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C O S M I C » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by C O S M I C as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Blade D. Hendrix

Blade D. Hendrix, located in Kokkua City

as part of Project: KOKKUA

"Please. Spare me the praise. I'm just the guy who got lucky."

Character Portrait: Takato "TK" Yoshida

Takato "TK" Yoshida, located in Magical World

as part of Bond Between Worlds

"Life sucks. Everything is terrible.... I just want to go back to bed..."

Character Portrait: Thomas Orion Kench

Thomas Orion Kench, located in The Undetermined

as part of Pawn || Of Kings and Lances

"A gentlemen should not lower himself to the level of filth."

Character Portrait: NocturnalKISS

NocturnalKISS, located in LAIOS

as part of Welcome to LAIOS Part II

"To heal and protect. You are safe with me."

Character Portrait: Gato Lovelace

Gato Lovelace, located in Springward Academy For The Gifted

as part of Rule Of 7

"No mercy. No forgiveness. Only suffering and pain."

Character Portrait: Orochi & Raion Inuhoozuki

Orochi & Raion Inuhoozuki, located in Ouran Academy

as part of The New Host Club REBOOT

"How cute. Their resisting us." "Hmph...."

Character Portrait: Aisuru Kappukēki

Aisuru Kappukēki, located in Chokito Valley

as part of Enma No Basket

"Meeeh~. I smell something yummy~."

Character Portrait: Polaris Kleid

Polaris Kleid, located in Aerial Dome

as part of Aerial Dome: Revolution

"My family is everything. I will.. protect."

Character Portrait: Azazel Newport

Azazel Newport, located in Roseworth School For Monsters

as part of For The Love Of Horror

A senior student who is respected by everyone.

Character Portrait: Ken Masanori

Ken Masanori, located in The Commonwealth of New Tokyo

as part of Tundra || Remaster

"Heh, what? You expecting something witty?"

Character Portrait: Emma DelFrost IV

Emma DelFrost IV, located in The Seiryu Empire

as part of A Warrior's Fall?: The Story of Azura

"Bow before me then we will speak of mercy."

Character Portrait: Yoko Izumi

Yoko Izumi, located in Starry Sky Academy

as part of Starry Sky Academy

"Failure is not an option. I am there for them as they are for me."

Character Portrait: The King of Constellation

The King of Constellation, located in Cosmos

as part of Out Among the Stars

"I will protect you no matter what. Ain't that what a king is suppose to do?"

Character Portrait: Zero Crash

Zero Crash, located in Aerial Dome

as part of Aerial Dome: Revolution

"These guys really know how to piss a guy off..."

Character Portrait: Caesar Libra

Caesar Libra, located in The Bard and the Brute: Aries and Libra event

as part of Out Among the Stars

"If your lookin for a drinking buddy, you've come to the right place!"

Character Portrait: Alexander Scotsbaine

Alexander Scotsbaine, located in Aerial Dome

as part of Aerial Dome: Revolution

"No one told me it would be so scary."

Character Portrait: Nova Kleid

Nova Kleid, located in Aerial Dome

as part of Aerial Dome: Revolution

"You are.... Soft... That can get you killed easily."

Character Portrait: Johnny Noteworthy

Johnny Noteworthy, located in Underworld

as part of The Tale of Two Worlds

"You smell like failure."

Character Portrait: Liu Starfall

Liu Starfall, located in Death City

as part of Soul Eater .:Sound of Madness:.

"Your chances of defeating me are slim. I'd say somewhere around 2.546733%"

Character Portrait: Leona C. Shade

Leona C. Shade, located in Death

as part of Death's Corner

"Don't bother moving. Your already done."

Character Portrait: Kaya Miyuki

Kaya Miyuki, located in Shibuya

as part of The World Ends With You: Another Day

"I have faith in the human race. I don't think their completely idiots yet."

Character Portrait: Caesar Jinx

Caesar Jinx, located in Death City

as part of Soul Eater: Resonance of the Soul

"STOP TELLING ME TO STOP YELLING! Your ruinning my super determination speech!"

Character Portrait: Akachan Zugaikotsu

Akachan Zugaikotsu, located in Halloween Town

as part of Bloody Eve


Character Portrait: Amaku Satsugai

Amaku Satsugai, located in Japan

as part of Am I Gifted?

{{History Left}} "N-No please... Just... Leave me be..."

Character Portrait: Patricia Clockworth

Patricia Clockworth, located in Digiworld

as part of Digimon: War Of Light & Darkness

"What? Don't look at me like that! Idiot!"

Character Portrait: Amy Ongaku

Amy Ongaku, located in Megumi Island

as part of Project Paws And Tails

"Hm.. Perhaps cooking will help put a smile on that face."

Character Portrait: Orochi & Raion Inuhoozuki

Orochi & Raion Inuhoozuki, located in Ouran Academy

as part of The New Host Club

"How cute. Their resisting us." "Hmph...."

Character Portrait: Carter Withermain

Carter Withermain, located in Lakewood, Ohio

as part of Where Did You Go?

A successful graduate student who values friendship and family.

Character Portrait: Katarina Q. Vineyard

Katarina Q. Vineyard, located in Tennessee

as part of Four Elements One Secret

"Hugs and kisses gives me twitches~."

