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Character Portrait: Renee Cevera "I owe the Kamari my life, yet I'm a detective for the government that wants them all killed off. Funny how life works like that."
Character Portrait: Arcius Taiga "I may be exiled from my hometown, but at least I have ice powers now. Wait, I can't tell if this is a good thing."
Character Portrait: Jake Collins "You're not gonna stab me in the back, are you?"
Character Portrait: Raine Dionne "My actions will have to take over for my words."
Character Portrait: Jason Tetrick "Sorry to disturb you... but I have a few questions that need answering. Got a moment?"
Character Portrait: Lynda Romaine "Life only hurts if you can't take it's punches; this camp is just another opponent."
Character Portrait: Molan Lassiter I will bring the truth to light; the secret of the Soulstone can't stay a mystery forever."