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I'm just going to let song lyrics sum this up for y'all.
"Just a small town girl."
"Cut my life into pieces"
"I'm a mess, I'm loser."
"I will take your pain and put it on my heart."
"Louder than a freight train."
"I like that you're broken, broken like me."
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ImageBlake had absolutely zero care for social events and even more so when they were getting something. The revolution had been bad enough, but now they wanted to remind everyone of it by having a big party where people could get a piece of paper or metal to boast around in their house, but all it would be would be the sad reminder that people had lost their lives, people were suffering mentally and yet people like them still had no home.

Despite Blake’s obvious hostility towards the event they figured they would go. It was best to present yourself in a social situation and at least play nice, but that wasn’t a skill set that they had, Blake was incredibly blunt and to a point.

Yet they had still managed to get a dress that was just above the knees. It was black and sleek while it hugged their body a little, but also left a comfortable room. Buttons went down the entire thing, similar buttons to what you’d find on a suit jacket. Blake would dress up, but they were not changing out their black Balenciaga sneakers for any other kind of shoe.

They had been seated with a glass of champagne in hand as the awards were being handed out. There were a lot of them and various people were getting them. Blake couldn’t help, but notice that Magnolia was among the people here tonight, which was a bit of a piss off.

ImageDanika sat next to Blake Langston and noticed they seemed mildly perturbed. “Penny for your thoughts?" She inquired as Blake Langston had been quite intriguing and a big name in the revolution.

“I am over it. Don’t want to be here.” Blake said as they began to swish around the liquid in their tall glass as the stem sat nestled between their fingers.

“You are welcome here, but if you really hate it return home?" She suggested to the short haired individual.

“Perhaps, but not much to return home to. Might as well dress up like Barbie and accept my stupid award.” With that the contents of champagne went down their throat smoothly.

“You do not have to accept it. It is your choice on what you do.” With that Danika got up from her seat as they began bringing out the other awards.

Danika did not particularly care to sit and watch people be tormented with awards. That poor doctor that ended up stuttering. Instead she sipped on her scotch as she made it out to the balcony for fresh air. She could hear more awards being announced, but the end did not seem in sight for some time.

She did keep the door open so she could continue listening at the least. She heard a few people give actual speeches, but she wasn’t prepared for the one she heard from Blake.

“I would like to say thank you for this award tonight, but to be perfectly honest I don’t even want this stupid thing. Is this supposed to mend things after everything that happened? Is this an ‘I’m sorry I spent money that should have gone to you on these flashy awards instead.’ It is utter bullshit. This will not magically make my night terrors go away, this will not make those lives lost be found again. Maybe instead of a fancy awards show you guys should be doing more work to better this shit hole. “ With that Blake chucked the award into the audience somewhere, not really caring for much else as they walked off the stage and headed towards the bar.

As Blake was ordering an Irish coffee, they noticed Damien makin his way over to the balcony where Danika was

“And here you are.” Danika said to Damien as he stepped next to her. Her entire life was filled with events like these and it sucked, but it taught her to be social with people. “These things are not usually so outrageous and dramatic, but the aftermath of a revolution I would presume.”

Danika was comfortable in Damien’s presence. She knew any opinions she had she didn’t have to keep them so under lock and key.

“Your speech? It was simply divine.” She said with a bit of a chuckle as she pressed her lips to the rim of her glass and tilted it back so the contents could hit her taste buds. “It would appear that many people were not a fan of the awards this evening, but I am not surprised.” She said, shaking her head slightly.

“What are your plans for the rest of the night? I cannot imagine you would actually want to stay.” Danika said with a bit of a laugh.

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Cassie Lightborn
|Gryffinfor | Quarter Veela | #A7D3CF|

Cassie was way too excited to actually sleep well on her first night back. It had always been this way for her for every time she came back her. The red head was just always so ecstatic to see all her friends again and be in the halls of Hogwarts to really want to sleep and wait for the first official day back.

