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Well I'm a big fan of gaming, comics and film so more than a tad nerdy. Plus I'm a regular at the Renaissance Faire mainly due to my love of story, mead and giant turkey legs. I try and offset my geeky tendency's with overtly manly activities like hiking and a passion for knives.
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Bromander Shepard
work for AT&T
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17 Sep 2004
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Elder Scrolls
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fantasy/scifi are the big ones

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Completed Stories

The Pantheon Completed

Gods rule the cosmos and all that is within. As one of these elite beings how will you run the world? What will you create? (Closed)

Universes Created

A Tale as Old as Time...

In a magical land where all of our beloved fairy tale characters exist an evil has crept into the world. The return of the princesses whose true loved changed the world once may be the only thing to save it once again.

By Blood or By Gold

This is a tale of the rebellious few. Those fearless men and women who keep what is theirs and fear no one. Those who took to the spray of the sea and the crash of its waves seeking their fortune, adventure and the freedom to choose their own heading.

Guerra Famiglia: Blood Demands Blood

The Don's family is divided into two factions grappling for power. The rest of New York's Five Families are all in attendance for for the blood feud that is on the horizon.

Gods in a New Age

Immortal Gods have been ruling over the world of Lorgaine for centuries. Times have changed but the all powerful deities remain ever watchful as they push their own ends. <>Full on Characters, Check back for Chapter 2 Announcements.<>

A Dance With Darkness

A 1x1 between Bromander Shepard and The Crimson Lady

United We Stand, Assembled We Fight

With the Avengers gone and many of the world's heroes dead can those few remaining brave souls stand up and unite to fend off the return of the Reapers?

Worlds Collide

When Megatron builds a bridge between three worlds and finds himself as the thrall to a new master can the heroes of Marvel and DC Earth unite and stop the war that is to come?

Waiting for The Dawn

After a brief but brutal war with an advanced coalition of Alien forces, the remnants of humanity fight back with an unexpected ally. Metahumans... ((STILL ACCEPTING))

A True Game of Survival

The hunt is on...

Guerra Famiglia: The Crucible

In New Yorks criminal underground one family battles to not only stay on top, but to stay one step ahead of the law and watch for that punch you never see coming.

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