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BlueWind_22 member of RPG for 7 years

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Ah, what to talk about... what to write... Well, I guess I am a bit of a bibliophile, and I do enjoy watching movies, as well as commercials, surprisingly.

Mmmm, and that is all I guess...

Basic Information

Out of the fifty United States? Arizona.
Currently trying to figure out Life's questions. How can others manage to venture beyond their living room? Who stole my doughnut? And why can't my dog play fetch when my cat will? It's really difficult, this "occupation" of mine.
Anything interesting... Right now? Learning to speak Japanese and German. As well as space travel, theories about "ghosts", and the complexities of social interaction... Not that I mean I want to learn about social etiquette, just that it is interesting to observe the social interaction between people.
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Basically anything Interesting...

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Completed Stories

Elemental Battles: Rage Completed

A bloody war, an insidious plot, and a group of old friends and uneasy new allies, come together to try and save their home from the forces of darkness. With the powers of the elements at your disposal, can you save Nigerius from total annihilation?

Universes Created

Dead Living

We are were broken, shattered, and so bruised that not even God could pick up the pieces and put them back together. We were dead souls wandering, until God gave us a job to protect those the need to be protected...

Life in Captivity

We are the last wolfpack on earth, but we live a life contained by humans... Will we escape? or be Released? Put to sleep? Or live here forever?

Celestial Hunters

The Sun and Moon clan have been fighting for centuries, until they decide to make an arranged marriage between a Sun lion and a Moon tiger.



Dog and Wolf

Wolves are the ansectors of dogs, but what happens when humans with their dogs start intruding in wolf territory? Will their be fights? Will you be a wolf or a dog?

Tame or Wild

What happens when the last remaining Shapeshifters in the world start to become Tame, and fall... For the Enemy? NEED MALE CHARACTERS!!

Elemental Rage

The Elements have been reborn, along with an all new Element that is powerful and wanted by an Ancient Prisoner.

Forgotten: Becoming a Team

You were cast out by society, feared and forgotten, just because you were different, but now it seems like they need you to survive...

Midnight Shadow Wolves

Three siblings try to start a pack and leave the past behind but then their past starts reappearing and their old friend has come to destroy the new lives they built. Will you help them survive or help destroy them?


There has always been Seven Immortals. They were whatever the world needed them to be. War generals, Peace Makers, Protectors. Then the World forgot about the Supernatural. Until Five of the Immortals were destroyed.




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The price of being a sheep is boredom.
The price of being a wolf is Loneliness.
Choose one or the other with great care.

-Hugh Macleod