That was what the girl would miss most about being graduated from this place. She was going to miss all the people she could have a conversation with or all the intense Slytherin-Gryffindor quidditch games and yes, Cassie was even going to miss Harvey and his little breakdowns. So when it rolled around to six in the morning Cassie was already in her robes and sitting on her bed until it was a bit more of an acceptable time to bother people.

Immediately as sound could be heard throughout the entire area, Cassie pushed her way out into the common area, to which she hadn't even seen Shane quite yet. Her eyes continued to scan the room and so far she could spot her little sister and a few others, until she saw it. The furrowed in eyebrows, the lips pressed together almost as if they refused to talk, it was Shane and immediately she walked over to him and lightly poked his side.

"Mornin' knuckle head. Don't be too grouchy okay?" She said giving him a looking and wagging her finger in front of him before she walked off. She knew it was a bad idea to stay linger around him, so she ended up walking towards the great hall and grabbing a seat.

By the time most of the people were in the Great Hall, Cassie had been sitting between Mac and Harvey, and she was about to say something to them when she could hear a voice in the distance. She could feel the shift on her face as a grin spread across it.

"You wish you even stood a chance!" Cassie said loud enough for Jessie and Eden to hear her. Then she turned to Mac and Harvey.

"Did you guys put your names into the tournament?"

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Co-written by Rosa aka Leisurelyatwar

The game had gone smoothly and in Dylan’s favor. When you spent a lot of your nights after the club either in some guy’s bed or out at a bar with them, you got good at playing billiards, because everyone wanted to teach you how. It was never really the life that Dylan had imagined for herself, being a stripper and being married to her husband of all things but it was during her days of having sugar daddies and being an escort that she met up with Damien again.

Damien and Dylan had never really been friends or really all that close in high school. Damien was in the grade ahead of Dylan and they didn’t have class together or have much reason to talk, but they knew of each other and ran in some similar circles, for example when Lauren and Damien dated, Dylan had been around.

The way the two met up again was almost as if they were in a movie. Dylan had been at a gala event with one of her sugar daddies, it was the most profitable night of the year for her, she would get a nice new dress, new heels, expensive jewelry and even a payment for showing up and staying the whole night. It was at this event that she and Damien met through her sugar daddy at the time. They talked that evening a lot and things were natural as if they had known each other all their lives. Dylan kind of knew who he was, but didn’t put it together that night.

Another day the two had happened to run into each other by happenstance. It was the most cliche thing to happen to Dylan, but they bumped into each other and immediately just fell in line. Everything about them was natural and easy like they were meant to be, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have toxic fights like the one they were having right now.

Dylan was mad with Damien, and that’s a big part of why she did not wait for him to attend together, but instead showed up on her own accord. As she got her payout, she stuffed it under her boob for the time being for security.

“I guess technically we didn’t decide on how much to bet - but after that ass whooping I think just outright half my winnings is appropriate.” Adonis glanced downward as he slid the money into Dylan’s hand. “Though, if I’m being honest - I wouldn't mind a consolation prize.”

Dylan smirked as he mentioned a consolation prize and before she knew it she was just responding naturally. “Maybe I will make you strip for me one of these days and you can earn your money back.” They were good at teasing and they enjoyed it, but just as she finished saying that Julian was near them with beers.

Luckily Dylan still had her club soda with lime that was supposed to appear as a gin and tonic. “Thank you Julian, I already have a drink though. Perhaps I will find my husband and give it to him though.” The smile on her face was genuine and she appreciated Julian coming over. “I am doing well, I have had better days. I am excited to party though.” It was a bit of a lie, Dylan didn’t really want to come and be around everyone from high school because heaven forbid if Lauren showed up or something.

The blonde was checking her phone as she sipped on her drink and took note of the many messages Damien sent her and the calls. She groaned a bit and decided the best option was to call him.

As she was about to call him she realized it was too loud where she was, and then Livvy showed up drunk. “Hey girl.” Dylan said with a bit of a laugh. “I’ll take what she’s drinking.” They said as a small joke, but then Adonis was off talking to Livvy.

