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CaptainGrue » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by CaptainGrue as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Roland I. Cossack

Roland I. Cossack, located in Illumene Hospital

as part of The Multiverse

"They have backup plans for their backup plans. I have more."

Character Portrait: Xavier Current

Xavier Current, located in 75th Street

as part of The Multiverse

Anti-Social Chatterbox and Bloodsucking Hacker Twat.

Character Portrait: Squelch

Squelch, located in The Source of Mind

as part of The Manic Mind of Man

A toddler's drawing of a "crappy" person.

Character Portrait: Norm

Norm, located in The Source of Mind

as part of The Manic Mind of Man

Defender of Earth, and Master of Mediocrity.

Character Portrait: The Daydream Beast

The Daydream Beast, located in The Source of Mind

as part of The Manic Mind of Man

"A hero is just a man who knows he is free."

Character Portrait: Zephyrus

Zephyrus, located in Eden

as part of The Multiverse

An old anomalous automaton with dreams to "Reach The Stars". Literally.

Character Portrait: Captain Grue

Captain Grue, located in New Terra: S-Colony

as part of The Multiverse

Something the universe resents, something the universe adores, and something the universe hasn't seen yet.

Character Portrait: Furble

Furble, located in The Sunken City

as part of The Manic Mind of Man

A sentimental spherical fuzzball with limbs. Cute and cuddly.

Character Portrait: Kaptain Erratik

Kaptain Erratik, located in The Source of Mind

as part of The Manic Mind of Man

???Crocodile, rainbow Nile. The store is open, stay a while.???

Character Portrait: Larry Wesker

Larry Wesker, located in 4537 Wayward Oak

as part of Here, At the End of the World

A tall, thin man married to the silver ornament on his necklace.

Character Portrait: Kel'Var

Kel'Var, located in Whispering Woods

as part of The Multiverse

"I serve the spirit of my master, and the moss on my back."

Character Portrait: Midas the Money Spider

Midas the Money Spider, located in The Money Spider's Firm

as part of The Multiverse

"Wing City's Best and Hairest"

Character Portrait: Dreadhead

Dreadhead, located in The Struggle Streets

as part of The Manic Mind of Man

"You ain't seen shit, son."

Character Portrait: Daemonic Justice

Daemonic Justice, located in Side Alley

as part of The Multiverse

Terror in a trenchcoat.

Character Portrait: Dennison "Vox" Marker

Dennison "Vox" Marker, located in Wing City Library

as part of The Multiverse

A rough kid-vigilante whose weapon of choice is his voice. Believe me, it hurts.

Character Portrait: Till Eulenspiegel

Till Eulenspiegel, located in Courtyard and Gardens

as part of The Wonderland Institute v2

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Character Portrait: Aiden Ward

Aiden Ward, located in Main Street 1

as part of The Multiverse

He has yet to reach his zenith.

Character Portrait: Heart Attack

Heart Attack, located in Wing City Plaza

as part of The Multiverse

Real name Bernard Fenns, his heart generates electricity along with blood through his body. A constant suffering for Bernie, but lethal for anyone he gets a grip on.

Character Portrait: Space Cadet Ensign Benson

Space Cadet Ensign Benson, located in Jupiter

as part of Spaceship Zero

The bright-eyed assistant mechanic for Spaceship Zero.

Character Portrait: Jim "Stopwatch" Gantry

Jim "Stopwatch" Gantry, located in Mars

as part of Spaceship Zero

A young ship technician, known for his timekeeping abilities.

Character Portrait: Space Admiral Jan Beran

Space Admiral Jan Beran, located in Saturn

as part of Spaceship Zero

One of the United Space Navy's highest ranking officers.

Character Portrait: The First Person

The First Person, located in The Pits

as part of The Manic Mind of Man

I know you're reading this. I'm reading you as well.

Character Portrait: Demetri Thales "The Eclipse"

Demetri Thales "The Eclipse", located in Sector 94949

as part of The Multiverse

"No, I don't go out naked. Yes, I've thought about it."

Character Portrait: Frieda Felodese

Frieda Felodese, located in The Milky Way

as part of Spaceship Zero

SpaceCorp's Top Brass. Every PR nightmare, she's there.

Character Portrait: Professor Cornelius Flyback Ashton

Professor Cornelius Flyback Ashton, located in Universe One

as part of Spaceship Zero

He invented the BTL Drive, and he's never going to let you forget it.