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Cartwright Falls A Psychological Horror Story Open

Set in 1991 the story is about a murder in a small mountain community and the dark forces that caused it. Expect dark themes, character development and Investigation. The theme is Supernatural realism so imagine things like Lost, Twin Peaks, Alan Wake.

Midnight Run Open

This is a cyberpunk RP set in 2112 about a group of working together to prevent a terrorist plot. Thatโ€™s the starting point anyway, itโ€™s cyberpunk so expect a of bit existential angst, jaded characters and augmentations.

White Group. Open

A Steampunk Western RP about a group of Thieves and Assassins. Storytellers who like epically long posts are the target group. Weโ€™re all about dark situations and character development.

Live Together or Die Alone Open

An RP focusing on long posts and character development set in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Digital Shorts Open

A cyberpunk RP about a group of bounty hunters. The focus is on short stories and Character Development.

The Wind That Moves The Dunes. Open

The Wind that Moves the Dunes is the sequel to a steampunk RP called The White Group. This RP will be small (three RPers max) and will have a focus on character development and epic stories.