Character Portrait: Shizuya Himura

Shizuya Himura, located in Nakamura

as part of Life is a Highway

"My family is the only thing that keeps me together."

Character Portrait: Mei-Lien Yun

Mei-Lien Yun, located in Yokai Academy

as part of The Yokai Academy

"Wow.... If it has nothing to do with me then I don't care."

Character Portrait: Nami

Nami, located in Kalos Region

as part of Pokémon: Released

"Kiss~. Kiss~"

Character Portrait: Kendrik A. Vineyard

Kendrik A. Vineyard, located in Tennessee

as part of Four Elements One Secret

"What?... Oh that? Nah. I could care less."

Character Portrait: Faire May

Faire May, located in Moonlit Forest

as part of My Wonderful Werewolf

"We'll be friends forever... Right?"

Character Portrait: Venus

Venus, located in ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA

as part of Operation: Login

"Don't worry. Your death will be quite the masterpiece."

Character Portrait: Izumi Masayoshi

Izumi Masayoshi, located in Modern

as part of Sūpāmisuterī Academy

"My students are like my children and I refuse to let them get hurt."

Character Portrait: Quincy

Quincy, located in London, England

as part of Where the Wind Blows

"Pft. I am an intellectual and will be treated as such."

Character Portrait: Wrath

Wrath, located in Kalos Region

as part of Pokémon: Released


Character Portrait: Magnus Shock

Magnus Shock, located in The Hoenn Region

as part of Pokémon: Gamma Emerald

"A legend forged in steel... True power."

Character Portrait: Elliot Hallowell

Elliot Hallowell, located in Deamore

as part of The Liberation Front

"Please don't think so negatively.... We can overcome anything with a smile."

Character Portrait: Rachelle Noir

Rachelle Noir, located in Xavier's School for Gifted Young People

as part of Xmen: Rise of the Shadows

"Breathe. Let go. Float away slowly~."

Character Portrait: Aizen Jaggerfield

Aizen Jaggerfield, located in Gamerz Universe

as part of Gamerz

"That? Yeah... I'll take care of it... After a nap."

Character Portrait: Kuma Yamamoto

Kuma Yamamoto, located in Midorijima

as part of A DRAMAtical Adventure

"Come on now. Lets see a big ol' smile, huh?"

Character Portrait: Mei Long

Mei Long, located in Liberation Manor

as part of Liberation Mansion

"More food please~~!"

Character Portrait: Vlad The Grand Destroyer

Vlad The Grand Destroyer, located in The City

as part of My Lovely Demon

"What can I do for you today, mastah?"

Character Portrait: Anthony Law

Anthony Law, located in Earth

as part of Until Death Do Us 'Part

"Yeah... Who would have thought I'd be marring her, huh?"

Character Portrait: Yuki Nakagawa

Yuki Nakagawa, located in Deadmn Wonderland

as part of Deadman Wonderland : Sinful Roots

"I do not wish to be feared. Aren't I normal just like everyone else?"

Character Portrait: Yasuo Ono

Yasuo Ono, located in Boarding school

as part of The Resurrection Game

"Do not speak to me of your emotions..."

Character Portrait: Ricardo "R.I.C.O" Twelve

Ricardo "R.I.C.O" Twelve, located in Aerial Dome

as part of Aerial Dome: Revolution

"Time? Yeah. I go plenty of it."

Character Portrait: Quasar von Ignis

Quasar von Ignis, located in Aerial Dome

as part of Aerial Dome: Revolution

"You are not worthy of my presents. Begone."

Character Portrait: Prince Edgar Love Libra

Prince Edgar Love Libra, located in The Land of High

as part of As Told by the Heavens

"The universe is balanced for a reason. One cannot live without the other."

Character Portrait: Izumo Tabasaki

Izumo Tabasaki, located in Kyoto

as part of Retribution To Execution: Revenge

"Words can only get you so far in life."

Character Portrait: Haku Mahuiki

Haku Mahuiki, located in The City

as part of The Big Bad 12

"Huh? Nah don't you worry. Ill get rid of 'em.... Permanitly."

Character Portrait: Vladimir Rosebud Luxington

Vladimir Rosebud Luxington, located in Blackwater Oddities & Freak Show

as part of Blackwater Oddities & Freak Show

"Keep your eyes open. You might see something beyond imagination."

Character Portrait: Usagi Kurokawa

Usagi Kurokawa, located in Red String Academy

as part of Bound to Fate


Character Portrait: Julian Mars

Julian Mars, located in BM Apartments

as part of The BM Apartments

"There's no need to fear, im here to help!" - ESFJ

Character Portrait: Koda Watchmen

Koda Watchmen, located in Japan

as part of Fuugaki High: A Girl in our school!?

{{W.I.P sorry about the wait}}

Character Portrait: Amaya Hidoidesu

Amaya Hidoidesu, located in Yarinaoshi Highschool

as part of Yarinaoshi Highschool

"Not so fast cutie. Your caught in my web now."

Character Portrait: Ichigo Utsukushī

Ichigo Utsukushī, located in Aether

as part of Zero Stigma: Awakening

{{ W.I.P }}

Character Portrait: Francisco Lamar

Francisco Lamar, located in Moreton

as part of The Blame Game

"Blah blah blah. Could you BE any more boring?"