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Stephen looked at Cloak. "It's a bit of a long story but when I was learning the ways of the Mystic Arts...this feisty fellow chose me when I visited a Sanctum. did you know about relics?",he asked.

He listened to her discuss taking Elsa to a timeline where the only thing Arendelle and her family lost was her. "We will very likely go down that road but for now my fianceee needs time, space and rest so for the time being I am letting her get that while also being her shoulder to lean on at this time.

Suddenly he saw her react to something, painfully....only to have it hit him. He shouted in anguished pain for a moment but then it stopped. "Wh....what was that?",he asked. He knew it was some sort of energy-magical or otherwise-but he was wanting to know what was the source of it. whatever it was something pretty major.

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"Not if i'm there...for their safety and anyone else in the vicinity do not let your men make any sort of contact with her until I arrive after notification comes that they've located her. Now...if you will excuse me.", Stephen said as he walked into the room that he shared with Elsa.

Once inside, Stephen wrapped his arms around her and sighed as his mind went right back to Wong. "it seems...we've both lost people close to us, my love...he said softly to Elsa...tears welling up in his eyes as he spoke while his gaze never left her.

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Stephen listened to him and nodded before turning his gaze towards the direction they were traveling. He sighed as he walked while thoughts of who this person was ran through his mind but it all came back to Wanda.

They got closer and soon he could see who the being was clearly. "Wanda?", Strange called out to her as he carefully stepped ahead of his cohorts hoping she could see that it was indeed a person she knew-a friend more than a foe.