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Imagexxx"Aeon!" Cassiopeia stood up like an excited puppy seeing its master as she happily threw herself in Aeon's arms. Hotaru could only sigh as she just finished an hour of reminding her ward to mind her health by not overexerting. But, there her ward goes completely forgetting of not still being fully recovered. But, she can't blame the younger girl for her excitement. Her ward was to be released and return to the normal high school life desired for. "Ahoy matey! Ahoy Aeon matey!" Clio rolled on the bed with its metal ears flapping.

xxx"Is is true? We can go now?" Cassiopeia's arms were around Aeon's waist as she looked up to him. Her rose pink eyes shimmer with delight and was similar to a child being given a treasured promise. "Yes." He looked down at her with notable gentleness and after a while, he placed his left hand on her shoulder. "We should go now, before it gets too late." A gentle nudge for her to let him go, he had always been mindful of a proper gentleman's conduct towards a lady.

xxx"Master Aeon has just said that. There should be no doubt, Elle." Hotaru picked Clio from the bed. "Now, settle down. Don't bother Master Aeon too much." It was only then Cassiopeia released Aeon and smiled brightly. "I was just so happy!" She knew he will always be a gentleman and he was well-aware of her non-existent sense of private space. But, that was something he will always accept from her. "It is fine." He then properly faced the other occupants of the room. "Hotaru. Clio. Excuse my late greetings." Hotaru offered a perfected half bow as a response, "It is of no consequence Master Aeon." Clio flapped its ears in response, "Clio Ahoy Matey Aeon! Clio greets Matey!"

xxxThe small talk was soon done and they were eventually ushered to the awaiting car outside of the hospital with Hotaru as the driver. They were soon on their way back to the Argyris Villa. "May I request something?" Cassiopeia asked as they were midway to their destination, Clio which was rolling on her lap suddenly went still. Hotaru looked at the rear-view mirror awaiting for her ward's next words. Aeon was in the same position as he looked at her who sat beside him. "Please take me to the nearest beach." Hotaru was quick to reject it. "No. You have just been released from the hospital. You might be stable now, but it is a fact your body is still not well enough." Refusal was clear in her eyes as seen through the rear-view mirror. "It would soon be evening and cold breeze won't be good for you at all."

xxxCassiopeia lowered her head where her fringe covered her eyes from view. But, her grip on Clio tightened as its eyes blinked red. "Hotaru, take us to the nearest beach." She raised her head in surprise as she looked at Aeon whose pristine mask never cracked. "But, Master Aeon!" Hotaru showed her disagreement. He understood that refusing was the best option, but that is not on the table at the moment. "I will take responsibility." Those words meant that the discussion was over and she reluctantly complied. "Understood, Master Aeon." Cassiopeia looked at Clio on her lap as she softly spoke. "Sorry and thank you." Still, it was heard clearly by the other people inside the car.

xxxBy the time they arrived, the moon was clearly up on the sky. Cassiopeia was by the shore with a coat courtesy by Hotaru hanging around her shoulders. Her green hair shone like emerald under the moon's light as they were played by the fluttering breeze. Her rose pink eyes shared the sparkle of gemstones as it looked at the distant horizon. Clio rolled itself around her feet, enjoying the sand it seems. "I'll be seeing him finally." Her voice was soft, but the slow rolling of waves was not enough to drown it. "I feel sad... scared... excited... and glad." She took a deep breath and released it with a huge sigh. "But, that should be fine." She turned around to face Aeon who was standing nearby. "Thank you for always granting my selfish requests."
xxx"I will grant them always." Aeon responded as he admired Cassiopeia's silhouette illuminated by the moon. She looked like a sea fairy from where he is standing. "If you require my presence, you can call me anytime." He had told her earlier that he would be visiting Brinx tomorrow. She nodded in understanding as she looked at the sky. There were just a few stars present. Silence reigned between them before he spoke again. "Kitogawa-san sends her regards."

xxx"Oh?" Cassiopeia slowly smiled. "That is very kind of her." Aeon agrees with that even if it was just done out of propriety. "Giou-san as well." She held an expression of surprise and then lightly giggled before having a sad smile. "I see. I made people worry." He walked towards her as he reached out his left hand to her. "Just come to class and smile. That is enough." She released a small sigh and helplessly smile at him. "You really are a smooth talker."

xxx"I see." Aeon was completely indifferent about that comment. Cassiopeia grabbed hold of his offered hand. The warmth emitting from his hand was really comforting. She was really fortunate to have such a beautiful man by her side. "Some girls would hate you for it." He considered her words for a moment. "Is that one of the reasons Fukui-san dislikes me?" She froze at that question before laughing loudly even Clio join in its own way by jumping up and down with its ears flapping energetically. "I don't know, but could be. Then again, are you worried about her disliking you?" She probed him with a curious smile and glint in her eye after her laughter settled down. It is very rare for him to even mentioned someone's name unless without a professional reason so to speak or even ask a question of sentiment. That's why she found it interesting. "No. We should go." He ended the conversation with that.

xxxCassiopeia shook her head with an awkward smile. "Okay, let's go home." Aeon escorted her back to the car where Hotaru waited for them. He never let go of her hand until she was safely back inside the car. Then, they left the beach, but on the way, "Call Fukui-san when you are free and feeling fine. There is an assignment for English class. She is your partner." She released a longer sigh this time and then lifted Clio to be at level with her face. "And what is this about him saying no." Clio's eyes blinked red and responded, "Clio says no! Clio says yes! Clio dunno matey!" He did not respond to that and simply as usual kept his silence in his indifferent way. She on the other hand smiled knowingly.

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