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Candy_ » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Candy_ as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Isaac Woods

Isaac Woods, located in Montana, United States

as part of History's Mansion, Traveller of Time

"If I couldn't sing? I probably wouldn't be standing here."

Character Portrait: Oralee Breslau

Oralee Breslau, located in Earth

as part of Rise of the Ruinosus: The Rebuild

"Call me the Lady of Light!...No, seriously, or else I'll blind you."

Character Portrait: Everinn Sedai

Everinn Sedai, located in Randland

as part of A Dance With Death

"She is the Sitter of Truth, so they say; I believe she is as bad as the Father of Lies, and let her Keeper tell me otherwise!"

Character Portrait: Tuomas

Tuomas, located in Randland

as part of A Dance With Death

"I do precisely as I mean to, I fight exactly when I wish to. I do not listen to any but one - I will live and die by her word."

Character Portrait: Dakkone

Dakkone, located in Randland

as part of A Dance With Death

"Let them curse our name. Let them curse our quest! Let them curse the day our mothers let us upon the world - but may we dance happily upon their graves until the last of our days."

Character Portrait: Mórrígan Brisdeah

Mórrígan Brisdeah, located in Earth

as part of A College of the Gods

"It is at the guarding of thy death that I am; and I shall be."

Character Portrait: Drakonna

Drakonna, located in Buite

as part of War of the Dragons

"Oh, you're so cute!... You say you know who I am? W-Well, on that note, I really must be going, I-"

Character Portrait: Authna Jansdottir

Authna Jansdottir, located in New York City

as part of A God No More

"Generous and brave men live the best."

Character Portrait: Anastasia

Anastasia, located in Draumi

as part of Wish For A Wonderland

"Oh, I've danced with Gypsies, I've sang with thieves, I've drank with governors... Now tell me that this isn't real, and I would believe you."

Character Portrait: Delphine Roisan

Delphine Roisan, located in Mysteria

as part of The Fantasy Wars

"A Valkyrie. That's right, that thing that flies over your head and tells you whether you're damned or not. Sucks to suck, I don't fucking care if you're going to die!"

Character Portrait: Guinevere a'Roihan

Guinevere a'Roihan, located in Mysteria

as part of The Fantasy Wars

"Fight! Fight for our freedom, for our rights! Do not let down!"

Character Portrait: Odin Gunnlaugsson

Odin Gunnlaugsson, located in New York City

as part of A God No More

"A wise man's heart is seldom cheerful."

Character Portrait: Eledise Larenth

Eledise Larenth, located in West Avenue

as part of Knight Cafe

"Sit down, sit down! Relax, kick your feet up..."

Character Portrait: Giselle LePoint

Giselle LePoint, located in Earth

as part of Sing to Live

"And all I want to do, is fly..."

Character Portrait: Malien Tanethta

Malien Tanethta, located in Arill

as part of A Bear, a Wolf, a Snake

"Save me your prayers... For death is the answer to life."

Character Portrait: Boris (Cheshire)

Boris (Cheshire), located in The Country of Hearts

as part of Heart no Kuni

"Oh, you poor sweet-heart! Would a riddle amuse you? I believe it always brightens up a cloudy day."

Character Portrait: Sammael Karvié

Sammael Karvié, located in Lincoln Manor

as part of Whodunnit!?

"Et l'amour, un chason de toi..."

Character Portrait: Eledise

Eledise, located in Varnaya

as part of Forget What You Know

"You, my friend, are wrong. They were born to kill, and so we shall."

Character Portrait: Ava LaStouff

Ava LaStouff, located in The 'Verse

as part of Take Me to The Black - A Firefly Tale

"For once, I make my own decisions."

Character Portrait: Sophie Marie

Sophie Marie, located in Doadal

as part of The War Games

"Listen - Do you hear them singing? Tis be my song. I will leave you, so I may dance in my own company..."

Character Portrait: Magnea Ingisdottir

Magnea Ingisdottir, located in Cupid Island

as part of Enjoy your stay on Cupid Island

"I'm here because I have to be. Nothing more."

Character Portrait: Nikos

Nikos, located in Home life

as part of More Than Sisterly Love

"Nice to meet you. You have your half, I have mine."

Character Portrait: Felicia Antoine

Felicia Antoine, located in Lincoln Manor

as part of Whodunnit!?

"You're hillarious! Please, keep talking! And another drink!"