open that door.

Sighing lightly under his breath, Christophe gave one last heavy kick to the chain on the leg of his bed. It snapped and the chain fell to the floor with a loud clunk. Thankfully they hadn’t had the sense to chain the man when inside the cell. Christophe bent down and picked up the chain in his hands. He stood up and wandered over to stand directly below that annoying light. He threw the heavy chain up, smashing through the light. A few protestant sparks and flashes, then the light was off, plunging the entire cell into darkness. Next was the camera. Picking his way through the darkness, Christophe reached out touching the wall. He felt his way around until he was at the corner. Tilting his head up and narrowing his eyes, he could just about see the shape of the camera. With the chain in hand, he threw it up. It wrapped around the camera and with a few harsh tugs, it was pulled to the floor, smashing upon impact. Finally he could rest without the annoying light flickering and people watching him.

Once again Christophe found his way through the darkness, stuffing the chain under his mattress and throwing himself onto it. He lye there staring up at the ceiling with both arms over his chest, blinking through the darkness until his eyes could finally adjust. Soon someone would be here to see what was going on, at least then he would have someone to talk to. Christophe pulled a cigarette from his pocket and shoved it in his mouth. Luckily they hadn't taken away his cigarettes when they brought him here, however they did take away his lighter. So the man was left suffering without a smoke for a few days now. That didn't mean he wouldn't chew on the cigarette and eat the tobacco that way. It was horrible, but it stopped the man from going into a metal break-down without nicotine.