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The 64th Annual Hunger Games Open

Private RP between myself and TheThirteenth

Xavier's school for gifted young people Open

A roleplay based on the x-men movies but with new characters and powers. Preferably we want both teacher and student characters as well as a bad guy with some side kicks. You may have as many characters as you feel comfortable with.


The original 8 hybrids have escaped and brought others with them. After the war, they are now in a clan, and trying to survive. Unknowing if they are still being hunted or not. (Reboot of Toajojo's RP)

The perfect weapons. Open

ALL ROLES TAKEN! Eight sixteen year old experiments are to be used as military weapons as a huge advantage in wars. Their limits will be tested and alterations made to create the perfect soldiers. These individuals posses supernatural powers.

Ashgate Asylum for criminally insane youth Open

Ashgate asylum aims to treat criminally insane youth from the ages of 16 to 20. Ashgate is an alternative to sending underaged mentally ill criminals to prison.