Dylan leaned over to Julian and pointed to her cell phone. “I’ll be back, just going to make a phone call.” She said and began to head out of the den where the games were and out towards the main living room and towards the front door. Outside wasn’t filled with loud party music and the chatter of people.

As she got out into the open air, she didn’t realize how much the fresh air would help her growing nausea. She first sent a text to Damien asking, ‘Where are you?’

She waited a while before just dialing his number and holding the phone up to her ear to see if he would even answer her.

Adonis pushed himself through where he saw Dylan last. He spotted Evie dancing with Erin but she seemed too distracted to notice him. Probably for the best, Evie could just tell when he was up to no good and while she never actively passed judgment he couldn’t help but think more about the consequences of his actions with her around. He worked along the fringe of the room trying to stay out of sight working towards the exit.

There were a couple of people Adonis vaguely recognized from the Golden Owl smoking by the door. He gave them a nod, pushing past them to look around. Dylan has stepped off to the side, their phone to their ear seemingly preoccupied. Surrounded by the mundane view of the city street she looked especially extraordinary.

“Didn’t expect you to be the one to step away from a good time.” Adonis teased, lighting up his own cigarette and blowing the smoke out the side of his mouth.

After the phone call went to voicemail, she could hear a voice behind her and it startled her. “Jesus, Adonis.” Dylan said with her hand over her heart, eyes wide for a second before coming into a glare. “Damien has been texting me nonstop tonight, I just need to know where he is.” They said passing it off like it was nothing.

“Also, not so much stepping away from a good time, but pausing a good time.” She mused before coming up to him, part of her was about to take the cigarette from his mouth out of old habit, but mentally she stopped herself. “I didn’t realize I had a stalker.” She teased back to him.

Adonis shrugged, his eyes alit with that familiar glint when he was about to make a bad decision. The mention of Damien made Adonis instinctually look around, wondering if Damien had come to retrieve his wife. He was friends with most of the group just as much as Dylan but he had much bigger things to deal with. As far as Adonis knew they were still taking care of Scarface

“Can’t have the boss’s wife out on the streets on her own,” Adonis gestured around them vaguely. “Who knows what kind of sickos lurk in the shadows.”

He wrapped an arm around Dylan’s waist, emboldened by the shadows cast above them keeping them mostly out of sight. Tugging them towards him, he gently placed his cigarette on their lips for Dylan to take a drag. Adonis’ gaze was fixated on Dylan’s pout, smiling as he watched her exhale the smoke. He braced one hand against the wall behind Dylan and positioning himself in front of her, blocking her in. Leaning in as he brushed a finger across the exposed skin of her leg that peeked from the high slit of their dress, he spoke low in their ear.

“Come on, you can play house with the big bad wolf later.” Adonis’ tone was playful, teasing. “I’ve been thinking about what’s under that dress all night.”

“Please, the boss’ wife can handle herself, you know that.” She said with a sly grin on her face, and allowed him to place the cigarette on their lips, so she could take a drag. Temptations were so difficult for Dylan to give into these days and her willpower slowly weaning.

They felt his skin lingering on hers as he trailed his finger up her leg. The touch of his skin was much better than a cue stick used for billiards. “Oh yeah?” She asked with a small laugh before speaking again, “You could just lift it up and see, but not like there’s anything new under there.” Dylan said with a roll of their eyes as she grabbed his hand and slid it up further on her leg and under her dress.

“Dylan,” Adonis's voice dipped, his hand gripping her leg to hike it over his hip as he leaned forward. “It’s because I know what’s under there that I can’t stop thinking about it.”

It was stupid of him to play it so recklessly, he knew that. As time went on Adonis found himself becoming brasher and brasher in his pursuit of Dylan, almost like he wanted to be found out. He damn sure didn’t, he knew it’d be his last day on earth if Damien found out. Regardless, the threat of it all was an aphrodisiac for Adonis. Dylan’s body now pressed against his, any willpower he had been feigning went out the window.