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Stuck in some random location. Send tacos.
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Universes Created

Project: KOKKUA

After a 20 year bio-war in the upbeat technology savvy town of Kokkua, many begin to fall ill to an odd disease from the black smoke caused by the bombing. What they do not realize is that this smoke causes certain death and zombication.

Yarinaoshi Highschool

Welcome to Yarinaoshi High; the most dangerous high school this side of Japan. Here you can find gang activity, murder, violence, bad behavior; you name it, it's here. The only rule, fend for yourself and your crew.

Hero High

All around the world. students possessing supernatural abilities have been called to action to learn to become true heroes. An intergalactic threat has posed as a serious threat to the Earth. It's up to this up coming heroes to save the world.

War of the Three Districts

Three gang districts fight for complete control over the island of Tokyo-To. Will one district rain supreme over another? Will there be betrayal? Love? Hatred? Only time will tell.

My Lovely Demon

A private rp between C O S M I C & DeathScythe386

Bond Between Worlds

{{Private RP Between C O S M I C & Mazamizari }}

Sūpāmisuterī Academy

What's this? You've been invited to a new academy for aspiring minds from all around the world. But when the strange history of the school is discovered, its up to you all to solve the cases. If you can stay alive.

The World Ends With You: Another Day

It seems that the reapers are up to it again. After the events of the previous Reaper's Game, it seems that it is yet again time for another. With new reapers and players; and not to mention Composer, who knows what is in store for the youth of Shibuya.

A DRAMAtical Adventure

You'll never know what you'll find here in Midorijima. When you a random group gets invited to the legendary Platinum Jail, it seemed like a dream come true. However, some strange things are going on. Can you stop this madness?

Starry Sky Academy

After thousands of years, the zodiac council has been reincarnated into twelve children from each of the zodiac royal families. With the new school year at the academy starting, how will they interact with each other with the memories of their past lives

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