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Butterfly Effect's Nuke Testing Site....

a site for me to test stuff nothing to see move along...

Star Wars: The Lost Souls

Rebels and Imperials must unite to survive the horrors of an unknown planet

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Nyaidia, her Blackguards, and the engineers made their way on the bridge. She found the children (and adults) that hounded them to get a glance annoying but she managed to not show it.

"They just carry our tools" Nyaidia heard an engineer answer the question of one of the crew.

Nyaidia took a look around the bridge with her own eyes now not though a viewer. Turning to the captain she said. "My engineers will help in whatever way they are able. I have been given the power by my government to act as a diplomat for my people and to further relations between our peoples."

0.25 INK received for post #2808103, located in Rhindeval:


The sounds of screams and the heat and light of dark flames filled the air. Some poor village that’s name didn’t even matter to him burned all around him. He soaked it all in as he twisted his sword out of the chest of a young woman who’s screams he had ended forever. The last of the villagers… no traitors…. yes traitors to his Queen… tried to flee before his blades… flee his fire… But none could escape the terror that was the Blue Demon.

A knock pulled him from his memory.

”Enter…” The masked man spoke coldly.

The door slowly opened flooding in light to the room that had been lit solely by a blue fire that burned in the center of the room. The room was spartan with just a simple bed and desk. It was also lined with weapons of all kinds hanging from the wall.

The servant that entered bowed and said. “Her Highness commands your reports General.”

The masked man said nothing only rising from his chair he made his way. His armored boots made sure he was heard as he made his way through the halls of the castle. Everyone he met bowed and quickly made way. many trembled as he past by.

As he entered the Queen’s view he bowed before her falling to one knee.

”My Queen.”

Meanwhile on Earth…

”Remember Fire while dangerous is also a source of heat and light. While in the wrong hands it can be a terror. when used right it brings life it’s self.”

A heat surrounded her… It called to her… But all she felt was fear… The fire rose it was going to consume her!

The blare of her alarm woke her with a jolt she was covered in sweat and the ruby on the necklace she never took off seemed to be burning against her chest.

”ugh..” She moaned as she pulled herself out of bed.

She pulled out a small notebook from the table beside her bed.

Another strange dream about fire… this time I heard a voice… Please Lynn don’t be going crazy…

”Maybe I am crazy?” she asked herself.

Lynn shook the thought from her head with a sigh and made her way to the shower dodging the minefield of stuff all around her dorm. A mess for later… now she had to deal with the mess of herself. With a look at the clock she knew she was wasting time.

Lynn showered and dressed in something simple a t shirt and faded jeans with her sneakers. Ready she packed up her books into her backpack and headed out into the day.

0.25 INK received for post #2735576, located in A Futuristic Earth:

The wind whipped though Samantha's hair as she raced towards the city on her motorcycle. Strapped to the back of her bike was a small black box. This box contained some very important things that a certain crime boss didn't want to see the light. Unfortunately for him Samantha had been hired to find this box and bring it to the city. The job had been simple enough.. Slip in, slip out.. but things are hardly ever simple. And now after leaving good ol Sal's Villa in flames Samantha raced for her life followed by Sal's goons.

Samantha looked behind her to see five bikers and a rather well armed and armored Humvee baring down on her. A Laser blast flew inches from her head. Samantha drew her Laser pistol and returned fire. Her shot hit the rider of one of the motorcycles causing him to fall dead and send his bike into the one next to him. Two down...

The city was close as the other three bikers pulled close. Lead and laser danced around Samantha but luckily for her the bikers where bad shots. But she knew that soon the Humvee would be in range... She knew it's guns would turn her and her bike into paste. She had to get to the city they wouldn't dare follow her there. Not within range of the city defenses....

A rocket flew past hitting just in front of Samantha. The blast threw her from her bike and soon she found herself surrounded by Sal's goons.

"Well, well looks like the end of the road for you little Ghost Rider..." Said the leader who had dumbly got out of his Humvee.

Samantha just smirked as she stood and dusted herself off. "End for you..." She said before unleashing a circle of flames. The goons where caught surprised and Samantha slipped away tossing a firebomb into the open door of the Humvee. Moments later a huge explosion came behind her but Samantha didn't even look back.

She soon found herself within the city black box still safe on her bike as she headed towards the government center. It was time to get paid.

0.25 INK received for post #2779142, located in al' Aljibal:

A young looking red haired elf stared up at the dark sky with a frown as she rested on the rocks where the oasis met the desert.

"Yous gots nutin to dos wit dis Is hopin" Came the voice of the troll huntress Jiy'la from behind the elf.

The elf gave the troll a dark look.

"Yous knows Is meanin no offences Alkirina"

Alkirina sighed and looked back to the sky. "I know Jiy'la.. I know. I'm just as puzzled by this all as you and everyone else.... "

"Pa Pa is goin be callin da big ol meetin soons in da city gatherin alls da mages hes is... maybe yous comin to?"

Alkirina shook her head. "You know i don't do people well..."

"Is knows... but lookin da sky... Is thinkin wes needin yous."

Jiy'la sighed looking to the sky. "Yous thinkin on dis" Jiy'la said before leaving the red haired elf alone on her rock.

0.25 INK received for post #2822938, located in al' Aljibal:


In a cavern buried deep down below the deepest part of the city, sits a dungeon far more ancient than all the world. And in this dungeon lies a single cell, dark and lonely. This cell is covered so thoroughly in sealing talismans, arcane wards, and various other magical charms and protective sigils that were it not for the clear indications marked in various places warning curious eyes to stay away, you may think it nothing more than a heap of trash.

But it is far more than that, and attesting to that fact is the terrible, horrible miasma that flows from that place. In spite of all the restrictive, restraining barriers, there is still a terrible essence flowing out from that place. For so long it has been dormant, still, unmoving. Passive in it's restraint, this thing, this entity, has done nothing more than cause an ill omen of death and far worse to seep out of the stones in this place.

And then, with the rumbling of an avalanche, the trembling of a volcano, and all the other portents of a calamity soon to pass, the sleeping beast awoke, and all the world can feel the like of a single, great eye opening and peering out upon them.

There is an outpouring of energy, potent and ruinous, that flows from that place, and a whisper.

"Power... Endless and almighty... Come and Claim it."

That lone whisper, echoes across the land, across creation. It sends with it an image, a city in the desert, on a small world where magic stands in place of technology.

And then one last image plants itself in the minds of those strong enough to sense the psychic emanations of an ancient and powerful force. Behind the cell door sits a weapon, impaled into the ground, and bound in countless chains and endless talismans and magical seals.

The image of the weapon burns with a power great enough to conquer entire stars. All you need do is claim it.


"I pledge allegiance to Max and the power for which she stands"
-Chloe Price